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Thriller Bark Victim's Association
Pandaman at Thriller Bark
Japanese Name: スリラーバーク被害者の会
Romanized Name: Surirā Bāku Higaisha no Kai
English Name: Thriller Bark Victim's Association
First Appearance: Chapter 448, Episode 343[1]

The Thriller Bark Victim's Association is a group of people that banded together after having their shadows stolen by Gekko Moriah.


Having had their shadows stolen by Gekko Moriah, people began to come together. In order to survive with out a shadow, they hide in the forest area of Thriller Bark, and in various attempts to retrieve their own shadows, they have managed to capture a fair few as the days passed by.

They are lead by their chairman, Spoil, and their ranks include members of the Rolling Pirates. During their time trapped in Thriller Bark they seemed to have been chiefly occupied with information gathering and later capturing bodiless shadows, of which they collected a hundred. They aided the Straw Hats when they came to Thriller Bark and were the ones responsible for transforming Luffy into Nightmare Luffy, and showed their loyalty and gratefulness when not one of them agreed to Bartholomew Kuma's demand of handing over Luffy's head in exchange for sparing their lives. They continued working as a group even after they got their shadows back.


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Thriller Bark Victim's Association
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  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 46 Chapter 448 and Episode 343, Spoil, chairman of the Association, makes his debut.

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