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George Black

Roche Tomson and George Black Portrait

George Black

[George Black]

George Black

George Black



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One Two



Shoot.. how's this..

! style="background:#efefef; color:#000;" | Grrrray
! colspan="2" style="background:#ffdead; color:#000;" | Yummy Oranges?

Damn.. this?!

! style="background:#efefef; color:#000;" | Grrray
! colspan="2" style="background:#ffdead; color:#000;" |Yummy Oranges?


! style="background:#efefef; color:#000;" | Grrray
! colspan="2" style="background:#ffdead; color:#000;" | Yummyy
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SWEET I got half of it

! style="background:#efefef; color:#000;" | Grrray
! colspan="2" style="background:#ffdead; color:#000;" | Yummyy
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YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESYESYESYESSS!!! OK final test... lets see if if it works...

Roses are red, Penguins are blue, JOPfans are flying in space!

I sure sound stupid...




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Testing out Macrons (HTML)Edit

̄ ¯ ¯ ˉ ̱ ˍ Ā ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū Ȳ ȳ Ǣ ǣ Ḡ ḡ Ǟ ǟ Ȫ ȫ Ǖ ǖ Ṻ ṻ Ǡ ǡ Ȱ ȱ Ḹ ḹ Ǭ ǭ Ȭ ȭ Ḗ ḗ Ṓ ṓ Ḕ ḕ Ṑ Ӣ ӣ Ӯ ӯ Ᾱ ᾱ Ῑ ῑ Ῡ ῡ

ウィキペディア Macrons english

&# ; for windows and mac

option letter for mac.



|~¡¿†‡↔↑¶•#¹²³½⅓⅔¼¾⅛⅜⅝⅞‘“”¢$€₦£¥ ĀāĒēĪīŌōŪūȲȳ ǢǣǍČČčĎďĚěǏǐĽľŇňǑǒŘřŠšŤťǓǔŽž ÁáĆćÉéÍíĹŃĺńÓóশÚúÝýŹź ÀàÈèÌìÒòÙù ÂâĈĉÊêĜĝĤĥÎîĴĵÔôŜŝÛûŴŵŶŷ ÄäËëÏÖöÜüŸÿß ÃãẼẽĨĩÑñn'ÕõŨũỸỹÇçĢģĶķĻļŅņŖŗŞşŢţĐđŮů

Sig tryoutsEdit

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Colored textEdit

Monkey D. Luffy

Roronoa Zoro




Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy



For Rici- Tab TempEdit

Dude I don't know. I'm not that creative :/

Wikial war saga Inventory WorkspotEdit


  • NEW (updated sign)


  • Rope
  • Dance Powder

Workspot (Temporary) Edit

Completed Weapon GalleryEdit


(In order of least damage to most.)

  • STRING இ

(Function: Can be used for sewing, choking, hair-tying, etc. Brakes easily.)


(Function: Gives opponent a cut. AKA Ninja star. Can only be used once unless you actually go and pick them up.)

  • BOMBS ●~*

(Function: Explodes. Will not work if it rains or if humid. Can only be used once.)

  • ARROWS >>-→

(Function: Cuts opponent with speed. Can only be used once unless you pick them up.)


(Function: Not really weapon, but good for covering attacks with less damage than this. [Shurikens, Bombs, Arrows] Can be reused if you don't use it against weapons with higher damage level. Also good for stabbing people with the tip or using as a parachute.)

  • WHIP -----~━

(Function: Obviously to whip opponent. Leaves a hell of a bruise.)


(Function: Drink, and your tiredness will fly off. Your stamina and power will also go up for a while. If you're feeling luxurious, you can use it to take the bomb fire out. Can also be battery for Middle Finger Robot. After drinking, you can also throw the can at your opponent. *Littering is not good)

  • RIFLES ︻┻┳══━一

(Function: Obviously, shoots people. From a far range.)

  • SWORDS ━━╋

(Function: Obviously, cuts things. Including People.)

  • TONFAS ━┳ ━┳

(Function: Powers up the damage of your punches. Capable of breaking bones.)

  • SPEARS ----→

(Function: Stabs people. Also good for getting things out of reach.)

  • BO STAFF ━━━━━

(Function: Again, good for getting things out of reach, whacking opponents, etc.)


(Function: Boosts your energy more than energy drink. Tastes very good, except for the one white dango at the tip. Bear with it, and the sweetness will come.)

  • NUNCHAKUS ━~~━ ━~~━

(Function: Medium range attacks. Capable of turning into chains or a Bo Staff. Can break bones. You can use it as a rope as well.)


(Function: Looks like a normal cross but... makes you feel confident in yourself. Even at night. Has some poison powder inside that makes opponents evaporate. Works good on vampires too. Glow-in-the-dark.)

  • GUNS ┏━

(Function: Shoots people. Lightweight.)


(Function: Slices things nice and quick. Beware of sharp edge. DOES NOT BREAK PER EVERY USE. ROA.)

  • FISH >゚)##)彡

(Function: Magical fish. You can either waste it by throwing it at your opponent and creeping the guts out of them, or eat it and turn into a mermaid/man for a while. You ask why I'm letting you eat/waste fish? Don't worry these fish are all outlaws that stole my precious lunch. I'm not cruel enough to let others eat my own kind for no reason at all.)

  • TABLE ┳┳

(Function: Flip the table at your opponent. Good for stress relief.)


(Function: Flag that claims defeat. You can run away unhurt in war. Running is a fighting technique too, yes.)


(Function: Fire at opponent and it will explode. It is a missile, therefore there is no way to stop it from exploding once fired. Damage applied is 5x bombs. One time use.)


(Again, in order from least damage to most.)


(Function: Boosts your energy way past MAX. Has better effect than the rumored Energy Steroids. Tastes really good. Can also be used to charge Kyun Spark Robot.)

  • FORKS ∋━

(Function: Stab anything. People or food. You can also throw it like a throwing knife. has 3 sharp points, and applies great damage.)

  • HORSE 〜┬┬彡^・∋

(Function: Increases your speed. Also a good friend when you are alone and lonely.)

  • HOT TEA ~~旦

(Function: 4th degree burns if splashed on opponents. Also a good item to attract opponents into traps with the good aroma. If you want to drink it, feel free- it calms you even in the worst situation possible. Also has a mysterious ingredient that makes your body heal from damage from the Poison Cross' poison.)


(Function: ... a glowing sword. You can pick the color. Good for fighting in the dark.)


(Function: Comes in packs of ten. If secretly placed on opponents, you can get them lost. Far, far away.)

  • LASER GUN ┏┳∝∝∝∝

(Function: Shoots opponents with laser. Extreme destructive power, and can be used to destroy even the hardest iron plates.)

  • WATER GUN ┏══┳・・・・

(Function: Shoots opponents with water with amazing speed that goes beyond normal bullets. Extreme destructive power, and good for going against diamond plates or devil fruit users.)

  • MISSILES ∋====>

(Function: Capable of immense destruction. Unstoppable due to the speed once fired. After explosion, pixie stick powder will rain down on the remains. Destruction 20x bombs. One time use.)


(Function: A ruthless "tripper" that makes your opponent trip three times in a row no matter what happens if you pay it 10 cents. It is shows no mercy. At all. Charged by sunlight; reusable as many times as you want.)

  • MEDUSA ROBOT §(〠_〠)§

(Function: Turns opponent to stone for a moment if he/she looks right into it's eyes. Be careful; if you look into it's eyes, YOU will turn into stone! Three-time use. You can reuse it by charging with poison from Poison Cross.)


(Function: Makes opponents feel extremely offended to they point where they will be too negative to be able to do anything. One~three time user per each opponent, for if used too many times on the same person, the opponent will gradually get used to it. You can reuse it by charging it with the Energy Drink.)

  • KYUN SPARK ROBOT +*:(◉ω◉)+:*

(Function: Insta-kill with Kawaii power MAX. Opponents will be shot down to the ground with the cute look. A final "Ehe☆" will finish the opponent off. Damage level never wears off so you may use as many times as you want. You can reuse it by charging with the Energy Cotton Candy.)


(Function: Anti-devil fruit user. Cuff your devil fruit user opponent and attack! These handcuffs are also extremely heavy, so they somewhat work on normal people as well. If dropped on a person's head, their skull will indeed crack open.)


(Function: Key to Seastone Handcuffs. Fragile, so be careful. If swallowed, the person will choke. Don't place near infants or dogs that own a pet shop. Has magical powers to distract horses while running.)


The Hera Hera no Mi is a Paramicia-type Devil Fruit that Yuriko Yamaguchi stated she would like to eat in a SBS question. "Hera" means "Loosely Laugh".


In a SBS question, a reader asked Yuriko Yamaguchi "if Devil Fruits existed in real life, which one would you eat?"

MDM SigEdit

File:Z.jpg Monkey.D.Me Leave it ................................... to The Ahou King

File:Z.jpg Monkey.D.Me Leave it ................................... to The Ahou King

File:Z.jpgMonkey.D.Me :: Leave it ................................... to The Ahou King

File:Z.jpgMonkey.D.Me :: Leave it ................................... to The Ahou King




  • ZORO! BEHIND YOUUU!! (Nagano Megumi san) (wait for me-- muhahaha usopp nami)
  • Cyber huh!! (Saitama Bambi san)
  • St...stop it (


Vol 1Edit

(This file no longer exists: Volume_001_Intro_Image.png)

In order to write a "Story of Pirates", I've been gathering lots of information on pirates and reading them, but none state of a pirate who dreamed of becoming one in their young days. Seems like they were having so much fun that they forgot to mention themselves in history. Sheesh, this is why the species called pirates are a pain.

Vol 2Edit

(This file no longer exists: Volume_002_Intro_Image.png)


「Oh nice fellow inkeeper
A customer has come
Where shall we let him sit
People who have to
Sit near the exit
Make me feel uneasy」

This song has a real nice ring to it--.

A Northern European Pirate Song.

Vol 3Edit

(This file no longer exists: Volume_003_Intro_Image.png)

If I ever have a break for a whole entire year, there's something I'd like to do. I would master various drawing techniques and how to use drawing tools. Then, drawing would surely become much more fun. I wonder who said the world is small.

Vol 4Edit

(This file no longer exists: Volume_004_Intro_Image.png)

I have a dream. Aah, I want to scribble on a dog once.

「Can I draw nose hair?」

「Can I turn you into a panda?」

There were many occasions where I dreamed of drawing on my friends' pets, but no one would let me. People tell me 「Get your own dog and draw on it」, but hell what are you saying I DON'T WANT TO HAVE SUCH A STRANGE PET DOG.

Vol 5Edit

(This file no longer exists: Volume_005_Intro_Image.png)


In Volume 4, since it said you wanted to scribble on a dog, if it's fine with my dog('s picture), please feel free to scribble on him to your heart's content! He's called 「Charmy」(Pet name Tome).

(Shizuoka Area, I love monkeys♡ san)


Thank you very much. With much responsibility, I've turned Tome into a hot dude. In this world, there are animals with many colors to match their surroundings. For example, it's possible that a dog that grew up in a field of sunflowers may evolute like this in order to protect itself from outer enemies isn't it. Living things are so mysterious. Are you mad? I love monkeys♡ san.

Vol 6Edit

(This file no longer exists: Volume_006_Intro_Image.png)

Does everybody know? When you eat stuff like Spaghetti al Nero di Seppie (Squid ink Spaghetti), your poop turns black. Real black. Then how's this. If you eat rainbow spaghetti I wonder if your poop would become rainbow poop. I wonder. I wonder if nobody gives a damn about this shit.

Vol 7Edit
Volume 007 Intro Image

You can't see the side of your face with one mirror.
Now I wonder if this is true.
Like this... really fast... SWSH!!
... like this... look at the mirror real fast and...!
Maybe you could see an afterimage for a second!!

Vol 8Edit
Volume 008 Intro Image

There's this short little story. Once upon a time rabbits--. Long, long ago--. Seemed to have been able to fly. The reason why we still count rabbits the same way as birds in Japanese is because of that. Rabbits that freely soared through the ancient, clear blue skies with those great big ears---. ..........THAT KIND OF OCCULT STORY.

Vol 9Edit
Volume 009 Intro Image

Ah-. It is currently the year of 1999, month of July. This is the month of when Brother Nostradamus predicts that "the world will be ended by the hands of the King of Angolmois". For this reason, when the King of Angolmois' wanted poster came out, the World Government made this decision. His appearance is as shown above. His punishment is 「To lock him up until the month of August」. In conclusion, if you spot him please do not attack him with moves such as the Rolling Sobat or the Piledriver. (World Government)

Vol 10Edit
Volume 010 Intro Image

It's Volume 10. Already 2 years since the series started. 2 years huh... 2 years would mean Sazae-san would turn from age 24 to 24... ah, when I think about it, I'm the same age as Sazae-san right now. I somehow feel like remember a time when I was the same age as Katsuo-kun. Who's next. Ah, Norisuke-kun. Or Taiko-san. Or Tara-san. Hah Tara-san makes me laugh a little. Or maybe Ikura-san. What am I talking about. Well, as usual I am always drawing manga without even trying to work.

(Jopie's Note: For those of you that have no idea what this says, click here.)

Vol 11Edit
Volume 011 Intro Image

Ah- thank you very~~ much for ah- using this ah- sightseeing bus. Eh- this bus~~ is uh- currently on it's way~~ to~~ ONE PIECE's 100th ah- chapter. Ah, right around the right hand~~ where~~ you can~~ see something tall~~ sticking~~ up~~ would be the middle~~ finger~~, yes. Eh~~ now then we will~~ go in an~~ exciting~~ lively mood in~~ this~~ sightseeing~~ bus.

Vol 12Edit
Volume 012 Intro Image

Today, let us talk about the topic of「evolution」. Or shall we not. Let's just.「Monkey」became「Human」. As shown in the image above. You'll probably be able to tell by looking at it, but the form starts straightening, little by little. Now then, that means the future form of 「man」is next. Now then, I think we should go with the backflip from here on. Therefore, the human race will float in the air a little in the future. POSITIVELY.

Vol 13Edit
Volume 013 Intro Image

There is a Dragon in the Enoshima. The being that is closest to God. That is the Dragon. I WONDER IF YOU CAN EAT DRAGONS.

(Jopie's Note: Enoshima)

Vol 14Edit
Volume 014 Intro Image

All of the sudden, but I have seen a ninja before. I'm dead serious. I think it was when I was in 3rd grade or so. A story of when I was living in Miyazaki because of my parents' job transfer. A ninja came to the elementary school I went to. Suddenly, class was destroyed an an all-school assembly was held. Gaining a request from the principle, the ninja says this.「Today, I have come to show you all ninjutsu.」The ninja screamed「KAAAAAAHHH!!」and chopped a big rock. Our jaws dropped. Then the ninja picked out a few students in the higher grades, made them come up on stage, and said this.「You can go back.」The thing us puzzled kids saw next with our eyes was......!! TO BE CONTINUED.

Vol 15Edit
Volume 015 Intro Image

The rest of the previous volume.「KAAAAAAHHH!!」the ninja screamed, and「BA--M!!」Shockingly, the students from the higher grades became stiff and fell to the ground all at once. It's the world-famous「Jutsu of Binding」!! After that, he did things like stopping people's hearts and showing us pictures from the time when he was still in training and our excitement never ceased. And then the ninja says this.「To tell the truth, I could keep on standing upside-down on the ceiling of this gym for 5 hours but since we do not have time today, I will not do it.」I saw a ninja. I'm dead serious.

Vol 16Edit
Volume 016 Intro Image

「Teacher!!! Afroda-kun's lunch money disappeared!!!」

「Say what!!? Seriously!!! Afroda!!! No lunch for you today!!!」

Vol 17Edit
Volume 017 Intro Image

Japanese restaurants that I usually go with the staff have lots of families with kids, and it's always lively. For each seat, a television set is attached. When we go there on a Wednesday at 7 o'clock, the kids have their mouths wide open like idiots and stare at the television set, stuck like glue. The channel is on 「ONE PIECE」. I think I should work my best.

Vol 18Edit
Volume 018 Intro Image

I hear you need stamina to sleep. If you sleep the right way, even if it's for a short while, seems like you could wake up nice and fresh. In other words, you should sleep with all your might. That's the idea. So, in order to sleep to the fullest in a short period, I decided to gain some stamina and sleep. I gulped down some strong vitamins and snuggle into my blanket. Ugh, geez, I'm tellin ya HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FUCKING SLEEP LIKE THAT.

Vol 19Edit
Volume 019 Intro Image

In english, it's「Brown」. Brown is the color of land.If there was brown toilet paper, I think it would be a problem. ....Ya know--. You won't be able to see it right? ....Ya know--. ....Yeah this discussion is disgusting isn't it. I really shouldn't be talking about this should I. Now then! Volume 19 of「ONE PIECE」is going to start!!

Vol 20Edit
Volume 020 Intro Image

Phrases with rhythm feel nice to hear don't they. Like「Kappa on the river flow」. Or「It's spring after all」. Or maybe「It is very well into autumn」. Or「Falling dead on the street」, or 「stiff circular kicks」, or 「rich soy sauce taste」. Now then, Volume 20 starts.

Vol 21Edit
Volume 021 Intro Image

I saw a unique panda on TV. You know the black part of pandas? That part was all white. Heh, there are amazing things in this world. On top of that, it lives in places like the North Pole. I don't know what to do with you, panda. (Lol) Now then Volume 21「Ideal Nation」start.

Vol 22Edit
Volume 022 Intro Image

Did you know? Japanese youngsters are known worldwide for having an amazing "comprehension" rate according to data. Isn't it splendid? Yo. Isn't it splendid? You know why? In those Japanese people, the people with higher comprehension rate are people who also read manga. Isn't this splendid? This. ISSN'T DIS SPLON-DEED? (←French taste)

Vol 23Edit
Volume 023 Intro Image

These days, whatever book I read says that the「mermaids」that the sailors saw back then were probably actually all 「dugongs」. The scientist that said that. You, sit right there. For example, a sailor back then. Let's say his name is "Nishimura-san". He says this.「Me saw e mermaid」. Now that's the pure reason why mermaid legends are created. But you just said it straight out.「Maybe it was a Dugong.」Yes, and with this the whole world took it seriously. Well well, with this Nishimura-san is very disappointed. Crying to bed in the otherworld.「BUT I SAW E MERMAID.」 Cheer up. Nishimura-san. DUGONGS ARE PRETTY CUTE TOO, YOU KNOW?

Vol 24Edit
Volume 024 Intro Image

Come to think of it, when I went visited my family a while ago, my parents stated their thoughts on ONE PIECE for the first time.「That story 'bout the deer was real nice」........DEER?

Vol 25Edit
Volume 025 Intro Image

There is a reason why Chapter 233 shown in this Volume's cover is black. By doing this, I have memorialized my mangaka buddy named「Shingagin」who recently passed away. According to a certain person, even if a Mangaka dies, the characters that the Mangaka created live on in place. I really think we have a great career.

Vol 26Edit
Volume 026 Intro Image

Brrrrrring......!!! I stop my alarm clock. It's 3 PM. I open the curtains, pour some coffee, and head to my desk. I put my coffee in the same place as always, and open my sketchbook. I sharpen my pencil, slowly lean back on my chair, and ZZZ-------------. GOIN' BACK TO SLEEP IZ DA BEST. YEAHHHHHHHH (Do your work)

Vol 27Edit
Volume 027 Intro Image

Yesterday, I just happened to think this but 「ONE PIECE」 is a REAL WEIRD TITLE. (LMAO)

Vol 28Edit
Volume 028 Intro Image

If you were to compare creating the storyline for manga to a game,「Tetris」would fit most. You put together the images scattered around in your mind like a puzzle to create a single, straight story. However, when that doesn't go too smoothly, I actually play the game「Tetris」. The image of the blocks building up one by one goes through my mind, and this is what I think.「TETRIS IS SOOO FUN. WOOOO--」

Vol 29Edit
Volume 029 Intro Image

I hear that you need to eat hot food when it's still hot or else it'll become nasty. Well I think there are more people with「sensitive tongues」in this world. So I think there should be a name for people with non-sensitive tongues.「Erotic Tongues」since I was jealous, I gave them an embarrassing name.

(Jopie's note: In Japan, people with sensitive tongues are called "cat tongue".)

Vol 30Edit
Volume 030 Intro Image

I got a letter like this.「Oda-sensei, you are always irresponsible and weird.」I will make this clear right now, but even though it's me that always makes the dumb comments, some time ago the neighbors gave praise about how "if you made him do academics, he was clearly a prodigy and if you made him do sports he would show how athletic he was". I was friends with Tanaka-kun who was that kind of kid. Now then, Volume 30 is starting.

Vol 31Edit

Everyone!! News!! If you're having an unhealthy food routine and end up in a situation where you are having way too much sugar daily, having lots of salty foods as well will allow you to have a healthy balance IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULDN'T THINK!!! (EXTORTION!!!)

Vol 32Edit

I hear that in this world
everything turns out the way you think.
Because for instance, in a case where a person thinks
that in this world nothing turns out the way he thinks,
what he thinks turns out to be real for him,
therefore after all,
everything turns out the way you think.

Vol 33Edit

Since "boogers" is a nasty word, I decide to refer to it as "Honey" from now on.

One day I tell the Staff
「In schools, the chairs usually tend to have honey on the bottom of them, don't they.」
He says「Ehhhhh!?」
I say back「Ehhhhh!?」
"So what do you do with the honey you gather during class?!"
"You flick it at people!!"
"You evil person!!!!"

Vol 34Edit

I will sing the mystery song I used to sing with my buddies in middle school.

「A pig-- walks out in the street--
(bum bum bum~ x2)
a car is coming from the side--
(bum bum bum~ x2)
The pig-- doesn't wanna die--
so he dodges and walks on--
(bum bum bum~ x2)」

Now, Volume 34 will begin.

Vol 35Edit

There is something called "Nanba walk". It's the story where they say the japanese people before the Meiji era walked by setting out their left leg and arm together, and then right leg and arm together. If so, I think the people of ancient japan were always very nervous. The reason for the tenseness is of course, because of the piano concert that is coming up tomorrow, and in that concert, the Mariko that you secretly have feelings for is going to come watch. Takashi has very short fingers, and he is not able to reach the black keys of the piano, so in order to dismiss that weakpoint, he locks himself in the mountains again, and fights the big bad bear!!! Now!! Volume 35, start!!!

Vol 36Edit

I became 30 last year. I even married last year. There are days where I become a bit worried about if there are any ways to live more properly for myself who is as always, doing nothing but drawing cartoons, but I am healthy and well. Volume 36 will begin.

Vol 37Edit

Humans seem to be strong but are actually weak creatures. It is that if there are only 5 cm of water in a puddle, it is possible for a human to drown. Well, in other words only being able to breath from nose and mouth is not too good. And so let us learn the third way of breathing, everybody. The third way, BUTT BREATHING. And, volume 37 begi*fart*

Vol 38Edit

When you buy stuff like singles CDs, around the 3rd song or so there's a singing-less song you can find that's written "Instoormentar". Mothers that forget to buy the ingredients of the miso soup they were going too make for the dinner of their families could say this. "Today's miso soup is Instoormentar". During a test, if you can't think of an answer then everyone should write next to the blank space. "It's Instoormentar". I frequently get pointed out by my readers that I forgot to draw something, but that is obviously also "Instoomentar".

(Jopie's note: The first Instoormentar (written インストゥルメンタル for all of them)refers to "Instrumental". The second is probably some pun on INSTRUmental and instant. The third has probably something to do with instruMENTAL but I am not sure how that works out. The last use of Instoormental is probably just random.)

Vol 39Edit

BIRDS ARE LUCKY HUH? BECAUSE THEY CAN FLY AROUND THE SKY FREELY. According to a certain scientist's calculations, if you train to get you chest to have 2 meters worth muscle, then humans can also apparently fly. Scientists sometimes say crazy things don't they. Vamanos! Volume 39 will start!!

Vol 40Edit

Goats became famous after eating paper. They eat anything that's paper saying "Oh this is totally edible". In a zoo, there is a poster. "Please do not feed the goats paper". In reality, if you eat paper that has synthetic fibers in it, you get sick. Goat... are... are... ARE YOU A NEW CELEBRITY?!

Vol 41Edit

These days even toothbrushes have evolved, and they even say there are these things called vibration brushes that vibrate 30 thousand times in one minute, so when I carefully checked, it really was vibrating 30 thousand times. Now then, volume 41 is gonna begin--!!

Vol 42Edit

I think that there is ancient language and modern language because language is something hard to pass down. In the Heian period, a certain person's diary he apparently said "Young uns' these days don' know how to speak properly". It's funny how only the miserable stuff in history have been accurately passed down, so I think i'll try saying that when I'm old too. VOLUME 42 IS GONNA FUCKING START.

Vol 43Edit

Timing is important.

George really needs to fart.
Right now he is in a classroom and it's very quiet.
So he thinks.
If he shouts out extremely loud and farts while doing so, it can be covered.
*whisper whisper!!*

Now then!! Volume 43 is about to begin!!

Vol 44Edit

I hear that the worldwide population increases in about 200k people per day.

The over 5 billion humans in this world. Sometimes I wonder, but today I eat meat and tomorrow I eat meat and the whole world is eating animals every day, yet they don't become extinct. Really, all animals THANKS FOR THE MEAL.

Volume 44 is starting!!!

Vol 45Edit

The days of battle with the young men have turned into 10 years. Kids that were 10 when the series started are now 20. The hair in that place is already going wild by then. Just saying, but by that place, I meant armpits. Armpit hair. It's become real long now (not about armpit hair, I'm talking about the series) but I still have many scenes I want to draw. Hairless boys and Hairful boys, please bear with me for a bit more.

Vol 46Edit

I will now announce an mystery song I used to sing with my pals. I want you to sing it to your crying friend. This song.

「Dooon't cry, Dooon't cry
cuz I'll give you a potato♪
Ah nevermind cuz
those things make you fart♪」

(Jopie's note: this rhymes in Japanese. It's also in a kansai dialect.)

Vol 47Edit

「UFO」stands for「Unidentified Flying Object」. I don't really get it, so I'll just call it a UFO. That's the word. A UFO researcher looks at a mystery object in the sky in a picture and says this.「This is with no doubt a UFO!!」In other words he's saying「There's no mistake it's an unidentified flying object!!」HM?? Volume 47 is starting---!!

Vol 48Edit


Who are you calling invaders, dude. A heavenly punishment to the Mangaka that doesn't trust his fans. Switch on. Click. 10 seconds before Kokoro's Bra drops, *DROP*... Please continue on with the Volume.

by Shelltect-kun




Vol 49Edit

I, who goes outside hangin' a bag from my shoulder sometimes brings my new song album with me instead by mistake. Yup yup. Common mistake. Volume 49 will start!!

Vol 50Edit

could it be that...
you are God?」

Okay volume 50 is about to begin!!

Vol 51Edit

I heard a story where in order to be able to paddle as much water as possible, a swimmer's hands become webbed. That's evolution, man. Mangakas are also always drawing so I want to evolute in one way or the other. For example... like the tip of my nails becoming shaped like a pen. Or being able to see through passerby women's clothes. Volume 51 is starting-!!

Vol 52Edit

Vending machines have these labels that say 「war~m」 on them during the winter. When I go with that flow and say 「deadlines coming clo~se」it's RELAXIN'. In the first chapter, if Luffy had said "I'll become the Pirate Ki~ng!" something would be wrong. Real wrong. Volume 52!! 「I want to sta~rt」.

Vol 53Edit

That "pose" that a person makes when saying「Excuse me I need to pass through」or on a full train or bus「Excuse me I need to get off」!! Let's name it the "GOD FIST". We can assume that is an old type of martial arts that was passed down from ancient China. The people that are under the "God Fist"'s attack are hypnotized by the "will" that seeps from that hand and crowds end up creating a shining path as if Moses cracked a roaring sea in half.... Volume 53 is starting-!!

Vol 54Edit

Seems like humans are supposed to be able to live until age 140. And then from there on their lives get shorter as they put more pressure onto their lives. Mangakas always have lots of pressure on their lives so I'll probably only be able to live up to about age 135. (GLOOM). Life is so short. Volume 54 is starting-!!

Vol 55Edit

I heard that when you don't have enough oxygen in your body, your body says "gimme oxygen" and makes you yawn. When you yawn and the person next to you yawns as well, I personally think it's because the earth's oxygen suddenly decreases when you yawn. You know, the Law of Conservation of Mass and all. Thinking back, I yawned that day. ...yes, that day the dream of all humanity, the space shuttle went to space. Half of that was a lie. Volume 55 is starting-!!

Vol 56Edit

There's these seedless type of grapes that you can eat including the skin. Nothing can be better. I love these things. Seedless watermelon and seedless Japanese Persimmon make me feel like I'm in heaven too. Going with this flow, if things like shell-less crab and shell-less shrimp came out, I would much in whole. Boneless fish is also great. From time to time the bones stab my throat so boneless eel makes me happy too. Still, I wouldn't want this. MANGALESS LIFE. Now then Volume 56!! It's starting---!!!

Vol 57Edit

I'm the type of guy who doesn't feel right if I'm not reading something; in other words I have an addiction to books. I lied. JUST WANTED TO TRY SAYING IT. Volume 57 is starting---!!

Vol 58Edit

I totally hate when people decide things for you. "Goat year" or "Rabbit year" from birth?!! You've gotta be kidding me!!! I don't wanna have some damn weakling animal like that!! And so, I'll change it for you people.

Scary. Sounds strong.

Volume 88 is about to start---!!

Vol 59Edit

You ask me why I'm drinking alone? Someone said once that if everyone "imagined" of a peaceful world, then the world would gradually become peaceful... You wanna drink with me too? Since today is John's deathdate.


Volume 59 is going to begin---!!!

Vol 60Edit

"Standing Death of Benkei"... just kidding. The legendary way of man dying in the coolest way No. 1 has got to be this. In the previous volume, a great man known as "Whitebeard"'s way of death was exactly this. If we're talking about Benkei, I actually have a similarity with him. Yes. Well by chance, Benkei also seemed to have this trait, but WHEN I HIT MY SHIN BY ACCIDENT, I FEEL LIKE I'M ABOUT TO CRY. We always have similarities. Between manly men. Now then, Volume 60 will start-!!

(Jopie's note: Image says "GYAAAAAAAHHH My nose bled...". Also, for more information, go here: Benkei)

Vol 61Edit

I hate people who try to be cute. For example, people who use words try to be cute and let our guards down so be very careful.

「One and only → Wun and onwy♡」
「Monument → Monyu♡ment」
「No breaks the entire year → No breakies the entire yearrrrr♡」
「Mugi yu → Mugyuuuuuuuuuu~~♡」

FUCK OFF with the cuteness appeal!!!

A respectable chivalry manga "ONE PIECE"!! The sixty-first story!! It's about to start so my greetings to you!!!

(Jopie's note:

  • One and only to Wun and onwy (唯一無二 to 唯一むにっ♡, both pronounced yuiitsumuni) literal translation is "one and only to one and squish♡"
  • Monument to Monyu♡ment (モニュメント to もにゅっ♡メント) could also be translated as monument to "squeeze with a guy"
  • No breaks the entire year to No breakies the entire yearrrrr♡ (年中無休 to 年中むきゅ〜っ♡, both pronounced nennjuumukyuu) literal translation is "No breaks the entire year to sqeeze hug all year~♡"
  • Mugi yu to Mugyuuuuuuuuuu~~♡ (麦湯 to むぎゅ〜〜っ♡) literal translation is "Parched barley tea to Squeeeeeeeeeze~♡"

Vol 62Edit

(This file no longer exists: Volume_062_Intro_Image.png)

I heard that if you trace through every person in this world's DNA fa~~r far back, everybody's blood all reach to a single ancient african woman. Still, theoretically, that person can't possibly be the very first human. ---but surely there should be. The first of all humanity. The mother of all humanity in this world today!! Since she seems incredible, I tried drawing her. All humans brothers. No matter who of where is having trouble, that person isn't a stranger. Volume 62 is starting ~~!!

(Jopie's Note: Background lettering in image says "Great Mother" and Great Mother is saying "Do your homework!!")

Vol 63Edit

(This file no longer exists: File:Volume_063_Intro_Image.jpg)

When I was a kid, I was looking after this Japanese rhinoceros beetle ever since it was a larva, but that beetle that I touched way too much as it grew up ended up with a horn which hardened into one that wavered off to the side into a strange direction. They say hit the iron while it's still hot. I feel sorry for that thing. Still, if you accidentally attach a bazooka onto a beetle's back while it is still in its cocoon, it may have become a bazooka beetle. If you attatched armor and a katana to it, it may have become a armor and weapon full-equipped weaponarmor beetle. Still, that is ethically just absurd, and after all the real look you are born is the best!! Volume 63 is starting~~!!

Vol 64Edit

On the wrappers of snacks from a typical japanese candy store, some sort of character is usually featured, and that character tells us the taste of the snack from a simple view. This is pretty interesting, so it would be fun if these taste-telling characters would appear on the packaging of many other items. For example, if it's kimchi, then the character should be saying「Spicy!!」. On an erotic DVD,「Dirty!!」. On tobacco,「Smoky!!」. On drugs,「Serious!!」. Volume 64 is starting!! Yummy!!

Vol 65Edit

It goes in the bunker because you think about it and you don't want it to. In fact, if you try and aim for the bunker, it actually doesn't fall in. My favorite type of iron golf club is... #5 iron. Somehow these days, I really fail at Miniature golf---... But... I NEVER EVEN PLAYED GOLF BEFORE~~!!! I wanna try it out when I'm a grown-up-- Volume 65 is starting~!! It's on!!

Vol 66Edit

Ordering a「Chef's capricious pasta」is a gamble. I'd be crying myself to bed if the chef was "feeling like not making anything today" or "feeling like he wanted to eat his own cooking today". I'd at least want to know how the chef has been doing recently. "The chef's daughter got 100 on her test. Chef's capricious pasta!!" Sounds delicious--!! "The chef's wife has been cheating on him... Chef's... capricious pasta..." .......uhhhh--...... Now then! The capricious captain's big adventure!! Volume 66 is starting--!!

Transbox (BW)Edit

(-- indicates the panel separations. If there is nothing in between, it means no words were in that panel.)

Ulquiorra's Past:Edit


Not be, but be


What is there?






I was born in a pit without a single ray of light


Like somebody gathered and pressed together darkness

A mysterious place

Black... black

In the depths of the floors is the place I was born


I had a white appearance


All the ones around me were colored pitch black


With their pitch black appearances, their eyes glinted and they bared their teeth, and were chewing on something



I only had eyes








I felt nothing

or perhaps

I have felt the blankness in me


with nothing to listen to

nothing to devour

nothing to smell

nothing to touch and feel

without resting

without friends

I simply

walked alone




There is no meaning at all too the things that reflect upon my eyes


The things that do not reflect upon my eyes do not even exist











and by the time

I thought about it


I found something strange



It was a mysterious, half clear thing that exists all over the world

It seems it is a place where beings are born


My eyes were taken away from me for the first time in my life


without color

without sound

without smell

without anything to say

just existing

That was the being closest to nothing out of everything I ever saw in my life


Into that immensely large nothingness


I decided to sink my body


sfx: crack...



There was nothing there

Even I lost my border lines and melted into that nothingness

I felt everything had completely disappeared





Inoue: Wah!

Inoue: You startled me!


Inoue: Because you woke up right when I was about to wake you

I was startled

Inoue: But I was kinda relieved too

Uluquiorra-kun also has times when he sleeps huh?


Uluquiorra: ......... it's Uluquiorra


Uluquiorra: I already told you not to address me like a human


Uluquiorra: When you call me it's Uluquiorra

Uluquiorra: Simply do that



If there is something called happiness in this world it would be immensely close to rejection

Rejection means to not have anything

and above that

nothing to worry about losing

If that is not happiness, what would you say is


There is no meaning at all too the things that reflect upon my eyes


The things that do not reflect upon my eyes do not even exist

Harribel's Fate:Edit

PG 1 1/2 The Hueco Mundo after Sōsuke Aizen left and all the Gargantas were closed returned to calmness. Thin scream-like winds blow over the destroyed Las Noches. The sound of sand picking up by being brushed by that wind. It was so quiet you could hear these things. In this quiet desert, a single animal lay on the floor. It had the appearance of a puppy with a Hollow Mask. The small hollow covered with soft white fur had a name called "Kukkapūro". Kukkapūro had lost most of his memories about himself. It was just that when he woke up, he found himself in Hueco Mundo as a Hollow. Still, he remembers a large hand petting his head and calling him "Kukkapūro". The fat fingers that tickled behind his ears. Only those important memories stayed clear inside him. In Hueco Mundo, which has lots of Spirit Particles, small hollows that can live just by breathing are only prey to other hollows. The only reason why Kukkapūro, who is on the very bottom of the food chain, was able to stay alive until now was no other than because he was always beside an extremely strong power force. Just by one glance, Kukkapūro thought "He is similar to the person important to me". Even though his each step was wide apart and the space between him and Kukkapūro expanded by the minute, Kukkapūro tried his best to run after him and catch up. He would always click his tongue when he saw Kukkapūro and never called his name. He never cradled him, petted him, or shared food with him. Still, he never tried to kill Kukkapūro. He never avoided Kukkapūro until the end.

PG 1 2/2 "It's so quiet...". This was the first thing Mila Rose, who just returned to Hueco Mundo through the Garganta said. One after another, Apacci, Sung-Sun, and lastly Tier Harribel land on the sandy surface. Behind her the Garganta silently closes, and the distraction of time and space disappeared. "Everything's a mess--". What Apacci saw was a Las Noches that had been greatly damaged after the immense battles. "It seems like everybody fought violently...". Covering her mouth with her hand hidden in her long sleeve, Sung-Sun looks up at the sky. Many parts of the sky roof had broken off, and the artificial blue sky that was made from the inside and Hueco Mundo's night sky spread across in patterns. Harribel simply looks at the battlefield for a while. Even the three that would usually kid around with each other caught on with Harribel and kept quiet next to her. Apacci who was behind Harribel to the right looked at her woundless body and clenched her fist. ".......Dammit!" she says in her mind. Until a few hours ago, Harribel... or rather, you would say Apacci and the three were all in a state that was close to death. On Harribel's body, there were two deep wounds; one was a deep, straight cut that went straight through the side of her chest made by Sōsuke Aizen's Zanpakutō, Kyōka Suigetsu, and the other cut going from her back to her left womb. Apacci, Sung-Sun, and Mila Rose had lost their left arms due to the creation of the Quimera Parca in the first place, and above that they had terrible burns all over their bodies from being roasted in Yamamoto Genryūsai Shigekuni's fire. Apacci could now touch her left arm with her right. The left arm was just there with no damage. There was no more pain

PG 2 1/2 left in any part of the body. "We... borrowed a human's power....!". Her clenched jaw makes a scraping sound. The one who healed their wounds was Orihime Inoue. The material world transfer that was performed by Mayuri Kurotsuchi switched the Karakura Town in Soul Society with the Fake in Karakura Town, and when this happened, the Arrancars who had passed out with deep wounds were also transfered along to Soul Society. Orihime, who came from Hueco Mundo to Soul Society through a Garganta with Rukia Kuchiki to meet up with Ichigo who had finished his battle was led by Apacci and went to town, healing their wounds there. Putting the three that were wounded by Genryūsai who held back aside, Harribel had two deep wounds that could lead to death. Probably nobody other than Orihime could of saved Harribel who was in a doomed situation. Even Apacci knew this very well. Still, she could not forgive the fact that even for a moment, she had handed over Harribel, who she worshipped most, to a mere human. Apacci frowns, and tightens the grip on her left arm. "Dammit all.....!". She also could not forgive herself for not being able to erase her gratitude towards Orihime.


PG 2 2/2 The Western outskirts of Soul Society; Fake Karakura Town

Ichigo Kurosaki makes a piercing scream and faints right after he meets up with everyone.




Rukia, Orihime, Renji Abarai, Uryū Ishida, and Yasutora Sado, who were rejoicing about their reunion just a moment ago all start desperately calling to Ichigo.

"Everybody, please calm down."

Saying this, Kisuke Urahara gently stops Orihime who was about to activate the Sōten Kishun by touching her hairpins. He nods to Orihime who looks up to him with a worried face, and turns to face everybody.

"Kurosaki san is alright. What is happening to him now will not take his life."

Sado breathes a sigh of relief after hearing Urahara's words, and picks up Ichigo who was facing the floor and gently rearranges his position so that his back would face the floor instead. The unconscious body is short on breath, and soon after a painful moan comes from Ichigo's mouth.

"What happened to Ichigo....?"

Worried over Ichigo's painful-looking actions, Rukia looks at Urahara.

"In order to beat Aizen, Kurosaki-san used the Final Getsuga Tenshō."

Uryū hears this and asks back "...The final?". Urahara breaths deeply, closes his eyes, and says this.

PG 3 1/2 "The attack called「Mugetsu」would for instance take all his powers from a Shinigami... that's what it does." Nobody could quickly understand what Urahara just said. The feeling of "I don't want to understand" may have unconsciously taken action. After a few second gap, Orihime mutters "It can't be...", and wobbles to the ground as if fainting. "The powers of a Shinigami..." Rukia stares at Ichigo as of she had forgotten how to blink.

"Does that mean Kurosaki will not be a Shinigami anymor....?!"

To Uryū who said this as if the words were pouring out, Urahara blankly states "Yes".


There was a feeling curling up inside Renji's chest that made him hate his own weakness which caused Ichigo, who wasn't even a member of Soul Society to use such a power, and the fact that they all had to rely on Ichigo.


Sado was also mad about his own weakness, and his clenched fist was bearing with this pain. Urahara waits for everybody to calm down, and continues talking. "Kurosaki-san fainted because he is in the first stage of losing his spiritual powers. With the help of Isshin-san, he used the flow of time in the Dangai and trained there for three months to complete his「Mugetsu」."

"Three months?!"

After Renji thoughtlessly yells this out, Uryū mumbles "So that explains why his hair grew longer..."

PG 3 2/2 Rukia compares the Ichigo she parted with in Hueco Mundo and the Ichigo in front of her eyes who is now three months older in her mind. Of course the hair, but it seems he grew a bit taller as well. Maybe it was just her imagination, but his face also seems a little more mature. Still, it had only been a few days since they went into Hueco Mundo in order to save Orihime until all the battles came to an end.

"I see that for you, it was a long battle..."

Rukia looks at Ichigo with sympathizing eyes.

"Right now in his real body, the time he spent in the Dangai is clashing with the normal time, creating an immense amount of pain, which caused him to faint; but this will not lead him to death."

"Isn't there anything I can do....?"

To Orihime who couldn't just sit there and watch doing nothing, Urahara simply says "Unfortunately" and shakes his head. "There is nothing we can do at tthe moment. By the time this clashing settles down, Kurosaki-san will hive lost all his Shinigami powers. This is the first stage of loss."

"Is something else going to happen after that?!"

Urahara nods to Rukia, and continues. "In the second stage, the rest of the Reiatsu left becomes stable and he wakes up... and then from there, the rest of the Reiatsu that is left will slowly drain from his body."

"If that happens, Ichigo will..." Sado says this and gulps. "Put aside Shinigami and Hollows, he'll probably also lose the ability to see normal wandering souls."

PG 4 1/2 Hearing Urahara's words, everybody was at a loss of words. Being able to see souls -- that was part of what made Ichigo who he was, and that was something very important to him; everybody knew this fact. Seeing the four who suddenly became quiet, looking at the floor with painful faces, Urahara brightens the mood with an energetic voice and says this.

"Well anyway, let us carry Kurosaki-san to the Emergency Center! After all, we can't return him to his house until the first stage ends. If their big brother suddenly came home looking a little older, his sisters would be surprised!"


The first one to look up was Renji.

"I guess even if we go crazy right here, nothin's gonna get solved. Hey, get a stretcher over here!" He calls to one of the members in the Fourth Division who were starting to take down the Fake Karakura Town. Then, two of the closest members come over immediately carrying a stretcher.

"Take this guy to the ER. He's the one that helped the most in this Sōsuke Aizen battle, so be careful with him."

"Yes sir!"

The two nod and answer a little nervously but excitedly. As a hero who ended this fight, Ichigo's name spread throughout the entire Gotei 13 like fire. Right when the two started building the stretcher and softly placing Ichigo onto the stretcher with care, Urahara and Uryū suddenly look up at the sky.

"Something's coming!"

PG 4 2/2 "This Reiatsu... a hollow?!"

The two who knew a lot about Reiatsu look around the sky. Seeing them, everyone else also looks up. In the deep blue sky, a single shadow was using a move called Sonido, a Hollow-only move, to travel. The shadow quickly approaches. It's movements were more like crashing down than landing. The Hollow that landed in front of the group was one of Tier Harribel's fraccion, Apacci. Her skin was burnt badly, the upper left side of her chest was cut from the middle, blood was flowing from her wounds, and she was in a critical condition where she could barely stand straight.

"So there were some left alive....!"

Renji places his hand on his Zanpakutō, Zabimaru, without taking his eyes off of her. Without a blink of an eye at Renji's actions, Apacci looks straight at Orihime.

"Hey, woman..... come.... with..... m.....e!"

Breathing heavily, she says this in bits. Seeing Apacci step towards Orihime, Rukia quickly gets in between the two with her back to Orihime, facing Apacci. Before Rukia could say anything, Apacci attempts to take another step forward, misses her step, wobbles, and losing her balance, she collapses to the ground.

"Damn... it....!"

Her hand that tries to push her body up from the ground painfully clenches some dirt.

"Sōten Kisshun!"

Orihime puts her hands on her hairpins, and activates her Shun Shun Rikka ability. Shunō and Ayame fly towards Apacci, and start healing her with a warm orange light.

PG 5 1/2 "Wait Inoue! She's a Hollow! No need to heal her!" Renji says with a rough voice. Orihime had been kidnapped by Hollows once. It was natural for him to feel that he never wanted her to even go near a Hollow ever again.

"But, I can't just leave her...!"

Orihime avoids Rukia's hand and runs toward Apacci. Even if it is a Hollow, she could not just sit there and ignore a wounded person. Apacci says this to Orihime who tries to concentrate on healing her.

"Don't mind me..... before that.... help Harribel-sama.......!"

A small raspy voice.

"But, your wounds are terrible too...."

"I beg of you!"

Apacci raises her head and grabs Orihime's wrist. It may be because of the pain, but her hands are shaking.

"Hurry, save Harribel-sama....!"

In those eyes, there was no hate, no killing intent, no lies. The only thing there was the will to save her friends; just like Orihime.

"........Okay! Please lead the way!"

Orihime undos the Sōten Kisshun, and helps Apacci stand up.

"I will go too. Grab on"

Rukia says this and supports the opposite arm; the left arm, paying close attention to the wound on that arm. Rukia was also hurt on the left arm,

PG 5 2/2 and she was bearing it with the help of a cast, but she tightly supports Apacci with her right arm that was left. Apacci's eyes widen for a moment as if she was surprised, but she silently puts her weight on the two.

"Ugh, you guys are useless.... here!"

Renji gets in front of the two and Apacci, turns his back towards them, and squats. He turns just his neck around and says this.

"You guys are in a hurry right? I'll carry you. It's not my thing, but out of here, I seem to have the least wounds, so......"

"Thank you, Abarai-kun!"

Orihime and Rukia carefully lean Apacci's body onto Renji's back. Renji stands up carrying Apacci and runs toward the Fake Town. Orihime and Uryū follow behind.

"Urahara, Chad, I'll leave Ichigo to you guys!"

Leaving Urahara who had to explain Ichigo's state in the Emergency Treatment Room, and Sado who had hurt hi sleg behind, Rukia also follows everyone else.


Hueco Mundo.

Seeing something move in the shadows of the ruins, Sun-Sung shouts out "Who is it?!".


PG 6 1/2 Kukkapūro was the one who came out from the shadows. He scampers towards the four over the cold sand like a ball rolling over.

"You're Yammy's......"

Harribel recalls how this small Hollow always followed Yammy around.

"In this area... I can feel traces of Yammy's Reiatsu."

Mila Rose stands next to Harribel and says this. They could tell from those traces that Yammy fought with all he could and died in battle.

"That damn Yammy, he was always actin' all tough but take a look at that!"

Even if Apacci talks in her normal tone, the two simply respond "Yeah" and "Yes" and lightly nod.

"What the... Dammit!"

She says this and kicks the sand. Apacci wanted to return to their normal life as soon as possible. She wanted to forget about humans, shinigamis, the battle in the World of Living, and all the happenings in Soul Society.

"Tch! They already sniffed us out....!"

Mila Rose, who was cautiously checking the Reiatsu in their surroundings quietly mutters this. Sun-Sung also nods, and tenses her shoulders.

"Indeed... it looks like many Adjuchas have approached this area."

The Hollows that never approached until now fearing the power of the Espadas' now start gathering around Las Noches once more.

"The fighting... will occur again..."

PG 6 2/2 Harribel frowns. Feelings of unwillingness buried her soul. To her, who thought ruling with immense power and fear would stop the unnecessary bloodshed and went under Aizen's command, this situation was what she didn't want to happen the most.


When she turned around to see who called, Sun-Sung was kneeling on the sand. Still having her head down, she says this.

"For Baraggan has passed away and Aizen has left, I feel Harribel-sama is the only one worthy of being the ruler of Hueco Mundo."

"I think so too!"

Then, Apacci also kneels down.

"Please become Hueco Mundo's new ruler!"

Mila Rose also kneels down.

Harribel sighs, and looking down at the three who were waiting for an answer from her, she says this.

"Hueco Mundo doesn't need a ruler."

When the three look up, they find Harribel shaking her head.

"A fake sun could not lighten up this darkness..."

There, a blue sky that Aizen had ordered to be constructed spread out.

"In Hueco Mundo, all that is needed is this darkness.... silent, darkness."

Harribel slowly blinks and starts walking towards the center of Las Noches. The three that stand up look at each other and silently nod.

PG 7 1/2 "We will follow you, Harribel-sama!"

Sun-Sung says this, and the three go after Harribel. But then, after five~six steps, Apacci stops and looks back at Kukkapūro, who was staring at the four talking the whole time.

"Yo shrimp! You'll get killed if ya just sit there!"

When she comes closer and picks him up, Kukkapūro whimpers and wiggles to get away from her. Seeing this, Sun-Sung says this in an annoyed tone. "Leave him be. Can you not tell he is saying he wants to stay here with all his might?" "Shaddup! Even if ya didn't tell me, I was 'bout to put him down just now, bastard." When Apacci puts him down, Kukkapūro happily barks and wags his tail.

"So you also have somthin' ya can't part with, huh?"

Mila Rose lightly pats Kukkapūro's head and returns to Harribel with along with the other two. The four seem to become smaller and smaller. Their footprints in the sand also get washed away by the wind and start fading away. Kukkapūro sees them off forever and ever....

Still thinking about his deceased master.

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