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Spider Miles is a port town within the North Blue region.[2]

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Waste Processing PlantEdit

The Waste Processing Plant is basically an industrialized area littered with mountains of scrap metal and factories [2]

Sometime after Donquixote Doflamingo fled from Mariejois with the knowledge of the country's national treasure, he and his crew, the Donquixote Pirates, set up their hideout here 16 years ago, inside a refurbished building where the crew's Jolly Roger is hung atop a wall, and cushioned couches and sofa for the Top Executives to sit on.[2]


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The Donquixote Pirates set up their base of operation in Spider Miles sometime after Doflamingo fled from Mariejois, living within a refurbished building within the Waste Processing Plant.[2]

16 years ago, a 10-year old Trafalgar Law, strapped with grenades on his body, approached the crew and requested to join them.[1] He was accepted, though as noted by Diamante, over 100 children came to them with similar requests, only to drop out crying after two days tops. Shortly after Corazon returned from a mission, he tossed Law out of the window, causing the boy to land face-first into a mountain of scrap metal from several stories high.[2]

Shortly after this recruitment, the Donquixote Pirates left Spider Miles for another hideout, shifting their base of operation closer to the Red Line.[3]


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