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Sapi[2] was the fish salesman who sold Sanji the blue-finned elephant tuna which he claimed to have caught himself.


Sapi is half fishman and half human.[2] He has a small blue ponytail that resembles a fish fin, and the rest of his hair is shaved. He has tan-ish skin, and seems to be quite muscular. He is seen with a large grin, and wears a dark yellow shirt with horizontal lines on it.[1]


Judging by his large grin, he was proud of himself for catching such a good fish. Sapi seems to enjoy fishing, and selling fish.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Being only a half-fishman, he may not have the same level of superhuman strength, or be able to breathe underwater, as other Fishmen do.[2]

He seems to be a skilled fisherman, as he was able to catch a large fish, rare around the East Blue.[1]


Loguetown ArcEdit

Sapi offered to sell Sanji a cut of the Blue-Finned Elephant Tuna he caught, but Sanji bought the entire fish instead, much to Sapi's delight.[3]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

In the anime, Sapi did not sell Sanji the Blue-Finned Elephant Tuna; rather, he told the cook about a competition that gives out the fish as a prize. Also, in the anime, Sapi's name has been changed to Ness (ネス Nesu?).


  • Sapi is the first known person to be a cross species of a fishman and a human. Unlike the second one, the third one, and the fourth one, however, his hybrid race is revealed only in the databook.


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