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Shanba[2] is an inhabitant of Torino Kingdom. He was first seen at the time of Chopper's arrival.[1]


As an inhabitant of Torino Kingdom, Shanba is rather short and fat, and has black hair and a black mustache. He also has a distinctive eye tattoo on his right arm.


Shanba originally thought Chopper was a tanuki[1] and tried to hunt him.[3] Along with the rest of his tribe, he was revealed to be quite intelligent.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Shanba’s intelligence[4] allows him to use advanced weapons, such as the rocket spears that he and his tribe mates are seen using.[3] He seems to be quite proficient in using them.[5]


Straw Hat SeparationEdit

When Chopper landed on Torino Kingdom, Shanba was one of the inhabitants who suggested making the reindeer into stew[1] and was seen chasing him.[3] Afterward, he, along with a few others, engaged in a fight with the Torino birds.[5] Later, Shanba and the other natives befriended Chopper, who eventually resolved the conflict between them and the Torino birds. They bid Chopper farewell when he left to return to Luffy.[6] Shanba was seen again with the rest of his tribe when Chopper returned, and said that his disguise wasn't working.[4]

From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man ArcEdit

After Doflamingo's defeat at Dressrosa, Shanba, his tribe, and the giant birds receive Chopper's new wanted poster.[7]


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