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Sabaody Park
Sabaody Park Infobox
Japanese Name: シャボンディパーク
Romanized Name: Shabondi Pāku
English Name: Sabaody Park
Debut: Chapter 499; Episode 393
Region: Paradise

Sabaody Park is a famous amusement park at Sabaody Archipelago.[1] Keimi used to dream of coming here but, because merfolk are highly targeted,[2] they are unable to attend unless in disguise.


The Straw Hat Pirates came to the park along with Keimi, Pappug, and Hatchan to enjoy the festivities, and when Pappug spun the teacup ride too hard, they all ended up vomiting all over the place, as well as breaking the ride, much to the operator's fury. Regardless, they continued to enjoy themselves. This all ended when they dropped their guard, leading Peterman and his group to kidnap Keimi, who saw through her disguise and realized she was a mermaid, and tried to sell her into slavery.[2]

Known AttractionsEdit

As a big park, Sabaody Park has many amusement attractions and roller coaster rides for enjoyment.

Sabaody carrousel
Sabaody Fall
Log Ride
Sabaody ferris wheel
Ferris Wheel
Sabaody Horror show
Horror Show



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