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Uholisia is the daughter of Chichilisia, the leader of the Niho Navy.[2] She is the wife of 25 men and Sai's former fiancée.[1]


Uholisia Anime Infobox

Uholisia in the anime, as she appeared in Sai's imagination.

Uholisia is a very muscular and masculine woman with blonde hair who is about as tall as Sai. She has red patches on her cheeks and very pronounced lips. Her facial features are very similar to those of Okama.[3] She wears a blue dress with pink and yellow flowers on it.[1]


She agreed to an arranged marriage with Sai for political reasons, showing her value in foreign affairs as well as the well-being of her own nation.[1] She can be vicious, as she furiously gave Sai a beating when he broke off his engagement to her.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Fitting her muscular frame, Uholisia seems to be very strong, as she viciously beat up the powerful warrior Sai, although Sai did not seem to fight back.[2]



At some point, a marriage between Uholisia and Sai was arranged to unite the Happo Navy and the Niho Navy and create a political alliance.[1]

Yonko SagaEdit

The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand FleetEdit

After the Happo Navy returned to Kano Country, Uholisia spoke to Sai about their wedding preparations.[1][4]

However, when Sai broke off their engagement, she responded by furiously beating him before walking away angrily.[2] She was then seen inside a husband club, frustrated that she failed to make Sai her 26th husband.[5]


SBS77 5 Uholisia

Uholisia as shown in the SBS.

  • Uholisia was first shown in an SBS in response to reader question, before making her debut in Sai's cover story.[3]


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