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This article is about Japanese merchandising. For some pointers about related subjects like bootlegs, Japanese version vs the world, or the Toei sticker, you can consult the Merchandise FAQ page.
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UFO catcher
A UFO catcher.
Angel EmfrblAdded by Angel Emfrbl

A UFO Catcher is the name of an arcade machine that contains prizes (normally a cuddly toy) to be won. The prizes are won by guilding a 'claw' to a spot inside, where the claw can be lower to it grab a prize. If successful, the prize will be transported to the shoot leding out of the machine, where the lucky winner can claim it.

UFO catchers are also known under other names such as claw vending machine or toy crane machine in western countries. It is also sometimes referred to as crane games.

One PieceEdit

There has been a number of merchandise inside the UFO catchers in Japan such as the One Piece DX Figure - Swim Suit Style figures of Luffy and Nami.

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