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Unluckies Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: 13日の金曜日 (アンラッキーズ), literally meaning "Friday the Thirteenth"
Romanized Name: Anrakkīzu
English Name: The Unluckies
Debut: Chapter 105; Episode 63
Affiliations: Baroque Works (former)
Japanese VA: N/A

The Unluckies are two Baroque Works agents. They consist of an otter named Mr. 13 (ミスター・サーティーン Misutā Sātīn?) and a vulture named Miss Friday (ミス・フライデー Misu Furaidē?). The Unluckies serve as messengers for Mr. 0, and are also in charge of executing any Baroque Works agents that fail their missions.


Miss Friday is a large vulture, with black feathers and white feathers, toward the neck. Her skin is pink, and, and, her beak is a light yellow. She wears a yellow aviator cap, with red flowers on it, and black goggles.

Mr. 13 is a small otter, with brown fur as well as having white fur around the snout. He wears a light blue coat with purple dots that has long sleeves, and a hood. He also wears black sunglasses.


The Unluckies, like the rest of the Baroque Works members, are quite brutal. Mr.13 seems to have a powerful memory, since he could draw the Straw Hat Pirates after meeting them only once. The two, however, aren’t very faithful, as they drew their fellow Baroque Works agents for the Marines in exchange for food.

Abilities and PowersEdit

They use bombs against some opponents, with Mr. 13 riding on Miss Friday and releasing the bombs while passing over enemies.[1] They also display exceptional intelligence among animals, tracking down other agents, understanding speech (like listening in on Vivi), and easily operating weaponry.

Miss Friday uses a pair of machine guns strapped to her back.

Mr. 13 has a pair of bivalve sea-shells with short but very sharp claws along the front edge, which are capable of cutting through the iron-hard wax made by the Doru Doru no Mi. He is also a skilled artist and was able to draw up posters of Nami, Zoro, and Luffy to report to Mr. 0 that they had learned his secret identity.


Whiskey Peak ArcEdit

Mr. 13 Draws Straw Hats
Mr. 13 records Nami, Luffy and Zoro's appearances.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

The Unluckies appeared during the Whiskey Peak Arc where they were about to punish the bounty hunters there. They stopped when Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine came to dispatch a spy within their organization. When the spy, Vivi, accidentally revealed Mr. 0's true identity to three of the Straw Hat Pirates, Mr. 13 drew pictures of the three to report to their boss.[2]

Little Garden ArcEdit

They were later seen on Little Garden when they were sent to check up on Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek. Instead, they encountered Sanji who was pretending to be Mr. 3 while answering a phone call from Mr. 0. They attempted to assassinate Sanji but failed miserably. Sanji twisted Miss Friday's neck until it snapped and Mr. 13 was kicked into the side of Mr. 3's wax house so hard it left an imprint.

Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works"Edit

Unluckies Accept Bribe
The Unluckies accept a bribe from the Marines.

It was revealed in the "Meet Baroque" mini-arc that the Unluckies survived their encounter with Sanji and were used by the Marines to make drawings of the Baroque Works agents that were not captured in Alabasta (using a hot bowl of donburi as encouragement).[3] It is unknown what was done with them afterwards.


  • The name the Unluckies most likely comes from the superstition of Friday the 13th being an unlucky day for people, as well as the unfortunate fate of those they come to visit. Miss Friday is a vulture, essentially linked to death. While the reason for Mr. 13 being an otter has never been addressed, but it may be because there are thirteen known species of otter.


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