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Stansen Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: スタンセン
Romanized Name: Sutansen
English Name: N/A
Debut: Chapter 500; Episode 394
Occupations: Pirate; Slave (former)
For a member of the Phoenix Pirates, see Stansen (Filler).

Stansen[1] is a giant that was imprisoned in the Auction House along with Silvers Rayleigh. He later escaped along with other imprisoned slaves when the Straw Hat Pirates raided the Auction House.


As a giant, Stansen is much larger than a human. He is rather portly, though has muscular arms, has a black beard, and wears a hat with two tails on the sides. He also has a leather armband on each arm, and wears jeans.


Stansen has an honorable personality, as he thanked Rayleigh for helping him and the other slaves escape. He also offered to help the other slaves get off the island after their collars had been removed.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Due to his massive size, Stansen is very powerful. He was able to crash through the walls of the auction house with his bare hands and with little effort.

He also has knowledge of Haki, as he knew that it was Rayleigh who knocked out Disco with it, although it is unknown if he can use it himself.


Stansen was captured by the Coffee Monkeys group when he was asleep with his guard down, and was imprisoned in the Sabaody Archipelago Human Auction House to be later sold as slave. Along with him were other captured slaves including Rayleigh.

Later, with help from Rayleigh, Stansen got his bomb collar off and escaped the auction house along with other slaves. He was grateful to the Straw Hats and Rayleigh for liberating them.


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