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Previous ActionsEdit

It's unknown how long the Shichibukai system has existed or why it was created. 

For many years, Mihawk dueled his rival swordsman Red-Haired Shanks in great battles that echoed across the Grand Line.[18] Mihawk joined the ranks of the Shichibukai at a currently unknown point in time.

Moriah and his rival, Kaido, also fought at some point and while Moriah escaped with his life, his crew was massacred. Moriah would also be inducted into the ranks of the Shichibukai. Ten years ago, he established an organization called Thriller Bark recruiting Dr. Hogback into his ranks. While Thriller Bark sailed around in the Florian Triangle they began to amass an army of zombies using Moriah's Devil Fruit abilities. While fulfilling his duties of controlling pirates, they also abducted Marines and civilian ships. However the World Government, though appearing to know of his felonies, allowed this to go on.

After acquiring his bounty of Beli250,000,000, Jinbe was recruited some eight years before the start of the series, following the death of Fisher Tiger and the breaking up of the Sun Pirates into two smaller groups: the Macro Pirates and the Arlong Pirates, with the latter journeying to the East Blue. Jinbe's recruitment was an attempt to strengthen the bonds between the species, and it allowed the members of the Sun Pirates who did not want to become pirates in the first place to return to Fishman Island, and given a blanket pardon for Tiger's attack on Mariejois.[19]

Around the same time as Jinbe, Doflamingo also joined the Shichibukai at age 31, and has built his reputation in both as a world-famous World Government pirate and an influential underworld broker for the next ten years to come. Doflamingo managed to become a Shichibukai by hijacking ships holding Heavenly Tribute, and blackmailing them for the position. He then dethroned Riku Dold III, king of Dressrosa by manipulating him, and his soldiers, using his ability, thus tricking the citizens of the country into making him their king.[20] He then sets up a dictatorship, transforming some people into toys, manipulating the memories of others, and condemning the most unruly to fights to the death in the Corrida Colosseum.

Crocodile set up his Baroque Works organization four years prior, recruiting the criminal Nico Robin into his ranks. For the next four years, Crocodile would work to make the kingdom of Alabasta perceive him as a hero while he secretly gained power to dethrone the royal family of Alabasta and obtain control of a weapon known as Pluton.

Sometime after escaping slavery, Boa Hancock embarked on a single pirating campaign so great that when combined with the existing fearsome reputation of the Kuja Pirates, she was visited by the World Government with an offer. Hancock made a treaty with the World Government that protected her people from them in exchange for becoming a Shichibukai.[21]

Four years ago, when Portgas D. Ace was gaining acclaim as the captain of the Spade Pirates, he was invited to join the Shichibukai, meaning there was an opening for him, but he refused the offer.[22] Around this time Doflamingo would enter a three way alliance with the rouge scientist Caesar Clown and the Yonko Kaido in producing SMILE's for him. However, not trusting Caesar, Doflamingo placed Monet to watch him.[23][24]

Sea of Survival: Super RookiesEdit

East Blue SagaEdit

Interest in the Rising SwordsmanEdit

Mihawk Defeats Zoro

Mihawk gives Zoro a near-fatal strike.

The first Shichibukai to appear was Mihawk, having hunted down Don Krieg and his men from the Grand Line. He followed Krieg in a small coffin-like ship as he destroyed Krieg's entire armada.[25] His excuse was that they woke him up from a nap.[26]

When he sliced up Krieg's last remaining ship, Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates challenged him his title of "World's Greatest Swordsman". He told Mihawk he was the swordsman he was looking for in his travels. Mihawk accepted his challenge, using a knife smaller than a pocket knife to fight. Without any apparent effort, he was able to block and repel all of Zoro's attacks and stabbed him in the chest.[27]

Zoro realized the gap between their abilities and surrendered, asking to be finished off properly. Mihawk honored him by drawing his sword and with one slash, broke two of his swords and ended the fight.[27][28] Mihawk explained to Luffy he held back to leave the young swordsman injured but alive so they can fight again some day. Mihawk told Zoro to become strong and live, to one day surpass him.[28]

Alabasta SagaEdit

War of AlabastaEdit

Crocodile first appears under the alias of Mr. 0 and phones up one of his agents for a report. However, Sanji picks it up, as Mr. 3 is defeated and is in Mr. 3’s candle house.[29] Understanding that this conversation was not meant for him, and that an enemy is on the other side of the line, he lies to the Shichibukai by pretending to be Mr. 3, claiming to have killed everyone. However, Crocodile has sent the Unluckies to Little Garden in order to give an Eternal Pose to Mr. 3. At that moment, Sanji spots them looking in the window. They start to attack Sanji and he subdues them, but the noise made Crocodile suspicious. Sanji pretended that he had to give the Straw Hats a final blow. However, Crocodile asks Nico Robin to send Mr. 2 to Little Garden in order to kill Mr. 3 for lying to him.[30]

In Alabasta, the Shichibukai Crocodile is seen as a hero. Later some pirates, Puppu and his crew made a grave mistake in attempting to steal from a port city in Alabasta which was under the protection of Crocodile. Puppu insulted Crocodile for being a "government dog", and then when the Shichibukai jumped off of the building to greet the crew, Puppu and his crew impaled Crocodile with all their blades. Thinking that he had won, Puppu's mockery turned to horror when Crocodile created a sandstorm to drain the water content from Puppu and his crew's bodies. They most likely died from severe dehydration, as Crocodile was carrying their corpses out of town after the clash.[31]

Crocodile's Meeting with Baroque Works

Crocodile meets with Baroque Works.

Much later on, Crocodile assembles a meeting with all of his Officer Agents at Rain Dinners marking the first time they know the true identity of their boss. They are told the goal of the Baroque Works, their final mission and their respective parts in overthrowing Alabasta.[32] An old face interrupts Baroque Works meeting. It is no other than Mr. 3, who snuck after the other members from Spiders Cafe. He came to be given another chance to defeat the Straw Hats. Crocodile is certainly surprised by this revelation since, after the call from Little Garden, he assumed all of the Straw Hat Pirates and Vivi were dead (he was not aware that it was Sanji who answered the call).

Mr. 2 confirms that the Straw Hat Pirates and Vivi are alive since he met them on the way to Alabasta. With the help of his power, they are able to make pictures of the Straw Hats (omitting Sanji), and start to take counter measures so that they can prevent Vivi from meeting with the rebel leader, Kohza. Disappointed with Mr. 3, instead of giving him a second chance, Crocodile dries him up and feeds him to his Bananawani. The Officer Agents all get pictures of Vivi and the Straw Hat crew (excluding Sanji) with the help of Bon Kurei's abilities and are given the order to hunt them down (excluding Chopper as Crocodile believed he was the Straw Hats' pet).[33]

Luffy and his group pressed forward to confront the Shichibukai. Upon arriving at Rainbase, Luffy and Usopp were sent by the rest to ask for some much needed water after much journeying in the desert island. However, upon finding water in a bar, the two accidentally encountered Smoker and Tashigi. Soon enough, another large commotion was caused with Luffy and his crew being chased all around by the Marines. Regardless of the commotion however, Luffy and some of his crew managed to escape from the pursuing Marines and headed into Crocodile's casino, Rain Dinners. As they were running around, Luffy and those with him were tricked into falling through a trap door by the casino. Having fallen for the trick, Luffy and the others, including Smoker, found themselves trapped in a seastone cage. As they were pondering their current predicament, they were greeted by Crocodile.[34]

Crocodile Captures Smoker and Straw Hats

Crocodile captures Smoker and the Straw Hats.

Having finally met the one who orchestrated the whole mess in Alabasta, Luffy and the others with him were unable to do get at Crocodile because of the cage they were in. As the situation developed with Vivi being brought before Crocodile by Miss All Sunday. She can not control herself at the sight of her enemy and tries to attack him. But she is powerless against the sand man who ate the Suna Suna no Mi. In front of a desperate princess and her imprisoned friends, Crocodile announces the beginning of his plan in order to destroy Alabasta: Utopia starts at 7 o clock. Luffy and the rest learn of Crocodile's awful master plan as he mockingly explained it before them. As it goes further, Luffy and the others find themselves being placed in a little game the Shichibukai decided to challenge Vivi in.[35]

Crocodile takes a lot of pleasure to explain his mischievous plan which he has prepared over so long time. Vivi barely able to move does not give up and still think she can counter the Shichibukai. Amused by this pathetic attempt, Crocodile tells her that he and Miss All Sunday are about to meet her father. He then shows her the key of the imprisoned Straw Hat cage but throws it into a pool full of ferocious Bananawani,[36] putting the princess in front of a difficult choice, saving her father, her people or her friends. Explaining further that he deciding to self-destruct the room they were in, Crocodile presented before Vivi in front of Luffy and the rest, the choice between getting to Alubarna in time or saving Luffy and those with him before the room completely floods. As Crocodile was explaining this challenge to Vivi, Luffy overheard Toto being mentioned by the Shichibukai and soon learned that it was Crocodile that was causing the sandstorms that plagued Yuba.[37]

Before leaving, Crocodile explains Vivi the solutions she has got: either she tries to reach the rebels which is impossible in the time that remain or she tries to save her friend which will also be very hard because he throw the key of the cell into the Bananawani pool where one of them ate it. Moreover the building will self-destruct in a short time. To make her despair even more, he reveals that he was the responsible for the sandstorm that came one after the others to Yuba oasis and mocks Toto's stupidity. This makes Luffy full of anger, he begs Vivi to help them so that he can beat Crocodile. However, the destruction mechanism made the water level in the Bananawani pool increase. They escape their place one after the other and start to hunt Vivi, who barely escapes these powerful animals. Meanwhile, Crocodile receives a weird phone call from the Den Den Mushi phone he uses to contact Billions.[37] The voice and the speech of the person speaking reminds him of a previous conversation. Sanji, nicknamed as Mr. Prince, fools Crocodile by letting him go outside of the casino by pretending to be dead. When Crocodile sees that all his Millions have been beaten by the mysterious Mr. Prince, he runs after him but finds that it is only Chopper disguised.[38]

Ms. All Sunday asks if the Straw Hat Pirates have already found the key, to which Crocodile answers by saying that the key was a fake in the first place and he has the real one. By the time Crocodile arrives in the room, the cage is swinging open underwater, while beat Bananawanis and a beat-up Mr. 3 floats in the water with a piece of paper on him that says "See ya shitty Croc - Mr Prince" on it, to Crocodile's anger.[39]

Later in the desert, Luffy saved Vivi from Crocodile's Hook but ends separated from the others.[40] Vivi is worried about him but the Straw Hat reassures her: Luffy will win this battle and they will stop the rebellion and retrieve each other's in Alubarna. Luffy is now facing Crocodile and Miss All Sunday. The Shichibukai starts to be annoyed of Luffy interfering with his plan. The Straw Hat captain tells him that, since Vivi does not want anyone to die and that she will rather die herself than surrender, he has no choice but to beat him. Crocodile, more and more enraged byh Luffy's attitude, gives him three minutes to try to fight him; declaring that he will not play any more.[41] Crocodile creates a giant hole of quicksand, which surprises Luffy. Luffy escapes the quicksand and tries to attack Crocodile several times, but Crocodile is unaffected. Crocodile attacks Luffy and makes his hand wither with his power, which makes Luffy panic. Luffy remembers the water Toto gives him and revives himself, yelling that Toto stated Yuba would never lose to sand. Luffy uses a new technique that probably comes from Wapol and eats the top half of Crocodile, which enrages him. Crocodile tells Luffy to die along with Yuba, and creates a sand twister.[42]

Luffy Defeated by Crocodile Fight 1

Crocodile impales Luffy on his hook.

Crocodile tells Luffy his intentions on sending this sandstorm to Yuba, which enrages Luffy. Luffy tries to stop Crocodile, but gets stabbed by Crocodile's hook. Crocodile tells Luffy that rookies like him are swarming all over the Grand Line. Crocodile tells Luffy about how everything would go his way, not Luffy's. We see now that Crocodile had stabbed right through Luffy's water bottle around his neck into Luffy.[42] While the water from Luffy's bottle drips onto Crocodile's arm, Luffy suddenly grabs Crocodile's arm and breaks it, half dead. Crocodile is surprised that Luffy is still alive and throws him into the quicksand and Luffy falls deeper and deeper into it.[43]

Later, Vivi arrives at the palace and gives order for the Royal Army to blow up the palace in order to get everyone's attention, but is stopped by Crocodile.[44] At the castle, Miss All Sunday prevents the guards from helping the King. This gives time to Crocodile to make Vivi despair by telling her Luffy is dead and ask Cobra about is true motive: the search for Pluton.[45] At the castle, Crocodile explains that he needs a weapon to establish his military power and be able to counter the World Government forces. Hence, he is searching for ancient weapon Pluton which is hidden somewhere in Alabasta. It is supposed to be one of the most powerful ever made. To find it Crocodile is searching for a place containing "true history". So as to convince Cobra to help him, Crocodile reveals his last treacherous trump card: a bomb will explode in 30 minutes, killing both rebels and royal guards all together.[46] The Tsumegeri Guards come to save the king. They try to kill Crocodile by drinking Hero Water. With their great strength they attack Crocodile, but he avoids the attack by turning into sand. He does not even give them the chance to approach him, and the Tsumegeri Guards die as an after effect of the Hero Water. Chaka attacks Crocodile, revealing his Devil Fruit powers, but is quickly defeated.[47]

Kohza wants to warn the city but is stopped by Vivi, who states that it will create a panic. The Royal Army raises the white flag, with Kohza in front, but he is shot down by a double agent in the Royal Army, provoking the rebels.[48] A battle starts on the palace plaza and Vivi watches in horror. Crocodile proceeds to throw Vivi off a palace wall, but she is saved by Luffy who came in flying on Pell's back. Vivi meets the rest of the Straw Hats on the foot of the wall and goes to search for the bomb with them and Pell.[49]

During his previous fight, Luffy noticed that water made Crocodile unable to turn into sand as he and the water barrel that Toto gave were pierced by Crocodile's hook. Realizing this, he brought a huge barrel of water to aid him in his rematch against the Shichibukai.[50] But as Luffy fought Crocodile again, he soon realized that his barrel of water could easily be jeopardized. Figuring this out, Luffy decided to switch tactics by drinking all of his water and storing it within himself, essentially become what he dubbed "Mizu Luffy". While this new tactic infuriated his opponent, it proved very effective for Luffy. Unfortunately, he gained enough of an upper hand for Crocodile to stop holding back.[50][51]

Luffy Defeated by Crocodile Fight 2

Crocodile dehydrates and defeats Luffy.

Crocodile orders Nico Robin to have Cobra lead her to the ponyglyph that contained the location of Pluton, planning to catch up after he finished Luffy. He then used his strongest technique, Ground Secco and Ground Death, to turn the entire area they were standing on into sand.[52] Though Luffy was able to evade Crocodile's devastating powers of erosion, he was caught by his opponent. As Crocodile's hand held Luffy, he was severely dehydrated [52] and was once again left for dead. Fortunately, however, some water bubbles that Luffy misfired earlier revived him from his near death state.[52]

Miss All Sunday easily dispatched the Marine soldiers who had held her up, and defeated Tashigi just as easily with her Devil Fruit ability. As Tashigi struggles for her sword, Crocodile appears, calling her superior Smoker "cowardly" and mocking her and the Marines' ideals of "Justice" before departing again. Tashigi is left crying confused as to what action she should take, and angry she's not strong enough.[52] Miss All-Sunday and King Cobra go in the hidden Grave of the Kings and find the Poneglyph. Crocodile soon arrives,[52][53] but does not get the information he wants from the stone; as Nico Robin alone could read it, she told him that all that was said on the Ponyglyph was Alabasta's history. He turns his back on Nico Robin, having no further use for her, and impales her with his hook, easily avoiding her attempt to kill him.Cobra triggers a destruction effect on the grave to keep the secrets safe, but Crocodile points out that he can easily escape with his ability.[53] On his way out however, he is confronted by Luffy again.[54]

With Luffy soaked in blood, the punches he delivers to Crocodile negate his powers, due to blood also able to harden sand. Annoyed by this stubbornness, he asks Luffy what is his reason for fighting and being killed. To that question, Luffy answers that he needs to give back the country. Crocodile laughs because he thinks he has not yet accomplished that part, but Luffy answers him that if it was the case, Vivi shall be happier. Luffy then runs towards Crocodile lands a direct punch in the face. Crocodile is surprised, since Luffy carries no more water but realizes he's using the blood from his wounds. Knowing that he faces someone he chould no longer underestimate, he takes the upper part of his hook revealing a poisonous weapon. Luffy fights him and gains the upper hand, but eventually gets struck by the hook and is poisoned. However, his determination to defeat Crocodile easily overpowers this, much to the latter's frustration. Luffy shatters his hook, but Crocodile reveals a second hidden blade that slides out that he continues to fight with.[55]

Crocodile defeated

Crocodile being stripped of his title.

As the battle continues, Luffy kicks Crocodile into the air. Upon doing so, Luffy is blasted with one of Crocodile's powerful techniques. Luffy however withstands the attack and prepares to retaliate. Using a series of moves, Luffy propels himself up to Crocodile to deliver the final blow. As a last resort, Crocodile tries to stop Luffy by turning his hand into blades. This however does not stop Luffy as he breaks through the sand created weapons with his bare fist and delivers a flurry of punches onto his opponent. Delivering the punches, Luffy attacks Crocodile with such force that it penetrates a layer of pure bedrock and sends Crocodile flying, defeating the Shichibukai finally.[56]

The Baroque Works president lands in the center of the capital.[57] After the truth of his felonies was finally known before the rebels and royal guard, Tashigi, going by her own justice as Captain Smoker ordered, arrested Crocodile, who was stripped of all titles and permissions granted by the Marines and the World Government, and all Baroque Works agents in the city were rounded up and arrested,[58] the only one managing to escape being Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, who later helped the Straw Hats escape the country.

Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works"Edit

Life after DefeatEdit

He was taken to a prison, and after all of the other Baroque Works members were broken out, he refused to go and instead stayed behind enjoying one of his cigars smiling as he watches his former agents escape. On their way out, Miss Goldenweek uses her Rainbow Color Trap to transform his appearance based on his dream, making him appear as the Pirate King. Crocodile was then seen being sent to Impel Down, with a smile on his face. Along with him were Mr. 1, Mr. 2, and Mr. 3.

Sky Island SagaEdit

The Crisis of the Open SeatEdit

Shichibukai Meeting at Mariejois

The Shichibukai attending a meeting with Sengoku.

Having now become one member short, the World Government insisted that another pirate be appointed to succeed Crocodile.[59] A summit meeting between the Shichibukai and the Marines was held in which out of the remaining six Shichibukai only Doflamingo, Kuma and Mihawk actually attended. Kuma patiently kept silent, looking through his book as Doflamingo amused himself by using his powers to force the Marines in the room to battle each other until Fleet Admiral Sengoku arrived, ordering him to stand down. As the meeting began, Mihawk showed up on attendance to sit in to keep informed on news of the Straw Hat Pirates. A lone pirate intruded on the meeting, much to Doflamingo's amusement.[60] The pirate, Laffitte nominated his captain, Marshall D. Teach as a candidate for the position. Since he was an unknown pirate and had no bounty he was not accepted. Nonetheless, Teach was given time to acquire fame and build up a reputation.[60]

After Bellamy, captain of the Bellamy Pirates, lost a duel to the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy, Doflamingo approached his subordinates to punish him for his actions, and effectively discarding Bellamy from his allegiance. Using his powers, he made Sarkies fight Bellamy to the death as he said that they are too weak for the new age coming.[61]

Water 7 SagaEdit

The Making of a ShichibukaiEdit

Despite all the efforts from Shanks to convince Whitebeard to recall Ace, Ace finally intercepts Blackbeard on Banaro Island shortly after the Blackbeard Pirates ransack one of its towns.[62] Blackbeard welcomes Ace and offers him to join his crew. He announces he has an agenda to bring Whitebeard's dominion to an end, and that he is heading to Water 7 to capture Luffy and hand him over to the World Government. Ace tells Blackbeard that he can't let him go now, because he is Luffy's brother.[63]

Blackbeard Reveals His Yami Yami no Mi Powers

Blackbeard reveals the power of the Yami Yami no Mi fruit.

Van Augur shoots at Ace sparking a fight between him and the crew. Ace attacks back but then Jesus Burgess picks up a house and throws it at Ace. Ace summons a pillar of fire and effortlessly destroys it and then unleashes Hiken, badly burning Blackbeard's front. Blackbeard laughs, admitting he did kill 4th Division Commander Thatch of the Whitebeard Pirates. He tells Ace he had no other choice because he had the Devil Fruit he wanted. That the ships' rule was anyone who found a Devil Fruit could eat it. Blackbeard had spent several decades under Whitebeard's service, believing it would be the best chances of finding the one he wanted with them.[63]

He then reveals the power of the Yami Yami no Mi,[63] believing it to be the most powerful of all Devil Fruits and he is invincible. Just as the two are about to fight, Blackbeard's crew run away to not get caught in between the two. Blackbeard uses Black Hole, and sucks up the entire town of Banaro around them and then spits it out as a pile of destroyed rubble. Ace uses Hotarubi: Hidaruma, as many green orbs of flames gather around Blackbeard and then engulf him in flames.[64]

Ace questions why Blackbeard is not dodging his attacks if he is a Logia user now. Blackbeard then absorbs the flames and tells Ace he cannot fend off attacks the way other Logia users do, due to the unique ability his darkness can suck in anything, including the full force of impacts (and pain) inflicted upon him.[64]

Duel at Banaro Island Infobox

Blackbeard and Ace's powers clash.

Blackbeard then shows off another ability, using Kurouzu to pull Ace towards him and is able to grab him and nullify his Devil Fruit ability. He then sends Ace flying with a strong punch. He attempts it again but Ace hurls long lances made out of fire into Blackbeard's chest. This doesn't stop Blackbeard who hand chops Ace, almost breaking his neck sending him back. Ace puts his index fingers together in a cross shape before launching a cross-shaped column of fire directly at Blackbeard's face but he once again stops Ace's attacks.[64]

Blackbeard then offers Ace one more time to join his crew, but Ace still refuses stating if he gives up now there would be no point to him living. That he wants to live his life free of any regrets, even if it means dying. He then tells Blackbeard he will make Whitebeard the Pirate King, as he summons up a gigantic fireball resembling the sun. The two clash one last time, almost destroying the entire island with fire and darkness clashing together.[64] In the end, Blackbeard is victorious. He successfully captures Ace and hands him over to the World Government, rewarding him with the title of Shichibukai.[65]

Thriller Bark SagaEdit

One Loss After AnotherEdit

At Thriller Bark some time later, Luffy and the others arrived. Upon their arrival, Gekko Moriah stole their shadows trapping them on his gigantic island ship. He took Luffy's shadow and put it into the frozen body of the giant, Oars resurrecting it. With its new life, it was able to mimic some of Luffy's abilities and went wild. Despite the damage it caused, Moriah was not worried and was confident it would learn to obey him as all the other zombies did in time.

Luffy eventually confronted him, demanding his shadow back. Moriah did not raise a finger to bother fighting and used his devil fruit powers to engage his shadow to attack. Luffy was able to go around his shadow and strike him, angering Moriah for his insolence. Luffy gave chase, as Moriah chose to run rather than fight. This proved to be a trick, purposely toying with Luffy to lead him away from his crew and the battle going on.

Kuma and Moriah Meet

Kuma informs Moriah about Blackbeard.

Bartholomew Kuma arrived at Thriller Bark during the chaos from orders on the government. Perona challenged the Shichibukai but was teleported away in an instant. Kuma approached Nami and briefly questioned her about Luffy's brother. When asked why he merely stated what he does here is for him to decide. Kuma met up with Moriah and had news to deliver from the government.

Moriah berated Kuma for being their lapdog, as Kuma offered to send him away with his devil fruit power. He delivered news that Blackbeard was made a Shichibukai to replace Crocodile, despite his unknown status. Moriah asked if this act will restore the balance of power in the world, which Kuma disagreed but chose not to explain himself.

Kuma also delivered a message from the government to him. Ever since the events of Enies Lobby and the downfall of Crocodile, they were was worried that Moriah would fall to them next. Kuma offered aid in the fight to ensure his victory but Moriah outright refused. Enraged at the thought of him being taken pity on and his strength in doubt, he promised by morning that the Straw Hat crew would be his.

Afterwards Moriah joined up with Oars, piloting him from inside his stomach in a cockpit he made. Using his devil fruit powers, he was able to make Oars stretch like Luffy and increase his strength. He occasionally teleported out of the cockpit to fight the Straw Hats directly, stealing more of their shadows. The Straw Hats eventually fell to the combined might of Moriah and Oars. Luffy then appeared, infused with a hundred shadows to combat his giant. Moriah was knocked out by a powerful punch from Luffy and Oars was soon defeated afterwards.

Kuma Destroys Thriller Bark

Kuma destroys Thriller Bark.

Moriah would not admit defeat, transforming himself huge to increase his strength with all the collected shadows of Thriller Bark. This transformation altered his physical features making his horns grow longer, his feet too large for his shoes to contain, and his body to swell up like a balloon. It also increased his size, making him as large as the giant Oars. Despite this advantage Moriah gained, he still proved no match for Luffy as each blow caused him to release the shadows inside him. He was defeated by the mast of the island collapsing down on top of him, releasing all of his shadows.

Now with Moriah beaten, Kuma asked the World Government for further instructions. Their reply was to kill all witnesses so Moriah could maintain his position. Kuma engaged the crews of the Straw Hats and another crew, the Rolling Pirates. He offered to let them all live if they handed over Straw Hat Luffy. They refused to hand over their captain and savior, as Kuma destroyed Thriller Bark with an Ursus Shock. This attack had taken out both crews, as Kuma picked Luffy's unconscious body out of the rubble. Zoro who had not fallen unconscious like the rest, launched a surprise attack and cut him, revealing his cybernetic enhancements. Realizing he was unbeatable, Zoro pleaded to Kuma to spare Luffy's life in exchange for his own. Kuma was impressed by this and honored the agreement. Using his Nikyu Nikyu no Mi powers, he extracted all the pain and fatigue Luffy endured and gave it to Zoro. Kuma left Thriller Bark, reporting later that the Straw Hat crew, his primary targets, had escaped.

Summit War SagaEdit

Preparation for WarEdit

Disco Calls Doflamingo

Doflamingo receives a call from Disco.

After the Straw Hats raided the Human Auctioning House, Doflamingo was called upon by Disco, a worker there, for aid. Doflamingo was angered that he couldn't handle things himself and told him he can keep the Auction House and to never call him again. He informed him the future was becoming much clearer; the Shichibukai were to engage the Whitebeard Pirates. Before hanging up, he told Disco that slavery was out and "smiles" are in.[66]

Kuma Defeats the Straw Hats

Kuma defeats the Straw Hat Pirates.

Kuma arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago while an attempt to bring the Straw Hats to justice for their actions was being made. He interfered with Kizaru's battle with them as they were about to be defeated and instead of Kizaru bringing them in, Kuma "wiped" out the crew one by one by sending them away to other islands, scattering the crew. He interrupts the battle between Rayleigh and Kizaru and whispers into his ear.

He revealed himself to be an officer of the Revolutionary Army, who came to Sabaody Archipelago to rescue Luffy and his crew from being killed. The Dark King questions Kuma's motives, who responds by saying that he can choose whether to believe him or not. Kizaru demands to know what he told Rayleigh but he refused and then left.

Luffy arrived at Amazon Lily a few days later. The Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock who was arriving home was stopped by the Marines demanding an answer to the call of the Whitebeard War. She turned the crew to stone with her Mero Mero no Mi. She told Vice Admiral Momonga that she refuses to acknowledge the Marines demands and left for her home. When she arrived home from her raids she was greeted with a large celebration of her people welcoming their empress home. During her bathing session, Luffy, having given the Kuja warriors on the island the slip while they attempted to kill him, fell into her bath. He witnessed something familiar on her back and she attempted to turn him into stone. Luffy not phased by her a bit, attempted to run away and got caught.

Afterwards Hancock held a public execution to punish him for intruding on the sacred isle. She had her younger sisters fight him, but they were defeated with Luffy covering the mark on Sandersonia's back since they would rather die than let anyone see it. Hancock ordered her audience to evacuate as she broke into tears of shame. Taken aback by Luffy's surprising selflessness and hearing of him striking a World Noble, Hancock divulged her painful past to him showing the slave mark on her back. She befriended Luffy and even fell in love with him. Upon Luffy learning of Ace's fate, he asked her to take him to Impel Down where he was being held. She agreed, answering the call of the Shichibukai to gather at Marineford. Before going to Marineford, she requested to pay a visit to Impel Down and see Ace. She sneaked Luffy on board the Marine ship venturing to Impel Down.

Five Shichibukai at Marineford

Five of the Shichibukai at Mariejois.

Jinbe refused to assist the Marines against Whitebeard, who was a man he respected and also a friend of Ace. Because of this he was imprisoned in Impel Down along with Ace and his status as a Shichibukai revoked until he chose to cooperate.[67] Meanwhile, the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, Gekko Moriah, Blackbeard, Doflamingo, and Mihawk all met in at a dinner apparently held at Mariejois.[68] Meanwhile, Hancock and Luffy arrived at Impel Down with Hancock sneaking Luffy in under her robe.

After Luffy snuck away, Hancock was taken to see Ace, yet also encountered Jinbe in the same cell. Another cell in the same floor held former-Shichibukai Crocodile, who was taunting both pirates for their defiance and to reaffirm the power of the world. After delivering an enigmatic message regarding Luffy's arrival, Hancock departed to make her way to the other Shichibukai, hoping that Luffy will be safe from harm. Luffy broke into Level 6 of Impel Down and extricated Crocodile and Jinbe, both of whom were incarcerated there, as they would be valuable allies in his escape from Impel Down and his attack against Marineford to rescue Ace. As they made it to Level 4, Blackbeard stole a Marine ship with his crew and raided Impel Down for reasons of his own.

Crocodile and Blackbeard Confrontation

Crocodile and Blackbeard confront each other.

Blackbeard confronts the escaped convicts and upon revealing he was the one who captured Ace, Luffy engages him. Their battle is cut short by Jinbe intervening holding Luffy back. Crocodile confronts Blackbeard asking him why he is forfeiting his Shichibukai title he wanted so much. Blackbeard responded it's all part of his plan, and that he doesn't need to explain it to him. Crocodile remarks he doesn't care what Blackbeard is planning, leaving Blackbeard to find his demeanor very disrespectful.

Afterwards him and his crew are attacked and severely poisoned by the Devil Fruit ability of Impel Down's Chief Warden, Magellan. At the same time, Crocodile and Jinbe left to Level 3 along with Luffy. Crocodile and Jinbe made it outside of Impel Down, trying to take control of a Marine ship.

They managed to seize control of a battleship, and along with 239 other prisoners, they managed to enter the Gates of Justice and fled Impel Down, approaching Marineford. At the same time, Blackbeard and his crew were saved from poison, thanks to death row prisoner Shiliew, who was recruited into the crew in the process. 3 hours prior to the execution of Portgas D. Ace, only five of the Shichibukai were present: Bartholomew Kuma, Boa Hancock, Donquixote Doflamingo, Gekko Moriah, and Dracule Mihawk.[69]

Whitebeard Pirates vs. The Royal ShichibukaiEdit

Shichibukai Watching the War

The five Shichibukai survey the war unfolding before them.

After Sengoku revealed that Ace's father is none other than Pirate King Gol D. Roger, the Whitebeard Pirates and their 43 New World pirate allies have arrived. At the same time, the Gates of Justice opened, allowing Jinbe and Crocodile to leave the Tarai Currents and prepare to join the war, along with their comrades.

Mihawk made the first move among the five Shichibukai by sending a massive slashing shock wave at the Moby Dick, Whitebeard's flagship, to test out their differences in abilities, but Jozu intercepted it with his diamond body.

When Oars Jr. appeared, Moriah declared that he wanted his corpse, and Doflamingo made a remark at how the battle was about to get interesting. The Shichibukai then began their assault. With the combined efforts of Bartholomew Kuma, Donquixote Doflamingo, and Gekko Moriah, Oars Jr. was wounded and collapsed.

During Oars Jr.'s rampage, some pirates were able to penetrate the lines of defense. Boa Hancock defended herself from oncoming pirates by turning them into stone with her Devil Fruit abilities and shattering them. She also managed to get some of the Marines in the crossfire, which made them question whether or not she was going to betray them. She simply stated that she does not define herself as an ally of the World Government but she has agreed to fighting along with them against the Whitebeard Pirates.

Luffy's arrival in Marineford prompts comments from the Shichibukai with Moriah showing anger, Mihawk and Doflamingo showing amusement, Kuma remaining silent, and Hancock blushing and being relieved that Luffy managed to get out of Impel Down. Jinbe then declares directly to Sengoku that he abdicates his position. Kuma also fired a mouth laser at Luffy and Ivankov as they began rushing towards the execution scaffold, but it is dodged. Moriah uses his powers to reanimate an battalion of zombies and sends them after Luffy, but Jinbe purifies the zombies with a blast of sea water. When Sengoku reveals Luffy's heritage of being Dragon's son to the public, Moriah is shocked, Mihawk is not surprised, Hancock remains blushing, Kuma stays silent, and Doflamingo laughs.

Jinbe Punches Moriah

Jinbe using Fishman Karate on Moriah.

Moriah and Jinbe proceed to fight, Moriah claiming he will take Jinbe's shadow and augmenting himself with shadows of several Marine soldiers. Jinbe, however, evades Moriah's attacks with ease and deals him a severe blow with Samegawara Seiken forcing him to regurgitate them. Hancock then attacks and threatens Commodore Smoker for pinning Luffy to the ground and declares Luffy as her beloved. Meanwhile, Ivankov deals with Kuma, though Doflamingo says it is useless to converse with Kuma as the person Ivankov knew is already dead.

Hancock proceeds to give Luffy the keys to Ace's handcuffs (which she obtained through unknown means), and when he hugs her, she collapses, mistaking the hug for marriage. She then attacks Smoker when he goes after Luffy, breaking his jutte and effectively initiating a battle between them, with Hancock not worrying about any of the consequences. Meanwhile, as Luffy confronts Kuma along with Ivankov, Doflamingo tells the story of Kuma being slowly modified into a Pacifista by Dr. Vegapunk, until the final modification (of the head) turned him into little more than a puppet of the World Government.

It is also revealed that the "Tyrant" Kuma despised the World Government and only agreed to become a weaponized human under some sort of deal; the first completed Pacifista Kuma is known as PX-0. Kuma then proceeds to attack Luffy, Ivankov, and Ivankov's multitude and Ivankov decides to pound Kuma's fear of him back into his psyche, using a dropkick and powerful explosive winks to temporarily knock Kuma to the ground. Ivankov then tells the Luffy and his subordinates to keep moving to the execution stand.

Mihawk Attacks Luffy

Mihawk goes all out as he attacks Luffy.

Meanwhile, Crocodile and Mr. 1 began making their way back to Whitebeard when Jozu charges at Crocodile and slams into him with his diamond forearm. Crocodile is launched back, but before Jozu can attack again, Doflamingo stops his movement, suggesting to Crocodile that they cooperate with each other. Luffy continues his advance to Ace, Mihawk appears and unsheathes his sword, stating that he will not hold back against him. Right after that, Mihawk attacks Luffy, stating that he was within "range". Luffy tries to escape because he has no time to fight strong guys like him. Luffy realizes he cannot fight him, because if he gets close to him, Mihawk will just cut him. Seeing he is unable to progress, Marco, commander of Whitebeard Pirates 1st Division, orders Vista the Flower Sword, commander of Whitebeard's 5th Division, to help him out. Vista, also a master swordsman, manages to hold Mihawk back, so Luffy breaks away.

Doflamingo and Crocodile Clash

Doflamingo clashing with Crocodile.

As Whitebeard is stabbed by a deceived Squard, Moriah and Doflamingo look excited, and Mihawk looks indifferent. Later, Crocodile strikes down the executioners who tried to kill Ace, due to him being unable to accept the haughty looks in the Government's faces. This results in Doflamingo getting jealous that Crocodile would choose Whitebeard and the two clash.

When Luffy is injured by Aokiji, Hancock attempted to jump in to avenge him, but Marco struck first. Later, when Luffy is blocked by a Pacifista, Hancock stood in between. As the Pacifista recognized her as a comrade, it ceased its attack. However, when it told her to move, she broke its head and proceeds to annihilate the rest, in order to prevent them from giving Luffy chase.

Crocodile Protects Luffy from Mihawk

Crocodile protects Luffy from Mihawk.

Mihawk attempted to attack Luffy again, but Mr. 1 intervened. Mihawk easily defeated Mr. 1, who is then saved by Crocodile. Crocodile and Mihawk clash with each other. Meanwhile, Boa Hancock destroyed more Pacifistas, causing Sentomaru to question her allegiance.

After Ace died, and Luffy suffered a psychological breakdown, Hancock stated that she was extremely worried. As Whitebeard kept suffering damage, Doflamingo made a sudden claim that things keeps getting interesting, as the Blackbeard Pirates returned to the battlefield, with several legendary criminals from Level 6 of Impel Down as new recruits.

Blackbeard revealed his sole reason for wanting the title of Shichibukai: to have access to Impel Down, which normal pirates find impossible, in order to recruit powerful prisoners to increase his crew strength exponentially. After this goal is achieved, he resigned from his position, having no further use for it, much to Sengoku's disgust and the terror of the Marines. Blackbeard is then attacked by Whitebeard, but then retaliates with his crew and assaults Whitebeard with bullets and blades, ultimately assassinating the Ruler of the Seas.

Blackbeard with Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi

Blackbeard steals Whitebeard's devil fruit power.

After witnessing Whitebeard's death, the combatants still active in the battle then witnessed Blackbeard then proceeds to absorb the Gura Gura no Mi's power from his former captain's corpse, through unknown means hidden under a black cloth. When Blackbeard emerges with his power of darkness and earthquake, he announces worldwide that it is now his era, and entered into combat against Sengoku and Monkey D. Garp.

When the Red Hair Pirates arrived to negotiate a ceasefire between the three factions, Mihawk departed as he agreed to battle against the Whitebeard Pirates, not his former rival Shanks. Hancock stole a Marine ship to chase after the submarine, under the claim that she desired Luffy's head. The Blackbeard Pirates left the battlefield, as they achieved the outcomes they wanted.

Members' Post-War ActionsEdit

Moriah Attacked by Doflamingo and Pacifistas

Doflamingo and the Pacifistas attack Moriah.

When the war had finally ended, in the backstreets of Marineford, Moriah is surrounded by Doflamingo and the Pacifista, the latter claiming Moriah is too weak maintain his position as a Shichibukai, and that it is better for him to be remembered as a casualty of the war, as opposed to being erased by the World Government. When Moriah questioned if Sengoku made the order, Doflamingo implied either Commander-in-Chief Kong or the Gorosei did.[70] However, Moriah then disappeared with what Doflamingo suggests to be the Kage Kage no Mi powers but Doflamingo does not seem to care since Moriah was critically injured and would probably die soon anyway. Doflamingo later threatened to quit the Shichibukai if dealings with the World Government no longer interest him. The newspaper reports that Moriah died in the war regardless.

Hancock would take Luffy and his allies back to Amazon Lily so they could recover in peace and not be found by the Marines. Jinbe was with them and would help Luffy get out of his depression over his death of his brother and helped him remind him about his crew and his desire to see them again. Hancock and Jinbe would later get acquainted with Rayleigh when he arrived on Amazon Lily and would talk about Kuma's message to them while Hancock could only focus on Luffy and fixed on the idea of marrying Luffy.

After Rayleigh explained the training plan for the Straw Hat captain, Rayleigh, Luffy, and Jinbe with the help of the Kujas would return to Marineford to ring the Ox Bell and send out Luffy's message to his crew. Afterwards, Jinbe would later part ways with Luffy and express his desire to meet him again at Fishman Island. After Jinbe left, Hancock would take Luffy and Rayleigh to Rusukaina for Luffy's training. When Rayleigh said that Hancock or the other Kujas were not allowed to enter the island to disrupt Luffy's training, Hancock was furious but calmed down when he said it was for Luffy's sake. Hancock acquiesced to wait and pray for her love.

Mihawk at Home

Mihawk returns to his island.

Mihawk returned to his home at Kuraigana Island, where he found Perona and Roronoa Zoro, sent there earlier by Kuma. He told them the results of the war from the newspaper, that Moriah was presumed deceased, but Mihawk cited the article lacked credibility. He also gave Zoro a boat to leave the island for Luffy.

Zoro, however, returned after receiving Luffy's message of waiting two years to get stronger, and begged Mihawk to train him. Mihawk, having understood Zoro's intention, accepted.

Kuma Returns to Sabaody Archipelago After War

Kuma returns to Sabaody Archipelago.

Later, Kuma appears once more at Sabaody Archipelago, in front of the Rosy Life Riders; under a deal he made with Vegapunk, he obtained a special mission to protect the Thousand Sunny until a Straw Hat returns to it. Crocodile read in the newspaper about Luffy ringing the Ox Bell to signal his crew, and commented how stupid it was. He then invited his right-hand man, Mr. 1, to return to the New World with him, to which Mr. 1 agreed.

Due to the defections and casualties that happened around the war, the Gorosei expressed concern among themselves about how the balance of power has been destabilized by the Shichibukai being reduced to only four individuals, and discussed the need in selecting influential people to occupy the vacant positions.

Unfortunately, Jinbe had to leave Fishman Island with his crew the Sun Pirates shortly after the war ended and could not meet Luffy at Fishman Island as he originally planned to do. Apparently, the Sun Pirates could only reside on the island as long as Jinbe was a Shichibukai. After Jinbe abdicated his position, he and his crew were reinstated as criminals and so could not stay. Some time before he left, he gave Prince Fukaboshi a message to disclose to Luffy, warning him not to confront Hody Jones and that he would be waiting for the young captain in the Sea Forest.

During the TimeskipEdit

After acquiring a bounty of Beli440,000,000 due to sending the hearts of one hundred pirates to Marineford, Trafalgar Law was appointed to a Shichibukai position.[71]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

An unknown pirate who once pleaded for his life and cut off Zephyr's arm filled an empty position in the Shichibukai, prompting the former admiral to defect from the Marines.[72]

Concludes non-canon section.

Buggy acquired the status of Shichibukai as well, became leader of a group called the Pirate Dispatch Society, and earned the epithet "Star Clown".[73]

Edward Weevil, self-proclaimed son of Whitebeard, joined the Shichibukai to fill in one of the vacant positions. His claim being dubious to many, he is nevertheless a formidable force, having attacked many of Whitebeard's allies. However, the Government remains concerned that his assaults also caused many civilian casualties and collateral damage.[74]

The Final Sea: The New World SagaEdit

Fishman Island SagaEdit

Return to Sabaody ArcEdit

Kuja Pirates Pick Up Luffy

Hancock and the Kuja pirates picking up Luffy after his two years of training.

Hancock and her sisters greet Luffy after his two years of training are complete and prepare to take him back to Sabaody Archipelago. When Luffy regrets not eating the animals on Rusukaina Island, Hancock says that she has all of Luffy's favorite foods on the ship. When Hancock brings up the idea of becoming Luffy's wife, Luffy bluntly declines, but she appears undeterred by his rejection.

She is later seen on her ship near the Sabaody Archipelago, giving Luffy a large amount of supplies (with enough supplies to last him years in some cases). She also helps in disguising him by giving him her coat and a fake mustache. When Luffy is departing, she asks Luffy not to say good bye. Luffy responds by saying that he never does and he hopes to see her and everyone again. Hancock mistakes Luffy's words as a marriage proposal.

As Luffy and his crew prepare to head to Fishman Island, Hancock and the Kuja Pirates aid them by holding back the Marines. Hancock conceals her aid to Luffy by claiming to be angry that the Marine battleship crossed her path. Hancock also winks at Luffy while giving him the opportunity to set sail. She is next seen stalling the Marines, mesmerizing them with her beauty.

Franky Returns to the Thousand Sunny

Kuma after protecting the Thousand Sunny for two years.

Two years after the Battle of Marineford, when Franky returned to the Thousand Sunny, Kuma, who was heavily damaged from the one year of constant battles to protect the ship, left, leaving the Straw Hats in his debt. Hancock took Luffy back to Sabaody Archipelago, so he could meet up with the rest of his crew. She stopped a Marine warship from shooting down the Thousand Sunny, and bought enough time for the Straw Hats to submerge, escaping.

Dressrosa SagaEdit

Adventure on Punk HazardEdit

Trafalgar Law on Punk Hazard

Shichibukai Trafalgar Law.

On Punk Hazard, the Straw Hat Pirates encounter a man with no upper body who presumably holds a grudge against an unknown Shichibukai.[75] It is later revealed that Trafalgar Law is responsible for the aforementioned torso-less man.[76]

When Vice Admiral Smoker and his men approach the research facility, Law asks what they are doing at his "vacation house" and demands they leave. Smoker reminds Law that the island is off-limits. Replying in kind, Law then tells Smoker that it goes the same for him.[77] Smoker then informs him that the Straw Hats are on the island and then demands access to the inside of the research facility, but Law refuses. He states that he is alone on the island and if he encounters Luffy or any of the Straw Hat Pirates, he would deal with them. Just then a group of the Straw Hats accompanied by the imprisoned giant children come out through the door. Chopper sees and accuses Law of kidnapping the children.[78]

The Straw Hats and the children flee back inside after seeing the Marines and Law insists that he did not even know that they were there, and that this is all a surprise to him. As the Marines prepare to chase after them, Law blocks their path. He attacks using his Devil Fruit ability on the Marines' ship, lifting it out of the water, and turning it upside down. Law then tells Smoker that he cannot let him leave the island now.[78]

Law then severs Smoker's battleship in half and left one half attached to a mountain, while the other half remained on the ground, thereby depriving the them of any means of escape. He then turns around, saying that he cannot let the fleeing Straw Hats run away either and proceeds to swap their hearts around with Shambles. When the Marines tell Law that his Shichibukai status would be revoked if they report him to the government, Law does not seem concerned and simply uses "Scan" to steal all of their Den Den Mushi and says that he was not going to let them say a word of what they have seen to the World Government or to Headquarters. Smoker then attempts to attack him, but Law evades his attack and slashes him with his nodachi. Smoker seems unaffected, but the Marines watching get sliced up instead. Captain Tashigi then attempts to attack Law as well, but Law effortlessly slices her and her sword in half.[79] Tashigi tells him that being sliced but not killed is a shame to a swordsman, but Law says that weaklings do not choose their method of death.[80]

Law Defeats Smoker

Law defeats Vice Admiral Smoker.

Before Law can cut Tashigi more Smoker blocks him with his jutte, and the two battle. As they clash, Smoker demands answers from Law, some regarding on who Law is working for, indicating a hidden agenda. Law manages to gain the upper hand by stealing Smoker's heart with his Mes attack. While Smoker kneels in defeat, Law comments that he does not have to tell him anything.[80]

Luffy then arrives at the scene and is pleasantly surprised to see Law. He quickly expresses his thanks to Law for his help two years ago. Law merely replies that he was just acting on a whim and tells Luffy that he will find something in the back of the research facility. Law then goes back into the building, while still carrying Smoker's heart, and speaks to Caesar Clown. Caesar demands an explanation for his actions, but Law replies that he should be the one complaining.[81] Meanwhile the head of the torso-less man divulged to the Straw Hats when he arrived on Punk Hazard to search for his son Momonosuke, Law dismembered him and separated his body parts to various parts of the island.[81]

He later gives Smoker's heart to Caesar. Caesar holds Smoker's heart in his hand, while Law looks on silently with a displeased look in his eyes and a frown. Law then asks what happened to Straw Hat, and Caesar reveals that having taken Monet's warning about the Straw Hats' possible increase in strength seriously, he sent two powerful people after them: the Assassins of the Snowy Mountain, the Yeti Cool Brothers.[82] When Monet informs Caesar about Law's association with Luffy at Sabaody Archipelago and Marineford, Caesar pulls a pistol on Law and questions him about his relationship to the notable pirate. Law denies having anything to do with the Straw Hat Pirates' presence on the island. Caesar then realizes that Law would not betray him, as he would not make things more complicated for them, after becoming a Shichibukai and coming to Punk Hazard. As Caesar is about to leave, Law asks him why the kids will not run away. Caesar tells him that he gave the kids the addicting drug NHC10, to which Law responds with disdain, he also notes that it reminds him of someone.[83] After finishing talking to Caesar, Law heads to the back door of the facility and cuts down some of Caesar's troops along the way, remarking that he can go wherever he pleases.[83]

Law Cuts Scotch

Law cuts Scotch in half.

While Luffy and Franky are fighting against the Yeti Cool Brothers, Law appears and cuts Scotch in half. Scotch gets back up and comes at Law with a knife. Law jumps up and puts both hands on Scotch's chest. He emits an electric current, using a move called Counter Shock. Scotch falls over in a burning heap. Nami thanks Law, but promptly retracts it and asks for her body back. As Luffy breaks Nami's chains with his teeth, Law tells him he wants to talk to Luffy about something. Even though his coming to the island might have been accidental, there is an important key lying dormant on the island that could throw the world into pandemonium. He goes on to say that there are only two ways to survive in the New World, either go under the safety umbrella of a Yonko, or consistently challenge them. Law says he knows Luffy is not the serving kind, which Luffy agrees with. Law then asks Luffy to form an alliance with him. If Luffy accepts, then the two of them can initiate Law's agenda to dethrone one of the Yonko.[84]

When Luffy tries to comprehend how Law wants to defeat a Yonko, Law explains that he wants to think off a strategy and wait for the right chance. After asking Luffy again, Luffy responds that he wants to know which Yonko they are going to defeat. Law gives an answer that is only audible to Luffy and Nami. Luffy then happily agrees.[85]

The Straw Hats protest against the alliance stating that Law is suspicious and cannot be trusted. Declaring the alliance official, Luffy reaffirms his belief that Law is a good guy and that if he does betray them, then he would have to contest with Luffy and his crew mates that have spent two years training. Law watches impatiently as they continue to argue about whether they can trust each other. Afterwards, with the discussion on trust settled, he returns Franky and Chopper back into their original bodies, but is forced to leave Nami (much to Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp's amusement) in Sanji's body. Demanding her body back, Law simply states that he cannot unless her body is nearby.[85]

Quickly changing the subject to the children, he goes on to advise that the Straw Hats should simply leave the children behind, as they would be too much of a burden to bear and Caesar has them addicted to a drug in order to control them. After Chopper states that he knew that and points out that they have grown so big, Law explains that turning humans into giants is a World Government project that has been going for hundreds of years. When Robin asks why they would do that, he guesses that it is an attempt to create powerful soldiers and that Caesar is continuing the research to beat the World Government and Vegapunk, even though it does not seem to be going very well.[85]

Chopper Tied to Law

Law ties the incapacitated Chopper to his sheath to accompany him.

Law then asks them again if they really want to save the kids, since they do not even know them or where they are from. Chopper and Luffy both state that they want to and Luffy says that Law has to help them, if he wants an alliance. Luffy then adds that Sanji wants to hang on to the samurai, shocking Law as he was the one to cut him into pieces earlier. Usopp then tells Law about how his and Luffy's ideas about an alliance are probably very different, and that Luffy would be very stubborn and selfish.[85]

Law simply points out that their own wishes of helping the kids and Kin'emon are not part of the alliance, but quickly changes his mind and tells them to do something about the samurai while he goes to try and figure out what medicine the children were administered. Asking who their doctor is as they would need to accompany him, Law is then mortified as Chopper (still paralyzed and injured due to Luffy and Franky's earlier actions) was tied to the top to his hat by Usopp.[85]

Law instead opts to tying Chopper to his sword's sheath and informs the Straw Hats that Caesar wants to get rid of them and the White Hunter, and that he will keep attacking until he succeeds as they have uncovered his hidden base of operations. After he explains to them that Caesar is a scientist for the World Government gone rogue and his dangerous abilities requiring Haki to counter, Luffy asks him if kidnapping Caesar is all they have to do. Law confirms this, stating that the goal is not a ransom but instead 'chaos'. However as they have not achieved anything yet, he chooses to not inform them of any more of his plan and to just focus on capturing Caesar. He assures them though, that he will explain his plan to them in detail, but once they get to that point he warns them that things will begin to move very fast and that they can not go back. Law gives Luffy one last chance to change his mind, Luffy, however, still wants to have the alliance and agrees to convince the rest of his crew of their intentions.[85]

Law later uses his Devil Fruit powers to warp himself and Chopper to the back side of the research facility to begin their part of the plan. They then discuss on how they can begin searching for the drugs. Law is then seen surprised when Luffy's group is launched into the middle of a battle between the G-5 Marines and Caesar's subordinates.[86]

He then enters the facility with Chopper hidden in his bag. He approaches Monet and asks her to come with him. Before leaving with Monet, Law leaves Chopper in the room. While walking in a hallway, Law suddenly collapses to the ground. A mysterious person approaches and Law is surprised to see him.[87]

Vergo Beats Down Law

Vergo brutally beats Law to the ground.

The mystery man is revealed to be Vergo who then explains to Law that "they" decided to send Monet to infiltrate Caesar's organization as they did not trust him. After Vergo recognizes Law's new position as Shichibukai and tells him how he got to Punk Hazard, Law asks what has he done to receive this treatment from Vergo. He points out to Law that if he had done something he would have been dead and that he cannot hide anything from adults. Law decides that he has to get rid of Vergo, who answers by knocking Law unconscious while telling Law to address him with more respect.[88]

Law is later seen locked in a cage with seastone chains, along with Luffy, Robin, Franky, Smoker, and Tashigi. Then Law reveals Vergo as subordinate of Joker who became a Vice Admiral on Joker's orders. Luffy then asks Law who Joker is, and Law says it is Donquixote Doflamingo, who he was once an subordinate of.[89]

When Smiley consumes what appears to be a giant piece of candy, it transforms into a giant cloud of poison. After explaining about the effects of the gas, Caesar sends Law, Smoker, Tashigi, and Luffy's group outside of the facility to die as the poison cloud engulfs the island. Law then informs Luffy that it is time for a counterattack.[90]

Law then asks if there is anyone capable of producing fire. Franky affirms that he can and is directed to launch his Franky Fireball at the segregated battleship down below. Setting the wood alight, the smoke then rises up to the cage allowing for them to discreetly take action. Law quickly reveals that he had replaced some of the sea stone handcuffs with regular ones allowing for him to escape easily. Freeing Luffy and the others, Law then coerces Smoker and Tashigi into an alliance with the group after returning them to their own bodies. Before he can reveal his next step however, Law is immediately distracted by Luffy calling out from outside the cage with Robin. After Law yells at him not to act independently, they then later move into the laboratory thanks to Law's power. They open the shutters, allowing everyone outside to escape the poison gas.[91]

Once everyone is safe from the poison cloud, Law tells Smoker and Tashigi not to get in his and Luffy's way. Nami quickly demands that Law switch back her and Sanji's personalities. Law complies and switches them back. Law then tells everyone present that they need to find a door with "R Building 66" on it. He says that they all have two hours to escape. Luffy questions him on what is going to happen and Law replies that he will do something to make the base unsafe.[92]

Law is later seen conversing with Smoker about Caesar's plans to prevent their escape from the facility by sealing the passage between Building A and B. He advises him to order his subordinates to progress forward quickly. An emergency broadcast is heard from the D Building that Law is in the manufacture room of the SAD room having defeated the minions assigned to protect the room and performs an action that could lead to anarchy for himself and the New World as well.[93]

Doflamingo at Dressrosa

Doflamingo at Dressrosa.

Vergo is later seen contacting Doflamgino who is on an island resort called Dressrosa. After being informed of Law's treachery, Doflamingno orders Vergo to destroy the SAD room and to extinguish Law with extreme prejudice. All the while, a woman in a maid outfit known as Baby 5 tries to assassinate him with a variety of weapons that come out of her arms. Another subordinate knocks her away before Doflamingo uses his power to halt her attack. He closes the transmission telling Vergo, Monet and Caesar to be vigilant of Luffy as he has the Haoshoku Haki, that he will be sending Baby 5 and Buffalo as support and for everyone to return to Dressrosa when they have completed their missions.[94]

Law is then confronted by Vergo. Law attempts to use his Devil Fruit ability to retrieve his heart, but Vergo steals it back from him and brutally beats him to the ground by using his heart to incapacitate the Shichibukai. Law manages to hit Vergo with a Counter Shock, but the attack is ineffective. Law tells Vergo that he is the one miscalculation in his plan. Vergo prepares to finish off Law, but Smoker then appears and the two prepare to battle.[95]

Law Defeats Vergo

Law defeats Vergo.

During the battle between Smoker and Vergo, the former was able use his Devil Fruit abilities to secure Law's heart despite the latter's Haki. No longer at a serious disadvantage, Law prepares to cut down Vergo while calling out Doflamingo who is revealed to have been monitoring the situation via a miniature Den Den Mushi. Reminding his former subordinate of the beating Vergo had given him in the past and his inability to defend himself, Law shocks his fellow Shichibukai by easily cutting down Vergo and the wake of his attack cutting the laboratory and surrounding mountains in two.[96] Law then proceeds to slice Vergo into more pieces and attach them to a railing. Vergo then tries to warn Law about Doflamingo until Law cuts his face in half. As Law and Smoker are leaving, Law informs Vergo that the SAD room will explode.[97]

Law and Smoker later find a rail car in the corridor between Building D and R. They are soon reunited with the Straw Hats, the kidnapped children, and the G-5 Marines. When Luffy tells Law that he sent Caesar flying, Law scolds him for not following the plan of capturing him and opted to capture Caesar himself.[98]

Law and the others are still waiting for the Straw Hats to come on board. Luffy says that they will not budge until every member of the Straw Hats have arrived. They make it just in time and everyone piles into the railcart to get away from Shinokuni. Elsewhere in the facility, Monet, still conscious, calls Doflamingo, who tells her to detonate a weapon that would destroy the entire island and leave only Caesar alive.[99] Caesar notices Doflamingo sent help to rescue him and decides to kill Smoker with the heart that was given to him by Law. In the SAD Production room which is coming down, Doflamingo calls Vergo, apologizing to him and thanking him for his hard work which Vergo oddly smiles at. An explosion rocks the building which Law figures came from the SAD room. Debris starts threatening to fall on the track which the Straw Hats manage to knock aside.[100]

Monet feels the explosion, but knows it will not be enough to destroy the island. She prepares to hit the ignition switch, saying a silent goodbye to Doflamingo. Caesar stabs the heart, intending to kill Smoker, but Smoker is not affected and instead Monet falls over, dead. Smoker asks Law why Caesar thought he had his heart. Law explains that he had traded his own heart for Monet's earlier at Caesar's insistence as insurance against betrayal. After defeating Smoker he had simply switched the hearts and given Monet's heart back to Caesar, while leading him to believe it was Smoker's.[100]

Doflamingo Heads to Punk Hazard

Doflamingo flying towards Punk Hazard.

Meanwhile Doflamingo's crew have noticed that he has left Dressrosa and is flying across the ocean heading toward Punk Hazard having grown concerned when Monet didn't answer his call. Upon realizing that Baby 5 and Buffalo are still alive and the island still stands. He tells the pair that he will be there shortly.[100]

Law and the Straw Hats finally escape outside where Law identifies the Donquixote Pirate members. When questioned by Luffy if they were his friends, Law coldly states the two are his enemies. When Nami and Usopp step up to fight, Law shows concern that Caesar might escape. Nami tells him to have faith in their alliance. The Straw Hats easily overpower Baby 5 and Buffalo, knocking them out of the sky and stop Caesar from trying to run. With this the Donquixiote members are defeated and fall into the ocean. Law proclaims the first step of his agenda has been completed.[101]

After the battles are finally over, Law starts treating the kids. He used his power to dismember the children and systematically removed the NHC10 out of their bodies. Upon finishing the treatment, a worried Chopper shows up, calling him a murderer and asking him what he did to the kids. After telling Chopper to leave him alone, he gave Chopper a graphic answer, shocking him. When everyone starts celebrating, Law tells Luffy that they must not waste time anymore. Luffy, however, encourages everyone to party more, which shocks Law. Soon he joins the party though and has a cup of soup, together with Smoker. When Smoker suggests that Law is probably using Luffy for something, Law responds that he's not sure who is using who. It is then revealed by in a flashback, that Law formed an alliance with Luffy, to take down the Yonko, Kaido.[102] Law advised Luffy not to underestimate the Yonko, as they once competed with Whitebeard for territory,[103] and continued by saying that the chance of success is only 30%,[104] but Luffy accepted anyway.[103]

As Doflamingo makes his way towards Punk Hazard he encounters a life raft from the SAD tanker ship. On it he finds the severed but alive heads of his crew mates Baby 5 and Buffalo. They apologize profusely to him, but he tells them they were only following his orders. A Den Den Mushi of Law's begins to speak to Doflamingo. Doflamingo notes Law is a hard person to get ahold of. He asks Law what he's done with his crewmates bodies, as Law tells him he doesn't know. Doflamingo laughs at Law's confidence, warning him to not to anger him. Law responds that the only one who is going to be angered is Kaido, one of the four Yonko. Law tells Doflamingo that once he finds out he can no longer produce the SAD he will not be able to bargain with him, and will be killed.[103]

Doflamingo asks what Law wants in exchange for getting Caesar Clown back. Law demands him to abdicate the position of Shichibukai that he has held for a decade and return to being a regular pirate. That once he is no longer protected, the admirals will hunt him down. Law tells Doflamingo if the newspapers do not tell he has withdrawn, their negotiations are over. After this, Doflamingo is left simmering in rage over what to do next.[103]

Kuzan Stops Doflamingo

Kuzan preventing Doflamingo from killing Smoker.

Just as the Straw Hats departed from Punk Hazard, Doflamingo arrived on the island. He promptly reattached the heads of his subordinates while gliding in from the sea. He used Haoshoku Haki, knocking out a majority of the G-5 Marines. They asked him why he was attacking them, but Doflamingo asked where did the Straw Hat Pirates and Law go. The Marines opened fire, ignoring Smoker's order to stand down as Doflamingo used his string based powers to slice apart the crew and their weapons. Still enraged, he demanded again where the Straw Hat Pirates and Law went.[105]

Smoker confronted Doflamingo stating that he does not know. He lied, telling him there was nothing he could do but let them go, and he intended to report to Vice Admiral Vergo. Doflamingo stated that Smoker knew too much and used Busoshoku Haki, cutting him down. The remaining G-5 Marines despaired, as Doflamingo promised he would kill them as well and catch up to Law and the Straw Hat Pirates. But before he struck the finishing blow to Smoker, the former admiral Aokiji suddenly arrived and demanded he step aside.[105]

As these events occurred, Law found himself in the company of the Straw Hat Pirates along with Kin'emon and his son. As they begin sailing down a "Sea Slope" he informed them that these are common to find, with Usopp in disbelief. As the rest learned of their next destination being Dressrosa, he told their strategy is in motion. Luffy informed them of their alliance with the Shichibukai to take down Kaido, with mixed reactions from the crew. Sanji warned Law that his idea of an alliance will be different from what Luffy intended. Law explained to everyone how the powerful pirates rule certain territories with large crews and organizations.[105] He intended to disrupt Doflamingo's rule over the criminal underworld, and by stopping the production of the SAD and creation of Artificial Devil Fruits, he will also halt the numbers of Kaido's growing army. Law told the crew their next step was to destroy the factory producing the SAD in Dressrosa and urged them all to not let their guards down.[106]

Doflamingo Frozen by Kuzan

Doflamingo frozen in place.

Back on Punk Hazard, Doflamingo ignores the presence of the former admiral, and tries to finish Smoker off. Before he is able to make another move, Aokiji freezes him solid but Doflamingo breaks out of his ice. He tells Aokiji that he has no intention of engaging him. He then questions briefly just what kind of man he has become, saying that the rumors are not good, before leaving with Baby 5 and Buffalo. The next morning, the newspaper reports that he has resigned from the Shichibukai, as well as abdicating his position as monarch of Dressrosa, thus giving into Law's demands.[107]

Caesar Retrieval ArcEdit

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

After leaving Punk Hazard, a group of dark figures suddenly boarded the Thousand Sunny and attacked the crew members. They ceased only when it was apparent that Caesar was snatched from the Straw Hats by Breed, a strange man who uses the powers of the Peto Peto no Mi to control animals. At this time, however, the abilities are unknown to the crew. Law, Luffy, and Chopper pursued him in the Shark Submerge III, managing to sneak into Breed's ship.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Breed does not work for Doflamingo as expected, but he was connected somehow to the underworld and knew about Caesar's abilities as a scientist and kidnapped him in order to assist him in creating his dream world. Law, Luffy and the other pets were imprisoned in the same room as Caesar.

Breed got angered and decided to brainwash Luffy and Law and lead them to a death battle. Kung Fu Dugong got sad and tried to stop Breed`s calamity but got whipped and forced to fight Law and Luffy himself. The two pirates did nothing as the dugong attacked them, and the struggle concluded when the dugong forced the two through the wall and into the sea.[108]

However, it is later revealed Law used his powers to rescue himself and Luffy, bringing them to the lobby chamber of Breed's ship, where they were just in time to stop Caesar from getting away. When they returned to Breed's circus chamber, Law revealed to have seen through the weakness of Breed's powers: Law knew that Breed's orders wouldn't work if they couldn't hear him, so Law put earplugs in his ears and, during the forced fight between him and Luffy, Law was not actually possessed. Soon after, Breed revealed the true extent of his Devil Fruit powers, but was shortly defeated by Luffy and the dugong. Law and the Straw Hats returned to the Sunny, where the dugong and his Sea Animal Pirates said their farewells.[109]

Concludes non-canon section.

War in DressrosaEdit

Shortly after reading about Doflamingo's 'resignation', Law contacts him, setting the location of where he will leave Caesar for pickup, on Green Bit, with Luffy suddenly interrupting the call with his declarations. As for Law, his alliance with Luffy somehow became public news as well, leading his status to be in jeopardy. After hanging up, Law and the Straw Hats start plotting on how to destroy the SMILE factory on Dressrosa. Sanji is concerned about how many men Doflamingo will bring, but Law says that is not an issue. Law further states that Caesar's return is just a ploy to create an opportunity to locate and eliminate the factory. Law is worried because acquiring the information on the factory was rather difficult. Luffy becomes excited and Law is shocked at how carefree he is.[73]

Doflamingo Holds Mera Mera no Mi

Doflamingo holding the Mera Mera no Mi.

Doflamingo orders Baby 5 to find Trebol and let him come to him along with it. While waiting, Doflamingo showed gratitude to Diamante, for the profitable Colosseum that he supervises. Afterwards Trebol arrived, but Doflamingo remarked that he stands too close to him getting irritated with his bad manners. Trebol gives him his desired object inside a small chest, and Doflamingo stated that Luffy would come when he learns about it. He left it in the capable hands of Diamante and revealed the object inside the chest to be the Mera Mera no Mi, and correctly asserted that Luffy would definitely come to make sure nobody gains his brother's power.[73]

While having a meal with the crew, Law and Kin'emon talk about a place called Zo. Law reveals that his crew resides there. Law then listens to Kin'emon and Momonosuke's story about how they were shipwrecked and drifted to Dressrosa as well as how Momonosuke was separated from his father. After hearing about how Kanjuro helped Kin'emon escape from Doflamingo's men, Luffy declares that they should save him too. Law tells Luffy not to get distracted. The Thousand Sunny later approaches Dressrosa.[73]

After disembarking, Law gives Nami a Vivre Card that points to Zo. He instructs her to use it in case anything happens. The group splits into three teams and Law is part of the team that will deliver Caesar to Green Bit. Much to his annoyance, he sees that Luffy's group has already gone ahead into Dressrosa.[110]

Law, Caesar, and Straw Hats in Disguise

Law and the group incognito.

Law's group stops by at a northeastern cafe near the bridge wearing disguises like Luffy's group. There, they get information on the passage to Green Bit, learning that the bridge is surrounded by fighting fish that can even destroy iron. The man they were talking to warned them that no one who crossed the bridge to Green Bit has returned. Usopp freaked out and suggested to deliver Caesar somewhere else, but Law remains firm in his decision. The one thing that worries Law is that the country seems too peaceful even after Doflamingo resigned as king and commented that things are not going as he expected. They then spotted CP-0 walking by and Law wonders what they were doing in Dressrosa. Robin tells Usopp that they are the highest intelligence agency and that nothing good happens when they appear, to which Law agrees.[111]

As Law's group crossed the bridge, they were attacked by the fighting fishes. Law allowed Caesar to be released from his handcuffs so he can help fight off the fishes. He also revealed that he holds Caesar's heart as an insurance. Since the use of his devil fruit powers deplete his strength the more he uses it, Law tasked Usopp, Robin, and Caesar with defending the bridge, wanting to save all of his strength should he confront Doflamingo. Despite the group's efforts, the bridge was destroyed. A fighting fish attacked them from the front, but it was then caught by some unknown people. The group then used Caesar to fly to the other side.[112] After reaching Green Bit, they discovered a Marine Ship on the island, indicating that there are Marines present.[113]

While Usopp and Robin scout the island, Law and Caesar proceed to the exchange site at the southern beach. Two minutes before the exchange time, Law was suddenly contacted by Sanji. To Law's surprise, Doflamingo never quit the Shichibukai. Sanji warns Law to get out of Green Bit as Doflamingo and Admiral Fujitora closes in. However, Law notes that it is already too late.[114]

Fujitora Leaves Footholds Standing

Law vs Doflamingo vs. Fujitora.

Robin created a copy of her upper body above ground and told Law that she and Usopp are trapped underground but are still fine. Right after Robin urged Law to get off the island, Issho and Doflamingo arrived at the exchange site. Law tells Doflamingo that he has become aware of his deception and is surprised that he was able to use the powers of the World Government. After saying that only the World Nobles could trick the whole world, Law suddenly remembers Vergo telling him about not knowing about Doflamingo's past. Doflamingo just says that its way more complicated and that he really wants to kill Law.[115]

Since the deal was off, Law refused to release Caesar. Upon seeing Fujitora, Doflamingo commented on how he and Ryokugyu were beasts in terms of power. Issho explained that he was aware that Doflamingo was not following the rules as a Shichibukai and that he noticed that Caesar referred to Doflamingo as Joker. Doflamingo simply replied that if the admiral wanted to investigate him, he better be prepared to back up his claims. Fujitora then turned his attention to Law and stated that Law would be forgiven if the Straw Hats were his subordinates. After Law declared that he and Luffy are indeed in an alliance, Fujitora dismisses Law from his position as a Shichibukai and used his gravity ability to summon a gigantic burning meteor.[116]

Law and Doflamingo expressed alarm, desperately using their abilities to slice apart the rock. After emerging unscathed, Law, Fujitora, and Doflamingo faced each other in a three-way engagement.[117] As Issho mercilessly rained down meteors upon Law, Doflamingo scoffed at the former Shichibukai and commented that the admiral was not showing the Surgeon of Death any quarter.[118] He then directly confronted Law and informed him that Luffy had fallen for a trap at the Corrida Colosseum and ordered him to capitulate, asserting that his alliance was finished. After Law contacted Nami, Doflamingo demanded he return Caesar's heart.[119]

Law was later defeated and Doflamingo took Caesar's heart. As Law lay injured on the ground with Issho sitting next to him, Doflamingo explained some history of the Donquixote Family, such as them being one of the Twenty Kingdoms that were the founders of the World Government.[120]

Sanji Stops Doflamingo

Sanji trying to fight Doflamingo.

Caesar began running towards Doflamingo, begging for him to return his heart, Law stated that he never said that the heart belonged to Caesar. Doflamingo then realized that the heart belonged to a Marine instead. While Issho was distracted, Law used Room to escape. He then grabbed Caesar and made a run for it. Doflamingo quickly pursued him and when he saw the Thousand Sunny, he understood Law's intention. He flew towards the Sunny, intending to destroy it but Sanji intercepted him.[121]

Despite Sanji's best efforts to fend off Doflamingo, he was soon immobilized by Doflamingo's strings. When Doflamingo was about to deal a lethal blow to Sanji, Law intervened by using Shambles. He then teleported Sanji, Caesar, and himself to the Thousand Sunny. Doflamingo continued to assault the Sunny along with Issho and his Marine platoon. Law then used Jora as a hostage, halting Doflamingo's attack and giving Nami's group enough time to escape using a Coup de Burst.[122]

Once the crew on the Thousand Sunny escaped with Caesar Clown and the Marines headed for Dressrosa, Law and Doflamingo stood opposite from one another on the iron bridge. Law then told his former leader that he is ending his alliance with the Straw Hats, because once they stop the production of SMILE, Kaido will target Doflamingo. Law also revealed that his goal was to exact revenge on Doflamingo for what he did thirteen years ago, even if it will cost him his life.[122]

After releasing Jora, Law stated that he was not fighting for retribution but for the will of someone else. Doflamingo and Law then clashed, destroying the iron bridge in the process.[123] As they clashed, Law used his "Mes" attack, cutting part of Doflamingo's cheek as he maneuvered out of the way. He retaliated back with a powerful kick launching him into the air. Doflamingo then used his Tamaito ability to fire a piercing string from his index finger like a bullet. Doflamingo taunted Law, and offered him advice to flee into Dressrosa for cover.[124]

Diamante then called and informed Doflamingo about Violet's betrayal. In response to this, Doflamingo told Diamante to send Lao G and his group to the SMILE factory. Doflamingo then began questioning Law's plan, stating that Law overestimated the amount of time he would be able to distract him from their mission. He asks Law why, despite him using The Straw Hat Pirates, why he put so much trust in them. Law responded that he believes that the "D" would bring forth another storm.[124]

Doflamingo Shoots Law

Doflamingo shoots Law.

The battle then moved to the front of the Corrida Colosseum, with Law defeated by Doflamingo. Infuriated at his defiance, Doflamingo shot three shots into Law from a flintlock. Before Law became unconscious, he thought of an individual named Cora.[124]

Doflamingo then told the witnessing citizens about the gambit Law orchestrated earlier that day. Zoro and Kin'emon then rushed Doflamingo to rescue Law. Zoro was intercepted by Issho and Doflamingo kicked Kin'emon away when he was about to rescue Law. Doflamingo offers the Straw Hats to the Admiral if he assists him. Issho merely tells him that he will decide once they are done talking. With Law apprehended, Doflamingo returns to the palace with Issho.[125]

While Franky attempted to enter the toy house, Doflamingo heard the commotion through a Den Den Mushi. Doflamingo then asked Issho if the Marines should do something about the Straw Hats.[126]

At the palace, Doflamingo spoke with Riku Dold and commented that Rebecca was lucky to win her group's battle royale at the Corrida Colosseum. He expressed his displeasure at both Dold and Rebecca competing for the Mera Mera no Mi, and Viola's betrayal. He was also confident that Luffy cannot leave the Colosseum as a human, Franky will not be able to defeat his executives, and the Straw Hats will not be able to reach the underground port.[127]

When the Marines made a move to arrest Franky at the toy house, Doflamingo thanked Issho. The admiral responded by telling Doflamingo not to mistake him as an ally. He went on to say that all he was trying to do was minimize the damage done to the populace and he would deal with Doflamingo later. He then stated his desire to abolish the Shichibukai system. After Issho mentioned the Alabasta incident, Doflamingo tried to kick him. The admiral blocked his kick while warning him about the consequences of his transgressions. Doflamingo assumed that Issho would try to eliminate him, but the admiral stated that he will be on friendly terms with him for the time being.[128]

While observing the finals using a visual monitor, he heard that some intruders, including Luffy, had breached the palace rampart tower. After learning that Luffy was no longer at the Colosseum, he furiously asked who the Lucy fighting in the finals was.[129]

Later, Doflamingo learned that the Straw Hats were allied with the dwarves from Tontatta Kingdom and some of the crew members had infiltrated the underground world and were targeting Sugar. He then interrogated Law, who firmly stated that he had ended his alliance with the Straw Hats and knew nothing about their intentions. Doflamingo then questioned Riku Dold III, who remained silent.[130]

After Usopp's battle with Trebol in the underground trade port, Doflamingo ordered Trebol to move Sugar to the royal palace. Trebol assured him that there was nothing for him to worry about as Usopp was completely subdued.[131]

Kyros Decapitates Doflamingo

Kyros decapitates Doflamingo, who later turns out to be a clone.

Doflamingo was then shocked to hear that Sugar lost consciousness and her curse has been broken. As the toys transformed back into their original forms, Doflamingo became distraught as his control of Dressrosa started to crumble. Kyros then took Doflamingo by surprise and decapitated him.[132]

When Pica appeared from the floor in his stone form and held Doflamingo's body and severed head in his hand, Doflamingo revealed himself to be still alive and prepared to implement a plan known as the "Birdcage".[133]

It was then revealed that the Doflamingo that was decapitated was only a copy. As Kyros attempted to attack the copy again, the real Doflamingo appeared behind Kyros and attempted to behead him with a kick, slicing the palace in the process. Luffy managed to save Kyros from a fatal blow. Doflamingo and his copy then tried to attack both Luffy and Kyros but they jumped out of the way. Luffy retaliated by using Jet Gatling but Doflamingo blocked the attack. His copy then struck Luffy from behind and he followed by giving Luffy a punch to the face, knocking him back.[134]

After informing Dold that he planned to create a bigger tragedy than the one he orchestrated ten years ago, he ordered Pica to throw the intruders present out of the palace. He then initiated his "Birdcage" plan, spreading his strings around the island forming a "cage" and blocking anyone from leaving.[134]

He then used his "parasite" ability to take control of numerous people in the country, making them rampage throughout the island. Doflamingo then made a public announcement to the country, claiming that now that the truth had been revealed, he was initiating a "game". Everybody was trapped inside his cage until one of two things happened: if someone managed to get to the palace and kill him, or they managed to kill a list of people on his hit list.[134]

Doflamingo explained his hit list: each head was worth a certain number of stars with each star worth Beli100 million. Rebecca, Robin, Kin'emon, Viola, and Franky were each worth one star. Kyros and Zoro were each worth two stars. Sabo, Luffy, Law, and Riku Dold III were each worth three stars. Usopp, surprisingly, was worth five stars, due to his role in .[135]

Later in his palace, Doflamingo is seen with the rest of his officers, except Jora, Dellinger, Machvise and Senor Pink. After destroying the keys to the factory, Doflamingo promptly forgave Trebol and Diamante for their failure, before discussing what to do about the Marines, specifically Fujitora. At this point Pica spoke up, revealing an extremely high pitched voice, offering to eliminate all of Doflamingo's opposition. However the Shichibukai stated that this was a game, an election to decide whether the Donquixote Family or the Riku Family was better fit to rule. As Pica started to reply, a minion snickered at the his voice, earning the ire of Doflamingo and the executive officers. After the soldier was dealt with, the Heavenly Yaksha menacingly told his minions that after losing his mother at eight and killing his father at ten, the only family he had was his officers, and that he would not forgive anyone who mocked them.[136]

When Luffy, Law, and Fighting Bull reached a dead end in a tunnel located on the first level of the new King's Plateau, Doflamingo appeared behind them.[137] The clone then attacked Fighting Bull with bullet thread, knocking him unconscious. As Luffy and Law fell into the water and became powerless, Doflamingo expressed his disappointment in Law for choosing Luffy as an ally. Before he could kill them, Abdullah and Jeet arrived and struck the clone in the back. At the palace, the real Doflamingo reminisced about the day he first met Law and commented that Law used to be like him.[138]

Bellamy later arrived and questioned Doflamingo about his betrayal. Doflamingo simply replied that their goals had been different from the very beginning and anything was fine by him as long as he can destroy the world.[139]

Later, when Luffy and Law stand before him after successfully infiltrating the palace, Doflamingo prepared for a confrontation, with Trebol to his side and Bellamy unconscious at his feet.[140] Doflamingo expressed his disappointment over how Luffy and Law had done such detrimental actions to his enterprises, as well as expressing contempt over Bellamy's failure.[141]

Luffy Hits Doflamingo with Red Hawk

Luffy hits Doflamingo with Red Hawk.

Angered, Luffy lashes out at Doflamingo with a kick, but the latter used Bellamy as a shield. He then attacked Law with a string clone and took control of Bellamy to attack Luffy. However, Luffy quickly became annoyed and aimed an attack at Law, confusing Doflamingo. He then realized too late what was going on when Law used Room to switch their places, resulting in him getting hit in the midsection by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk.[141]

As he recovers from the attack, Doflamingo defends Trebol from Law's attack and uses Full Bright to incapacitate him. Doflamingo then attacks Luffy, easily breaking through the younger pirate's defense with a Haki-enhanced kick, quickly following up by tying up Luffy's arms with his ability and then having Bellamy slash him. With his opponents in bad shape, Doflamingo states how he hates being looked down upon and reveals to everyone his former status as a World Noble. He then goes on to tell them about his past and how his wish is to destroy the society the World Nobles live in.[142]

He then proceeded to send his string clone and Bellamy after Luffy, while he confronted Law. When Law asked him why he was able to summon CP-0 despite being exiled from the World Nobles, Doflamingo revealed that he had knowledge of a secret National Treasure. Since the World Nobles could not kill him, they became cooperative. Doflamingo then explained that Law's Ope Ope No Mi had the power to make someone immortal at the cost of its user's life. As he and Law clashed, Doflamingo revealed that he never wanted Law to have the fruit in the first place and reminded Law that he had taught him multiple forms of combat. He then expressed his anger as Law declared that he would use the fruit's power to end him and his crew.[143]

Law continues to battle Doflamingo with Rosinante's murder still fresh on his mind. He questions Doflamingo what he thinks of Monkey D. Luffy. Doflamingo dismisses him thinking him being on the island by fate ridiculous. However, Law reveals he too has a D name something which shocks Doflamingo who becomes more wild and vicious in his attacks while dismissing the name D other then a superstition from his homeland. However, Trebol notices that he is too close within Law's range and shouts a warning. But it's too late as Law manages to pierce Doflamingo's midsection with his sword, vowing that since Rosinante could not pull the trigger that day, then he will be the one to pull the "trigger" for him.

Law tries to follow up on the attack but Dolflamingo recovers and grabs him, mocking Law for thinking he can take him and not trying to use a much stronger force such as Kaido to take him out and even proclaiming that, despite Rosinante's plans, he had always planned to take over Dressrosa. Law states he won't give up regardless so Doflamingo uses his power to sever Law's right arm and knocks him to the ground. Tired of his rebellion, Doflamingo prepares to shoot Law once again. Before he can pull the trigger, something comes busting up from the lower floor, the string clone now ripped into pieces. Luffy, now freed from the string bind, demands Doflamingo release Bellamy. Doflamingo obliged and did so, allowing Bellamy to fall to the ground.

Law Defeated By Doflamingo and Trebol

Doflamingo and Trebol defeat Law.

While Bellamy kept Luffy occupied inside the palace, Doflamingo and Trebol continued their assault on Law, eventually driving him to the edge of the palace. Doflamingo offered to make one wish of Law's come true if Law performed the Perennial Youth Operation on him, but Law mocked Doflamingo. This caused Doflamingo to become enraged and shoot Law several times,[144] however, after the first bullets hit, Law managed to switch himself with another person on the level below, and switched back when Doflamingo was done firing.[145]

After Luffy defeated Bellamy and shouted Doflamingo's name in anguish, Doflamingo laughed, saying that Luffy is in for a shock once he sees Law's dead body.[146]

Luffy returned to the palace rooftop and resumed his battle with Doflamingo. As they clashed, Luffy stumbled upon Law's unconscious body. When Luffy tried to speak to Law, Doflamingo stated that Law is dead. However, Luffy refused to believe him. As the Straw Hat captain screamed in rage, Doflamingo prepared to end his game as his Birdcage started to shrink.[144]

Doflamingo informed Luffy that the Birdcage will destroy everything in Dressrosa in about one hour. Luffy charged at Doflamingo, but to Doflamingo's surprise, Law suddenly appeared in front of him. Law attacked Doflamingo with Gamma Knife, damaging his internal organs. Doflamingo then grabbed onto Law's face but was quickly kicked away by Luffy's Jet Stamp. Law then placed a Room around himself and Doflamingo.

As Doflamingo lay injured on the floor, Law condemned him for murdering Corazon. When Doflamingo insulted his brother, Law attacked with Counter Shock. After Law collapsed from exhaustion, Doflamingo stood back up, revealing that he can use his string powers to fix his internal injuries. He then attempted to stomp on Law's head, but Luffy quickly intervened.[145]

Doflamingo attempted to finish off Law again, but Luffy countered him again using Haoshoku Haki. Doflamingo then battled Luffy, and though he managed to counter Luffy's early strikes, Luffy exploited an opening and repeately punched Doflamingo before attempting to finish him off with Gomu Gomu no Eagle Bazooka. However, Doflamingo evaded Luffy's final attack and kicked him using Athlete, sending Luffy into Trebol's trap.

Trebol gave Doflamingo the chance to finish Law off, but decided to go after Law himself after the Shichibukai insulted him. Trebol told Law about how he and the other Donquixote executives had cultivated Doflamingo to become a sovereign, but Law questioned Doflamingo's loyalty to him and the other executives. This caused Trebol to go into a rage and attack Law, even though Doflamingo noticed that Law activated a Room and warned Trebol not to attack. However, Trebol ignored Doflamingo, resulting in his defeat. Doflamingo was then caught in Trebol's explosion.[147]

Doflamingo managed to evade the explosion and saw Luffy throwing Law down to Nico Robin. Not willing to let Law get away, he tried shooting at Robin's group on the Flower Field using Tamaito, but was immediately hit afterwards by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Hawk Whip. He then watched as Cavendish arrived and deflected his Tamaito. Even though Cavendish desired to fight Doflamingo, he and the others left on Luffy's request. Doflamingo then resumed his battle with Luffy, with both of them commenting on each other's injuries. Luffy hit Doflamingo using two Busoshoku Haki-imbued fists, sending Doflamingo flying off the roof.

Doflamingo laughed them off, saying that Luffy's punches felt like no more than tickles. He then used Overheat to send Luffy flying off the roof, remembering the times he saw and heard of Luffy. Doflamingo kicked Luffy into the palace wall, causing a large chunk of it to fall apart. The two then clashed again, with Luffy using Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum. However, Doflamingo easily evaded this attack and exploited an opening it left to kick Luffy into the ground. He then taunted Luffy about the shrinking Birdcage, saying people would die soon all because the Straw Hats set foot on Dressrosa. Luffy became enraged at Doflamingo for hurting his friends, activating Gear Fourth.[148]

Upon seeing Luffy activate it, Doflamingo laughs at the absurdity of the form, thinking Luffy just simply made himself bigger and bouncier in a desperate attempt to intimidate him. However, Luffy gives him a showcase of his new power by retracting his fist into his arm and hitting Doflamingo with it like a cannon. Doflamingo tries to block but the impact sends him flying from the palace, through a few buildings into the center district of the town much to the astonishment of the few citizens lingering in the area. Doflamingo gets to his feet scaring them off, surprised at how far he was sent flying. It's then he notices Luffy using his new form to fly towards him.

Once in view, Luffy suddenly zips to where he is and appears on his left side. Doflamingo barely gets his Busoshoku Haki up in time before Luffy hits him with a drop kick attack that sends him flying toward the former king plateau. Finally getting fed up, Doflamingo goes back on the offensive. Managing to avoid one of Luffy's stretched punches and aiming a kick to Luffy's stomach. However to his surprise, he finds that even though the two of them are using Busoshoku Haki, Luffy's body is still rubbery and his attack just bounces right off him. Luffy then knocks Doflamingo back a good distance and sends his "Culverin" after him. Doflamingo figures Luffy's arm will stop short of reaching him but again is proven wrong when the attack tracks to where he is and winds up punching him in the face.[149]

Doflamingo was sent crashing into the ground again, and tried to comprehend Luffy's new form. Luffy then flew toward Doflamingo, intent on ending their battle. Doflamingo mocking asked Luffy how much time he had left in that form as he blocked Luffy's attack by summoning a wave of strings from the ground. Doflamingo then revealed to an astonished Luffy the increased potential of Awakened Devil Fruits as he turned the surrounding buildings into string.[150]

Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka

Luffy hits Doflamingo with Leo Bazooka.

Twenty minutes later, Doflamingo continued hurling strings at Luffy as he listened to Riku's speech. Doflamingo then stated that it was time for everyone to die and turned more buildings into string, aiming all of them at Luffy. However, Luffy evaded the string and flew toward Doflamingo, hitting the Shichibukai with Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka. Doflamingo tried to counter, but was sent flying into the palace mountain.[150]

Luffy's attack failed to completely incapacitate Doflamingo and his Birdcage remained active. Luffy attempted to finish Doflamingo off but his Gear Fourth wore off just as Doflamingo got himself up and started searching for luffy. Doflamingo soon found himself being confronted by the gladiators from the colosseum.[151] However, Doflamingo easily massacred them while searching for Luffy.[152]

Doflamingo then decided to accelerate the speed of the Birdcage to draw luffy out just as he was confronted by his former crewmate Viola who challenged him to a fight. Doflamingo gravely injured Viola, saying that he does not tolerate traitors. While immobilizing Viola, he took control of Rebecca, preparing her to strike down her defenseless aunt. At that moment, Gatz made his broadcast, revealing to everyone on Dressrosa that Luffy would bring down Doflamingo once and for all in ten seconds. Gatz taunted Doflamingo, causing the Shichibukai to become enraged and stab him with a sheet of string. When Doflamingo was about to kill Viola through Rebecca, Law switched Viola's position with a rejuvenated Luffy, who prepared to fight Doflamingo once more.[153]

Doflamingo attacked both Luffy and Rebecca with his strings, but Law saved Rebecca, so he turned his attention solely to Luffy. Doflamingo then turned an entire portion of the town into string to attack Luffy with a thousand "Flap Thread" string arrows.

Doflamingo immobilized Luffy and taunted him by saying that all the slaughter could have been avoided had the people of Dressrosa just accepted their manipulation. This enraged Luffy to the point where he instantly reactivated Gear Fourth and broke the strings holding him, taking the remainder of the fight into the skies above.

After once again saying Luffy stood no chance against him due to his "commoner's blood", Doflamingo attempted to trap him in his Spider's Web. As Luffy enlarged his right arm and readied his final attack, Doflamingo unleashed 16 God Threads in a last ditch effort to kill Luffy. Despite this, Luffy's King Kong Gun broke through Doflamingo's attack and slammed Doflamingo into the ground. The force was so powerful that it upturned an entire section of the city in the impact and shattered his trademark sunglasses.[154]

Doflamingo Being Arrested

Doflamingo being striped of his title.

Doflamingo fell into the underground trade port as a result of the attack and finally lost consciousness, making the Birdcage crumble away.[155] His unconscious body was later found by the Marines and they arrested him while chaining his body in Seastone shackles and put a blindfold over his still unseen eyes.[156]

Law rested with the Straw Hat Pirates in Kyros' house for the next few days. On the third day, Fujitora and the Marines went after him and Luffy, so Law escaped along with the Straw Hat Pirates and Bellamy.[157] However, he broke off from the group without them noticing.[158]

It later turned out that Law had secretly went to speak with Sengoku (who had recently arrived with Tsuru) and the two spoke about Donquixote Rosinante (Law's benefactor and Sengoku's adoptive son). The more they spoke the more Sengoku understood the reason for Rosinante caring about Law and him disrupting the trade for the Ope Ope No Mi. When Law mention the probable reason that Rosinante saved him was because he had D. in his name something which shocked Sengoku. Despite his shock, Sengoku firmly told Law that Rosinante truly loved him and that they should both should remember him fondly while telling Law to live the life Rosinante sacrificed his own to save.[159]

Law then saw the rubble on Dressrosa being lifted into the sky, which caused him to realize that Issho was planning to use it to finish off the Straw Hats and the other pirates on Dressrosa. Law immediately hurried to regroup with his allies and was able to escape the island.[160]

Before the many individuals who had helped in the fight against the Donquixote Family went their separate ways, Law witnessed seven different groups pledge their allegiance to the Straw Hat Pirates after being amazed by Luffy's valiant actions in Dressrosa, resulting in the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.[161]

Doflamingo was locked away in a cell on board a Marine warship bound for Impel Down guarded by Sengoku, Tsuru, and Fujitora, as well as three other warships. Shackled and bandaged, he was given the dignity of a new set of sunglasses. He showed no regret at his defeat, and instead seemed thrilled at the prospect of the consequences of being removed from power, taunting Fujitora for being foolish and not choosing to side with him in bringing down Law and Luffy. He saw himself as the one who held the reins on all the world's "monsters", and though Tsuru thought these were empty threats from a defeated man, Doflamingo mused that major figures throughout the world were soon going to clash in a battle for supremacy now that he wasn't around to keep them held back, and requested a daily newspaper at Impel Down to keep himself from getting bored while imprisoned.

However, a pirate ship flying Kaido's jolly roger under the command of Captain Jack trailed behind the small fleet of four Marine warships, and Jack decided to pursue and attack the ships despite the strength of the escort, intending to take Doflamingo back.

Law and the Straw Hats later traveled with the Barto Club to travel to regroup with the other Straw Hats on Zo and while aboard the ship they learned of their new bounties. Law had learned that his bounty had increased to 500,000,000 Beli which officially meant he had been expelled from Shichibukai but he showed no concern.[162]

Zou ArcEdit

Edward Weevil Anime Infobox

The seventh Shichibukai, Edward Weevil.

On another island in the New World, the A.O Pirates (a crew that was allied with the Whitebeard Pirates) had been defeated by the newly instated Shichibukai Edward Weevil who claimed to be the son of the late Whitebeard, which became the sixteenth division of the Whitebeard Pirates to fall to Weevil so far, in the wake of approximately 600 civilian casualties and several destroyed towns caused by his rampages.

Weevil and his mother Miss Bakkin, Whitebeard's supposed lover, discussed hunting down all the remaining crewmates of his supposed father in order to find out if Whitebeard may have hidden any treasure. However, Weevil was more concerned about getting revenge on Marshall D. Teach for killing his father but his mother told him revenge would not bring to focus on gathering. As the two talked, a News Coo delivered Bakkin a newspaper, and as she read it, she discovered Monkey D. Luffy has defeated Donquixote Doflamingo. Remembering that he was saved by Whitebeard Pirates during the Battle of Marineford they assumed he may have knowledge on the crew and Weevil suggested they go after him and interrogate him for answers.[74]

Buggy's Delivery Celebrates

Buggy's delivery company celebrates their business boom after the defeat of Doflamingo.

On Karai Bari Island, the Pirate Dispatch Company, "Buggy's Delivery", celebrated a massive jump in their business requests after Doflamingo was incarcerated and his underworld business deals were silenced. It had resulted in a huge demand for mercenaries and weapons, allowing them to effectively corner the war market. Buggy continued to maintain his larger than life reputation by using his Bara Bara no Mi to make himself appear larger and more intimidating to his onlookers with the help of a cloak, splitting his body parts outward underneath, and longer hair, while the primary members of his crew lounged behind him, aware this was just a big act to make himself look grander than he really was.

Buggy cheered the rest of his naive subordinates on and encouraged them to run wild and loot as they pleased, as any act of piracy they committed was overlooked while he held the title of a Royal Shichibukai. However, his merriment was soon dashed by news from Mohji that their most valuable asset under their employ, the Giant Warrior Pirates, five giants led by the mercenary Hajrudin, were all quitting the company, leaving Buggy in a state of shock and rage at the idea their main source of profit was leaving when they were needed more than ever before. Mohji hesitated to tell his captain that the reason was because the giants had sworn their allegiance to Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates after witnessing his heroic actions in Dressrosa, as Luffy had a bad history with Buggy's as one of his most hated enemies and a persistent thorn in his side. Nevertheless, Buggy forced Mohji to reveal the truth anyway.[163]


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