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Story Sagas
Thriller Bark Saga
Thriller Bark Saga
Volumes: 46-50, 5 volumes
Manga Chapters: 442-489, 48 chapters
Anime Episodes: 337-381, 45 episodes
Years Released: 2007-2008 (Manga),
2008 (Anime)
Saga Chronology
← Previous Saga Next Saga →
Water 7 Saga Summit War Saga

The "Thriller Bark Saga" (スリラーバーク編 Surirā Bāku Hen?) is the fifth saga in the manga and anime One Piece. It follows the Straw Hat Pirates, namely Monkey D. Luffy, after their departure from Water 7.

The Straw Hat Pirates travel to the ghost island of Thriller Bark, where they encounter the Shichibukai Gekko Moriah and recruit a new member named Brook who helps the Straw Hats fight and defeat Moriah.

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  • Thriller Bark Saga is the shortest saga in the manga yet, running through only 5 volumes and 48 chapters. It is also the only saga with one arc.

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