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Sea KingEdit

This article really misses a reference stating that Lord of the Coast is a Sea King. Was it in a data book? sff9 17:14, December 4, 2011

Ehm.. I dont think so, but what are the other options.? I mean, what kind of creature could it be..? And welcome back Sff..  LPK  what? -17:22,12/4/2011-

Well, it could be any other sea monster species. Not all giant sea monsters are sea kings! Mohmoo is not, for example. I find it weird that a monster so small, weak, and not even from the Grand Line, be called a Sea King without reference. sff9 17:45, December 4, 2011

Well.. Sea Creature yeah... So.. Which one..  LPK  what? -19:37,12/4/2011-

We have no idea, I don't remember it being mentioned, but if it was mentioned it needs a source, a reference as Sff said   リ チ ャ ー ド   Strong Fist «ℑ» «ℜ» «✩» «☯» Mornin'! ™19:43/4/Dec/2011 (UTC) 

Been seen as that way for some time, he was called "the local sea monster", but the arly understanding of Sea King's was absent early on thus it was prob. a guess. Anyone got Red and Blue data books handy because thats the only place he'll be. One-Winged Hawk 19:48, December 4, 2011 (UTC)
Lord of the Coast Sea King

It is a sea king. --Klobis 23:51, December 7, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks a lot Klobis. That oughted to be in a data book! I will add references. sff9 06:48, December 8, 2011


I'm only on episode 279, but is it completely confirmed that shanks used a haki to scare it away? I've seen the scene a few times so far, and it looks more to me like shanks' scar might be from the lord of the coast. And seeing that scar reminds the sea king of its fight with shanks, and it runs away in fear from its loss 06:41, February 18, 2013 (UTC)

Read the manga. SeaTerror (talk) 09:12, February 18, 2013 (UTC)

Shanks tells Whitebeard who gave him his scars in episode 316, so you're 37 episodes away. If you read the manga, it's chapter 434.

海賊☠姫 (talk) 09:45, February 18, 2013 (UTC)