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Tequila Wolf
Tequila Wolf
Japanese Name: テキーラウルフ
Romanized Name: Tekīra Urufu
English Name: Tequila Wolf
Debut: Chapter 524; Episode 420
Region: East Blue

Tequila Wolf is a country in the East Blue; it is the construction site of a massive bridge, instead of an island. The bridge has been under construction for the past 700 years, upon demand of the World Nobles. The enormous feat is being carried out by various slaves who are either criminals or people from countries that are not allied with the World Government. The purpose of this seemingly impossible task is to connect various islands together, although the exact details as to why are currently unknown. Robin was sent here by Bartholomew Kuma during the events of Sabaody Archipelago.[1]

Tequila Wolf was later attacked by revolutionaries who freed Robin and the other slaves.[2] It is currently unknown what happened to Tequila Wolf after the slaves were set free, but it is likely that it has been abandoned.

Since the construction of the bridge has taken around 700 years to build, the civilization had to move forward as the bridge advanced. As a result, there are many ruins of work camps further down the bridge.


  • During the construction of the Burma Railway in World War II, over 116,000 laborers and allied prisoners died while building the railway with the most lives being lost at the "Hellfire pass" near the Kwai bridge. The bridge is famous for allegedly being haunted by the deceased construction workers, leaving it as the center of attention for the numerous deaths. As a side note, both bridges are built by slave and prison labor and both saw a heavy loss of life from their construction. Just as there are many ruins from the camps along the Tequila Wolf bridge, the Burma Railway itself has many sections that have been left to fall into ruin and be reclaimed by the nearby jungle growth.
  • Since the bridge was started 700 years ago, this dates it from the early times of the World Government, a century after the Void Century ended.
  • In the anime, the adventures of Nico Robin on this island were extended and involved anime-only characters, such as Soran.


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