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An inhabitant of Cocoa Weed. He is the owner of a restaurant which bears his name. He is the father of Tamachibi.[1]


Stool is a man of average size and weight. He has a black mustache, and stubble on his chin, he has brown hair that goes behind his head and is a bit unkempt. He wears a green hat, with dark purple on the top. He has a greenish-white jacket, with a purple apron that says "fire STOOL" on it.


He was skeptical of Dr. Kureha with her unorthodox procedures, but was easily convinced after she showed her skill by diagnosing his son's condition.[1]


When Tamachibi would not stop crying, Stool apologized to his bothered customers and threatened to put the boy outside. Dr. Kureha burst into the restaurant and offered to cure his son. He was skeptical with her unorthodox manners and fees, but was easily convinced after she showed her tremendous skill by diagnosing and curing his son efficiently.[1]

Stool was serving food when Dalton, Usopp, and Nefeltari Vivi arrived looking for Kureha. A guard then arrived announcing the return of Wapol.[2]


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