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Tatsu is Noko's pet seahorse. It is an anime-only character, and the main antagonist of the Ocean's Dream Arc.

He has the ability to steal people's memories. With the exception of Nico Robin, he managed to steal the memories of the Straw Hat Pirates. Later he then was forced to return the memories by Sanji but quickly reclaimed them again (with the addition of Robin's memories). He was finally defeated by Luffy who accidentally managed to retrieve his memories by trying to ride it. He stole memories because his dream was to become a Sennenryu.


He is a sea horse with a bright orange body with red stars all over him, he also has round blue eyes.


He is upbeat about his dream to become a dragon. He is very selfish and insane, thinking that being big and floating would make him a dragon.



Noko Full

Tatsu with Noko.

Tatsu controlled Noko into helping him gather memories. Tatsu likely chose Noko because his Nemu Nemu No Mi devil fruit power would be the most useful asset to him. When Noko broke free from the hypnotic grasp he did not seem to retain any memory of Tatsu.

Straw Hat PiratesEdit

Tatsu absorbed each of the Straw Hat Pirates memories and came close to his dream of being a Sennenryuu. However he was beaten by Luffy and will likely despise the pirates for denying him his dream.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Tatsu had the ability to absorb dreams and to take control of other people. However it is shown that if he is hit the memories will start spilling out of his body and back into those that they belonged.

  • Stealing sleeping peoples dreams: An unnamed ability shown on episode 220 Tatsu was played like a saxophone by Noko which allowed him to steal the memories of those sleeping within earshot of the sound. When 'played' Tatsu would make a low, mournful sound. Those with their memories stolen would be able to partially remember the sound and the person who played Tatsu. Whether or not Tatsu can be remembered or not is unknown as he was never mentioned. It is likely that people would pay no attention to the toy-like creature but to the player instead.
  • Hypnosis: Another unnamed ability used by Tatsu which was used to control both Zoro and Noko. Those affected by the hypnosis may not be able to recall what has happened as shown by Noko when he broke free from the spell.
  • Last Resort: The closest thing to a name given to this ability, Tatsu creates a blue-white 'explosion' which takes the memories within the radius of the blast. Unlike the 'Saxophone' technique this takes every memory that those caught have.
  • Transforming: Using the Straw Hats stolen memory's he was able to change himself into to a large balloon like version of himself. In this form he claimed he was a dragon despite it doesn't appear to have any powers to fly. Like normal, any physical damage cause him to lose memories and return to normal. He has no combat powers and is actually more vulnerable. It's unclear what the advantages of this move are has it makes Tatsu weak and vulnerable with out offering any thing in return.

In the videogame Tatsu is capable to produce fire, lightning, smoke, venom gas and wind.


Ocean's Dream ArcEdit

In the Ocean's Dream Arc, Tatsu brainwashes Noko into helping him steal the Straw Hat Pirates' memories; letting Noko take the blame as the culprit. Eventually, Nico Robin discovers Tatsu is the memory thief, and when the Straw Hats encounter Noko in the forest, Sanji kicks Tatsu away from his grasp, freeing Noko from the spell.


Video GamesEdit

Enemy AppearancesEdit


  • His name comes from Tatsu-no-Otoshigo, sometimes shorten as Tatsu-no-ko, the Japanese word for sea horse. Noko also shares the same name origin.

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