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Skid Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: スキッド
Romanized Name: Sukiddo
English Name: Skiddo
Debut: One Piece OVA
Affiliations: None
Occupations: Citizen
Japanese VA: Takkō Ishimori

Skid is a male character of the One Piece OVA. He is the grandfather of Medaka.


Skid oda
Oda’s sketch.[1]
TipotaAdded by Tipota

Skid is a middle aged man. He wears a red sleeveless jacket and hat the same color, underneath his jacket he wears a blue shirt.


Skid is shown to be quite protective and caring towards his granddaughter, Medaka, since her told her not to attack the Ganzack Pirates for her safety. He is also very generous, as he gave Luffy and Zoro the only food he and his granddaughter had.



A few weeks before the Straw Hat Pirates were shipwrecked and met Medaka and Skid, the Ganzack Pirates invaded their island and took any able-bodied townspeople as prisoners, including Skid's son, Herring.

Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack!Edit

After Medaka meets Luffy, she takes him to meet her grandfather and be reunited with Zoro. Skid gives Luffy and Zoro the last of their food rations and explains to them the terror of Ganzack. Luffy and Zoro go to fight Ganzack, and Skid warns Medaka not to follow to no avail. He is later seen with Nami, Herrring, and other townspeople as Luffy, Zoro, and Medaka attack Ganzack's ship. After Ganzack is defeated and peace is restored, he, along with the rest of the townspeople, send the Straw Hats off with a ship and say their goodbyes.


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