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Hi all! My name is Rei Ayami. I love Anime very much. I love Anime One Piece, because that's tell the adventures of pirates Anime! ♥

Anime One PieceEdit

For me, the anime One Piece is the only anime that tells the adventures as a pirate, and it seems to me, I just know that the anime One Piece is the only anime that tells petuangalan as a Pirate.

Straw Hat PiratesEdit

Captain-Monkey D. Luffy (Straw Hat Luffy, Mugiwara no Luffy)Edit

For me, Monkey D. Luffy is a pirate who attach great importance to his friends. And for me, he is fit to be captain. I love this character because he is unyielding, strong, powerful, not afraid of anything, although the Captain was stupid but this one is still concerned with his friends. He did not think his friend is a subordinate or so, but as a FRIEND.

Division Combat-Roronoa Zoro (Pirate Hunter, Kaizoku Gari no Zoro)

Hmm, I think, Roronoa Zoro should have a third crew (as if made ​​in the color of each will be a rainbow). But because it may Eiichiro Oda-sensei has made me like this is not a problem because he was the maker. I like the character Roronoa Zoro and I say he deserves a second crew and could be a great fighter Division will be three sword skills (Santoryu).

Navigator-Nami (Cat Burglar, Dorobō Neko)

The first time I saw the character of NAMI, I think Nami is a Princess and turns out my guess was wrong. Then, I also think Nami is not as one of the Straw Hat crew. I like the character despite his apparent over-Nami (such as sexy, open the genitalia, etc.). But, as a navigator, he also can command all the crew for the work including the ordered Captain (Monkey D. Luffy). In my opinion, he is a character that may be a bit grumpy and very fond of money. I also think he likes Mikan (Orange).

Sharpshooter-Usopp Sogeking (Sogekingu, Sogeki no Ō-sama, King of Snipers Sogeking)

About Usopp Sogeking the Sniper, I can not reveal anything about these characters. It's just stupidity before two years later. I love this character from his folly.

Chef-Sanji (Black Leg, Kuro Ashi)

About character Sanji, I'm just confused about why his eyebrows are made that way by Eiichiro Oda-sensei. Yes, but that's okay, still funny to me. I love this character from her infatuation with a woman.

Doctor-Tony Tony Chopper (Cotton Candy Lover, Wataame Daisuki)

About characters such as Doctor Tony Tony Chopper in the Straw Hat crew, it looks like cotton candy is not good to admire. Hahaha, this kind of character I love. It's funny, cute, cool, great, and others.

Archeologist-Nico Robin (Miss All Sunday, Misu Ōrusandē, Devil Child, Akuma no Ko, Light of The Revolution, Kakumei no Tomoshibi)

Hmm, for me, characters like Nico Robin, I don't like is suitable as an Archaeologist Straw Hat crew.

Shipwright-Cutty Flam/Franky (Cyborg Franky, Saibōgu Furankī)

I think Cutty Flam (Franky) is the second funny character. I liked him when he says Aw ~! XD.

Musicians-Brook (Gentleman Skeleton, Dead Bones, Humming Swordsman, Humming Brook, Satan-Sama, Soul King)

For me Brook is the only one the funniest in the Straw Hat crew. I like it nyaa~ !! ^^

My Favorite Characters in One PieceEdit



My Favorite Devil Fruits in One PieceEdit

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