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Sam-san (サムさん, full title: "Ordinary everyday person" Sam-san) is a person that appears as drunk man in One Piece on very rare occasions.[1]


Sam has a black mustache which is straightened down on both ends. He usually sports a red face due to his drunkenness.


Sam is a very stressed out person due to the rebellious nature of his daughters. To cope with his stress, he drinks heavily and has a habit of getting very drunk. When he's drunk, he becomes much more fun loving and joins any crowd or party he would happen to run into.


The idea behind him is the same as Pandaman, only he is much rarer to see and normally less noticed. His first appearance was during the Arlong Park Arc when everyone was celebrating Arlong's defeat.[1]

His story according to Oda was he was on his way home from his daughter's wedding, drunk, saw a party and decided to join in.[2] He was also seen in the Loguetown Arc filler episodes as one of the judges of the cooking contest.[3]

He was next seen in the Alabasta Arc in the manga.[4] Oda went on to explain he was there because his second daughter was getting married. He also said his wife had left him when their eldest was 8 and he ended up raising all his daughters on his own. The second daughter was apparently the trouble maker and despite the trouble she gave him, when she got married he went out and got drunk because it saddened him that she was leaving. Somehow he ended up in Alabasta after having one too many drinks.[5]

Sam is one of Oda's jokes in the SBS corner, although it was more likely just a less-than-serious answer Oda came up with to answer the question as to why the same random drunk was in two different panels in the manga. Sam-san has made few appearances in the Manga, however he has been featured in the background of the One Piece anime on several occasions.


  • Despite his overall lack of appearances in the manga, in the anime he is quite popular and makes appearances in TV specials regularly alongside other Easter Egg characters, making him one of the more common reoccurring hidden characters.
  • He seems to make a quick appearance in the beginning of Dead End Adventure movie.


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