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Uhoricia is the daughter of the leader of the Niho Navy. She is also Sai's former fiancée.[1]


Uhoricia is a woman with light-colored hair (blond in the anime). She has red patches on her cheeks and very pronounced lips. Her facial features are very similar to those of Okama.


Little is known about Uhoricia's personality except that she agreed to an arranged marriage with Sai for political reasons, showing her value in foreign affairs as well as the well-being of her own nation.



At some point, a marriage between Uhoricia and Sai was arranged to unite the Happo Navy and the Niho Navy and create a political alliance.[1]

Dressrosa ArcEdit

After arguing with his grandfather, Sai called off his and Uhoricia's marriage in favor of marrying Donquixote Pirates officer Baby 5.[1]


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