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Ukkari Hot-Spring Island
Ukkari Hot-Spring Island Infobox
Japanese Name: うっかり温泉島
Romanized Name: Ukkari Onsen Shima
English Name: Clumsy Hot-Spring Island
Debut: Chapter 315 cover
Region: First half of the Grand Line

Ukkari Hot-Spring Island is an island located somewhere in the first half of the Grand Line. It is where Gedatsu landed after being defeated in Skypiea.[1]

It is an island full of holes that were made by Goro, so he could build his Hot-Spring resort. It has a forest, with three odd-shaped trees.


After Gedatsu landed on this island, he and Goro started to dig, and ended up finding the Dirt Boss, and Gedatsu got him to dig the island for them. After some time, they finally got hot water for the resort, and the Forest Boss to build the resort.[2] It was later linked to Alabasta via tunnels, and now both are connected because of the Hot Spring Resort that they run.[3]


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Ukkari Hot-Spring Island
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