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Tulip Pirates
Tulip Pirates' Infobox
Japanese Name: チューリップ海賊団
Romanized Name: Chūrippu Kaizokudan
English Name: Tulip Pirates
First Appearance: Chapter 151's cover
Captain: Yurikah
Main Ship: Unknown
Total Bounty: Unknown

The Tulip Pirates are a group of pirates that appeared in Jango's side adventure. Yurikah is their Captain. All of them wear tulips on their heads.


The Tulip Pirates arrive on Mirror Ball Island sending the Island into chaos, while also taking citizens as hostage. They were soon confronted by Fullbody, who they beat down as he was unable to anything as they had a hostage present. After a surprise attack from Jango, Jango and Fullbody would team up to defeat the pirates and stand victorious.

Crew MembersEdit

Yurikah was the only crew member to be named.

Crew StrengthEdit

The crew seemed to be very weak, even though there was a large number of crew mates.

Other InfomationEdit

The whole crew seems to enjoy tulips very much, taking a tulip stance at all times.

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