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The Tightrope Walking Funan Bros are a trio of minor pirates in the Buggy Pirates.


Tightrope Walking Funan Bros Digitally Colored Manga

The Tightrope Walking Funan Bros in the Digitally Colored Manga.

One Funan Bro is a overweight dark skinned man, with a crescent shaped uni brow and a rounded off goatee. He has short black hair, and a black vest. He also has a anchor necklace with a dark green sash and light grey shorts.

Another has pale skin, and a black cap with the Buggy Pirates Jolly Roger on it. He wears a dark yellow shirt with a purple lining.

The third has orange poofy hair split into two sides. He wears a sleeveless yellow and blue striped shirt, and has thick lips.


The Tightrope Walking Funan Bros are very cocky, as they tried to fight Nami and Zoro. After they are tricked and defeated, they become scared of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Tightrope Walking Funan Bros are very weak, especially in comparison to Zoro and Nami.


They were tricked by Nami and later found at sea by Roronoa Zoro.[2] After they are picked up by Zoro, they tried to take over his boat and end up getting beaten for their efforts.

At the end of the Orange Town Arc , they are revealed to still be in the boat (which was anchored by the coast the entire time), and upon seeing Nami, attempt to attack her until Zoro reveals his face, at which point they flee.

Afterwards, they return to Buggy's ship, who will help him find the Straw Hats and One Piece.


Video GamesEdit

Enemy AppearancesEdit


Isshin Dojo Students

A child resembling one of the Funan brothers in Kuina's dojo.

  • During an episode of the anime, a child seen in Kuina's dojo resembled one of the Funan brothers.


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