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This article is about Japanese merchandising. For some pointers about related subjects like bootlegs, Japanese version vs the world, or the Toei sticker, you can consult the Merchandise FAQ page.
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The One Piece Battle, also known as One Piece VS Figure Gashapon is a 5-piece Capsule set issued in Japan. Each wave featured 5 figures (assembly required) in a capsule ball. The character were captured in mid-attack and stood on a stand in a tear-drop shape. The figures could be placed in front of each other, with the tear drop shapes sliding together to form an impression of two characters fighting each other.

Interestingly enough, the alternative name One Piece VS comes from the capital VS letters that could be seen behind the Japanese title in promotional advertisements for wave 1. But actually, it was just some marketing playwords and the VS word is not part of this series name.

The One Piece Battle Gashapon Wave 1
Promo for wave 1
The One Piece Battle Gashapon Wave 2
Promo for wave 2

Characters featuredEdit

Wave 1Edit

Released in early May 2005 for ¥200 a gashapon.

Wave 2Edit

Released in early October 2005 for ¥200 a gashapon.

Note: Wave 2 has a different base.

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