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Well, that was... hmm. Both predictable and unpredictable. I'm still not sure I like it.

Well, let's see. Hemispheres don't work like that, sadly, so the Birdcage shrinking wouldn't happen like the chapter said it would. How Zoro plans to break it I have no idea.

Luffy keeping his DF power even under Haki is new. I did not see that coming, I expected him to just try and toughen up.

Law got fixed nobody cares move on.

Nightmare Luffy making a reappearance in this way, though.... I don't like that. But then again I like that he finally used his elasticity for more than just pumping blood faster. Also, that does not count as flying. At best it's falling with style.

Anyway, what did you think?

How was the chapter?

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