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A Sand Sled is an anime-only ship that can travel on the sand. The Barbar Pirates use those kind of ships and Rasa is the best Sand Sled navigator in the group.

Ship Design and AppearanceEdit

Sand Sled is a large grey and brown ship. The front of the ship features a large purple umbrella for slowing down.


When Vivi, Nami and Eyelashes get separated from the other Straw Hat Pirates while traveling across the desert in Alabasta. The other Straw Hats then notice the sand sled in front of them. Usopp using his goggles spots Vivi, Nami and Eyelashes on board their ship and notifies the others. Monkey D. Luffy then proceeds to launch himself towards the ship and fails to let go, due to the heat making him tired, which results in the ship's mast breaking.

After Luffy introduces himself to ship captain Barbarossa, he lets free Vivi, Nami, Eyelashes and expressed his apologies to Luffy with Vivi and Rasa with Zaba then out head in small sledges to Yuba to find wood to repair the mast. After the others leave, desert thieves come to attack to the ship and the Barbar pirates. They then launch a big rock in a attempt to break the ship, Barbarossa then tries to stop rock but fails, so Zoro and Sanji step in to destroy it. After their return Barbarossa tells the Straw Hats to head towards Ido for food and water. Afterwards both pirate crews wave goodbye to each other.

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