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Skunk One
Skunk One Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: スカンクワン
Romanized Name: Sukanku Wan
English Name: N/A
Debut: Movie 2[1]
Affiliations: Trump Siblings
Occupations: Pirate
Bounty: Beli Small6,000,000[2]
Japanese VA: Takeshi Aono

Skunk One is one of the Trump Siblings pirates who appeared in the second movie.


Skunk One Wanted Poster
Skunk One's bounty poster in Movie 9.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

Skunk One wears a helmet with a number "1" on it, goggles, and brown shirt, which gives him an appearance of an airplane pilot. He also wears a fluffy jet-pack, with the thruster located at his rear end. Under his helmet he has slick black hair, parted to one side. He also has pointed ears.


Skunk One tends to say "gas" at the end of his sentences. He also acts quite wildly, jumping around at the sight of Nami and chasing Usopp with glee.



Skunk One fights with a rocket pack that he wears that emits a form of foul-smelling gas that can paralyze his opponents in addition to propelling himself into the air.


He captures Usopp when the Straw Hats invade Trump Castle and then fights him during the climax on the Going Merry, where he is blown out of the sky after Usopp's Flame Star goes up his rocket pack's hole.

Major BattlesEdit


  • Like all the other Trump Siblings, Skunk One is based on an animal and a card, skunk and the Ace (which often represents the number 1, though in most games it is the highest ranked card).


  1. One Piece Movie 2, Skunk One is introduced.
  2. One Piece Movie 9, Skunk One's wanted poster is seen in the intro alongside others.

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