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Sandora Desert (サンドラ砂漠 Sandora Sabaku?) is the name of the desert that takes up all of Alabasta. The desert is very ancient. Sand dunes can pile up to 300m. It first appeared in Chapter 162 and Episode 97.

The Sandora River cuts through the desert.



This is where the Sandora Lizards, Kung-Fu Dugongs, Erimaki Runners, Super Spot-Billed Ducks, and Warusagi Birds live. Eyelashes the Camel and Scissors live here as well. There is plant called the Mescal Cactus that was found here. Hero Water may be found here as well.

Sandora Desert BanditsEdit

The Sandora Desert Bandits are an anime-only group of bandits that live in the Sandora Desert. They are the sworn enemies of the Barbar Pirates. They also use Sandora Giant Bugs to attack their enemies. They first appeared in Episode 98.

Notable AreasEdit


  • The Sandora Desert is probably a reference to the Sahara, an Egyptian desert.

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