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A Scientist is an individual who uses his knowledge and expertise to help engineer new creations to serve the world.


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Scientists in One PieceEdit

In the series, Scientists often serve the goals of a higher authority. Some have command over their own stations and have a team who assist them. Some have been able to manipulate and transform the environment, and even achieve space travel. Depending on the person, their creations can either be used for good or for evil; but they are usually utilized to create weapons and tools for their comrades or themselves. Cyborgs are one of the most common yet advanced inventions of scientists, along with giving Devil Fruit abilities to inanimate objects such as swords. Gigantification is one of the most sought after goals for scientists, and many have worked on it for centuries, but due to the complexity, the perfected version has yet to be accomplished; success would bring worldwide fame and glory to the scientist who achieves it.[1] The procedure for cloning humans is considered illegal outside of the World Government's sanctions, and any unauthorized usage of this branch of science will result in the users to be arrested.[2]


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  2. One Piece Manga — Vol. 84 Chapter 840 (p. 3-5), Yonji explains cloning to Sanji.

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