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October 3, 2011
  • I live in Turkey
  • My occupation is being a Panda
  • I am a male life form

About meEdit

Hi, I'm multimate_pnd (you can call me multi, or even panda. I respond to panda IRL too. lol). I'm from Turkey, my real name is Ufuk (which most MMO's don't let me type in game, lol :D FML, I mean it doesn't even really sound like that).

I first saw One Piece in 2003 I guess, and I was just amazed (even though Turkish dubs were like a lvl5 Magicarp)(also they stopped airing after ep52, as I remember). I came across a Turkish fansubber about 3-4 years ago, and watching One Piece ever since (I also read the manga since the timeskip).

I can't decide on a favorite char, I like lot's of them (I'm an ultimate fanboy, loving the whole thing as it is xD lol). Only char I probably like more than others is Pandaman (probably because of he is a fellow panda, and really random like me :D).

What do I do around hereEdit

I've kinda adopted the duty of updating the manga images to anime screenshots, editing character portraits and stuff. Also adopted One Piece in Turkey page, there's not much going on about OP in Turkey but I'll edit if anything comes up.

So, let me explain where the nickname "panda" came from...Edit

I was in 6th grade, and I was kinda the 2nd chubbiest(not fat, just chubby! (lol'd at what I wrote xD)) kid in class. They were calling the first kid "bear"(It would be insulting if they said that because of his personality. But for his looks, it's not much of an insult (Some times I can't even understand some parts of my mother language :D lol)). Since I was hanging out with him someone suggested to call me as "bear 2". Why I had to be number 2? I didn't have to be someones sequel (sounds funny somehow lol). So I said there's other species of bears instead, so why not panda? And then I just embraced the fact that I'm a panda ( lol :D ). Even while walking on street, if someone says "panda" I turn around and look if it's for me.


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