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Tsumegeri Guards
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Tsumegeri Guards Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: ツメゲリ部隊
Romanized Name: Tsumegeri Butai
English Name: Kicking Claw Force; Elite Alabastian Royal Guards[1]
Debut: Chapter 196; Episode 120[1]
Affiliations: Alabasta[1]
Occupations: Guards[1]

The Tsumegeri Guards were four men who drank the Hero Water and attempted to take down Crocodile, but failed and died from the water's side effects shortly after Crocodile refused to even fight them to give them an honorable death.[1]


The Tsumegeri Guards wore the armor similar to the regular Alabasta Royal Guards but with the addition of a turban with a duck headband and wings on each sides. They wear what appears to be war paint, with one line that goes down to the nose as their common mark.[1]


Guard Name[2] Appearance Weapons
Hyota Portrait Hyota (ヒョウタ Hyōta?) He is very muscular, with a very large stubble-covered chin, a bulbous nose, and wears an armor that does not have any shoulder straps. He wields an extra large sword that resembles a butcher-knife. He is the leader of the group, under Chaka.
Brahm Portrait Brahm (ブラーム Burāmu?) He is tall, with a hunchbacked appearance. He wears a turban and has light brown hair, which part as a 1:1 ratio, covering his eyes. He wields two pole-arms.
Arrow Portrait Arrow (アロー Arō?) He is tall and thin, with a pointed chin, with face paint around his eyes and around his jawline. He also wears shabby pants. He wields a double-edged sword with a golden hilt.
Barrel Portrait Barrel (バレル Bareru?) He is bulky and rotund, and has a prominent nose, wearing thick white ropes around his shoulders, and has face paint around and under his eyes. He wields a large axe with a handle that is reminiscent of a flute.

Abilities and PowersEdit

All members are seen carrying a large sword or axe,[1] though it is unknown how skilled they actually are. Having drunk the Hero Water granted them immense strength, allowing them to break their bracelets simply by bracing their muscles. But in exchange, their lifespans were shortened to five minutes.[1]


Alabasta SagaEdit

Alabasta ArcEdit

The Tsumegeri Guards appeared in the court yard of Alubarna Palace shortly after Crocodile explained his plan of obtaining Pluton to Cobra, Vivi, and Chaka. They demanded that Crocodile released the king and refused to leave despite Cobra's order not to anger Crocodile and the latter's offer to let them leave in recognition of their spirit. Instead the Tsumegeri Guards unleashed the power of the Hero Water, breaking their bracelets just by bracing their muscles.[1]

Stating that they must let Crocodile know the countries pain and anger they charged at him all at once and even managed to hit him but he dissolved into sand and remained unaffected by the attack. It is then that the Hero Water's side effect kicks in, they all collapsed and died.[1]

When Crocodile started laughing and commented on the stupidity of their actions, Chaka got furious and attacked Crocodile himself.[1]


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