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For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 53.
Sabagashira I
Sabagashira I Infobox
Japanese Name: サバガシラ1号
Romanized Name: Sabagashira Ichi-gō
English Name: Mackerel Head #1
First Appearance: Chapter 53; Episode 20
Affiliations: Baratie

Sabagashira I is a small battleship that resembles a fish in which it is connected to the Baratie. It is piloted by Patty and Carne.

Abilities and DesignEdit

The ship is a paddle-boat that the pilots peddle from within. The "mouth" of the ship has three cannons that can create quite some damage. It was stated by Patty that is the ultimate weapon of Baratie.


Baratie ArcEdit

The Sabagashira I was used against the Krieg Pirates. Patty and Carne tried to use the cannons to strike down Don Krieg, but his Wootz Steel Armor protected him from the blasts, and he lifts the ship like a toy with his great strength, throwing it onto the rooftop of the ocean going restaurant.


  • Saba (鯖) means "mackerel", and "gashira" (頭) means "head". This makes the literal translation of Sabagashira "Mackerel Head".

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