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The Seaboar is a sea creature that debuted in Hatchan's Sea-Floor Stroll.


The Seaboar is a large ocean-faring creature, composed of a huge, bulky fish's body with a relatively thin dorsal fin and the head of a boar, complete with tusk, snout, and some hair on top.


The Seaboar was terrified by the large sea monster that was about to attack it. It was so nervous that it regurgitated Keimi and Pappug, suggesting that it has stomach troubles when it is scared.


The Seaboar was attacked by a sea monster that was much larger than it, but Hatchan saved it with a trident that he obtained from the Goldfish Princess.[1] After being rescued, the seaboar regurgitated something that it swallowed earlier,[2] which is revealed to be Keimi and Pappug.[3] After that, the seaboar was unconscious as Keimi and Pappug thanked Hatchan.[4]


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