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Seamars Manga Infobox
Japanese Name: シーマーズ
Romanized Name: Shīmāzu
English Name: N/A
Debut: Chapter 441 cover page
Affiliations: Space Pirates
Occupations: Captain, Pirate

Captain Seamars[1] is the captain of the Space Pirates who appears in Enel's cover story.


Seamars Digital Colored Manga

Seamars' color scheme in the digital colored manga.

Seamars is a fox-like alien that has a long white beard and wears a top hat. He wears a body suit that has what they seem to be three manometers on it: one on the left sleeve, another on the right, and the last on the chest area. His suit also has boots.


Seamars is quite vicious, since he attacked Spacey, the other Automata, and Enel without reason or warning. He is unfamiliar to the facts of Logia Devil Fruits.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He carries a spear, which he is presumably proficient in using.


Seamars makes his first appearance after Enel lands on the moon. He finds and attacks Enel and First Lieutenant Spacey in a crater. Seamars attacks Spacey first and skewers him with an electrical spear nearly killing him. The Space Pirate then try to skewer Enel, but Enel does not even react at first (the space pirate being unaware that Enel is a Logia-type Devil Fruit user). Enel then attacks and defeats Seamars.

Major BattlesEdit


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