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Takoyaki 8
Takoyaki 8
Japanese Name: タコヤキ8
Romanized Name: Takoyaki Eito
English Name: Takoyaki 8
First Appearance: Chapter 227;[1] Episode 390
Affiliations: Hatchan

Takoyaki 8 is a ship stand run by Hatchan near his home at Fishman Island. Built by a community of catfish, she is the home base for Hatchan's takoyaki selling business.

Ship Design and AppearanceEdit

The Takoyaki 8 is a relatively small ship. Her bow is designed to resemble a typical takoyaki food stall, and her sides are designed and decorated to look like octopus tentacles. Complete with the proper cooking equipment, the ship is capable for anyone to produce delicious tasting takoyaki.


After Hatchan helped a village of headband catfish after a ship sunk and crashed on top of their village, the catfish decided to reward him for giving them food. For his generosity, they built the Takoyaki 8 overnight and presented her to him the next day. With this ship, Hatchan was able to begin his dream career as a takoyaki seller.[1]

After Hatchan was captured by the Macro Pirates and their new allies the Flying Fish Riders. Keimi and Pappug, are part-time employees who met with Hatchan during his adventure, made contact with the Straw Hat Pirates and requested them to save Hatchan. After doing so, the crew had as much takoyaki as they could eat on board, which tired out Hatchan, Keimi and Pappug, as Luffy's near-limitless appetite proved difficult to defeat.[2]


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Takoyaki 8 Employees
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