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Dr. Tsukimi was an old man who appeared in Enel's cover story.


Tsukimi Digital Colored Manga

Tsukimi in the digital colored manga.

Tsukimi was an old man, with a wrinkled face and long ovular head. He had white eyebrows, and was bald. He had a thick neck, but relatively thin limbs. His eyes were seen to be always closed, as in content and calm.[1]

He wore a light-gray colored robe, with a hood and buttoned collar, and dark colored sandals.[1]


He was very kind, as his automata loved him dearly.[1]


He was very good at building machines, as he was able to build his automata friends.[1]


He created the four wingless automata on Karakuri Island. He had a passion for moon watching, as his name implies. One day, he saw a giant explosion on the moon, which led him to become shocked and died while choking on his dumpling. His automata put him in his coffin and cried. After his burial, his automata swore revenge on whatever caused the explosion on the moon that resulted in the death of their creator.



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