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Terry Gilteo[1] is a member of the Revolutionary Army. He is based in Baltigo.


Terry Gilteo wears a gray cloak and has what appears to be a kangaroo hat with modern headphones. He has brown hair and a short beard and mustache, though his eyes are shadowed. He is seen smoking as well.


Like the other revolutionaries, Terry Gilteo is loyal to Dragon. He seems to be a generous person as he escorted Robin to meet Dragon by her own choosing.


Water 7 SagaEdit

Post-Enies Lobby ArcEdit

Terry Gilteo was first seen in Baltigo talking to Dragon about the rising fame and bounties of the Straw Hat Pirates. As he talked about the Straw Hats, he was oblivious to the fact that he was talking about his leader's own son and was about to tell him of Luffy's relation to Garp (Dragon's father) however, Dragon walked out of the room.

Straw Hat's Separation SerialEdit

He is seen later during Robin's cover story, alongside Bunny Joe, freeing the slaves of Tequila Wolf. His current whereabouts are unknown.


  1. One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World (p. 214), His name is revealed.

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