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Chapter 813: North by North East

So yeah, Sanji has a backstory. Like we all worked out with his bounty poster. Yay plot. If this doesn't lead to the role reversal of Sanji being the "damsel in distress" I'll be sorely disappointed.

More detail on Bege's DF was nice. It's much more useful than I expected. Still no sex dungeon shown in there.

Is Pekoms alive or dead? You don't care, do you.

And that's the letter that he left them. Flashback over, most likely.

So... the big thing of the chapter for me was that Sanji really has a link to a powerful family. Changing a bounty poster and influencing a Yonko isn't something small. Looks like that old fantheory of one of the Gorousei being Sanji's dad may be true after all.

So, what did you think?

How was the chapter?#

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