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Sexy Foxy
Sexy Foxy Infobox
Japanese Name: セクシー・フォクシー号
Romanized Name: Sekushī Fokushī-gō
English Name: Sexy Foxy
First Appearance: Chapter 304; Episode 207
Affiliations: Foxy Pirates

The Sexy Foxy is the ship used by Foxy the Silver Fox and his Foxy Pirates. She is an enormous ship with a giant fox head at the bow. The final event of the Davy Back Fight, the combat, took place here.[1]

Ship Design and AppearanceEdit

Sexy Foxy Birds Eye View
A bird's eye-view of the Sexy Foxy.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

Obviously built in Foxy's namesake, the Sexy Foxy is an enormous ship (which it has to be in order to hold 500 crewmembers) with a huge bow shaped like a fox's head and a large replica of a tail sticking out of the stern (which is possibly the ship's rudder). The Sexy Foxy's anchor is a huge wooden fox's paw attached to chain. The paw has sharp claws that dig into the earth when it is lowered, acting as anchors to keep the ship in place.


When a fight takes place on Foxy's ship, Foxy often runs below deck to prepare traps for the opponent. Below deck, there is a kitchen, an armory, a gun-deck, an infirmary, and even a dungeon. However, the most wondrous of all the chambers has to be the mecha chamber, where Foxy keeps the Gorilla Puncher #13, along with his other robots.[2]

Weapons and TrapsEdit

Keeping in with his dishonest methods, many traps can be found on Foxy's ship, such as a room with every inch of the floor covered in spikes,[3] a trapdoor that drops the opponent onto a conveyor belt which leads to a small door on the ship's outside,arrow launcher's, and even small cannons that can be rotated and fired at the opponent.

The Sexy Foxy had Foxy's Gorilla Puncher #13 robot in addition to the traps. In the anime she also had other robots and a small crab themed submarine.


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