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Tay is a character from One Piece - Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands.


Tay is a tan-skinned, wheelchair-bound old man with round eyes, a large, pointed nose, a brown beard, and a large mouth. He wears a black, horned hat, a blue and black jacket, a white undershirt, black pants, silver rings, earrings, and red sunglasses.


Tay is a polite person, calmly speaking to Luffy and his crew when first meeting them. He is, however, somewhat scatterbrained, forgetting to introduce himself to the crew before starting a conversation with them.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Tay physical abilities are unknown, but he seems to have some medical knowledge.


Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom IslandsEdit

When Hey brought the Straw Hat Pirates to their hideout, Tay entered the room they were in and introduced themselves. He spoke with them about their friend Vivi, who was injured and staying in the gang's hideout.

The Straw Hats returned to Tay's hideout after their ship was damaged by Gad and asked Tay and his gang for help, which he accepted.


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