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Automata Infobox
Japanese Name: カラクリ人形
Romanized Name: Karakuri Ningyō
English Name: N/A
First Appearance: Chapter 433
Features: Mechanical parts (not visible); animal-like face; mustache; winged back (moon only); small size
Homeland: Moon

Automata are a type of robot first seen in Enel's mini-series who were deactivated in the ruins of an ancient city on Fairy Vearth.


Automata are robotic animal-like creatures, similar in appearance to each other, all with the same face and mustache. Despite being machines, there are no obvious signs of their robotic build on the outside, and they appear as flesh and blood. The Machine Island inhabitants are dressed in themed outfits and are a little bit bigger than their Fairy Vearth counterparts. The Fairy Vearth automata have the same wings that the Shandia and Skypieans wear on their backs.

Known AutomataEdit

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First Lieutenant Spacey Sergeant Cosmo General Galaxy Colonel Macro


Originally, Enel met a few more recent ones who came from the planet below to avenge their fallen creator on Machine Island. After defeating the Space Pirates and charging up the automata when he attacked them, Enel investigates some ruins the pirates were digging up and in turn then attacks the ruins. Inside, he finds they are full of ancient automata which he has now charged up.

The story of the ancient automata is that they were created by the ancient inhabitants of the moon. When the inhabitants of the moon ran out of resources, they left behind their homes and the automata, heading off to the blue star leaving both sides saddened by their separation.[1]


Automata Eating With Tsukimi
Automata eating with Tsukimi.
UknownadaAdded by Uknownada
  • The storyline does not detail how the moon automata and the Machine Island automata came to share the same appearance.
  • Despite being machines, they are capable of eating.
  • They appear as attackable enemies in the Wii game Unlimited Cruise.


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