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  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 287, Page 44Edit


Woohoo! I said it! I finally said it! Oh, I'm overcome with joy! I bet you all thought I'd given up on it lately, didn't you? Haha, well you're still too green. I was only looking for the perfect chance all along. Ahh... This feels great. You ain't gonna take this from me anymore! Come at me if you dare!

D: Oda-sensei, I've been wondering something as I watched One Piece. Why don't LuffyZoro or the others have armpit hair? I'm younger than Luffy and I've already got A JUNGLE DOWN THERE.

Seriously, why they don't have any? (tears)

-by Seriously, why?-

O: Is it really fine to draw them?

I mean, if that's what people want, I'll draw some thick bushes.

D: What do Zoro's new attack "X-Pound Cannon" mean?

-P.N. Mikan-

SBS Vol.31 1

12-pound cannon

O: "12-pound cannon" and "24-pound cannon"attacks refer to cannons that can shoot cannonballs of those weights. 12 pounds might not sound like much, but the cannon needed to shoot them will need to weight over 1 ton. (1 pound = roughly 0.45kg).

What you shouldn't get them mixed up for is a fond de veau. That's something used im French cuisine.

(Note: Yes, Fond de veau is a Japanese pun pronunciation on "X-pondo hou," the spelling for "X-pound cannon." Even in Japanese, it's a stretch.)

Chapter 289, Page 86Edit

SBS Vol.31 2

D: Hello, Oda-sensei! I always read your manga with great pleasure.This might be sudden, but there's something I simply have to ask you. And that's about this picture right here. "Aww, isn't Chopper's surprised, round head so cute..."

WAIT, NO! My real question is...


Please tell me just what is going on with this image.

O: Ah, I got a mountain-load of letters about this, so let me just say to all of you...


Basically, in this scene, Chopper was SO surprised that he felt even his antlers were about to jump out. That's what he was trying to convey to us by striking this pose. Maybe! It could be said... That this was his own... unique style of... Rock! Ok, next question.

SBS Vol.31 3

D: In Chapter 284's cover page, you drew an adorble dog smoking a cigarette. Even if you are Oda-sensei, I cannot let this stand by! Are you trying to give this dog health problems?!

-P.N. Animal Rights Organization Member no. 17-

O: Oh... Clearly, we were quite careless about this matter... We are terribly sorry. I'll make sure I properly scold Sanji. That troublemaker!

Chapter 290, Page 106Edit

D: Hello, Oda Eiichiro-san. Thanks for everything. I recently re-read One Piece over from the very first volume, and I came back with a very strong impression. THE SBS USED TO BE GOOD. Since when did it turn so random and useless? Whose fault was this? It's getting to be such a problem that Gaimon-san cannot stop growing (his son is worried, too) Help me!
P.S. Did you know that there is somebody inside Gachapin?

SBS Vol.31 4

Gachapin and Mukku (kinda, well not really)

O: Hold up a second. This P.S. is far more disconcerting to me than the actual letter. GACHAPIN IS ACTUALLY WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE. (I SWEAR) There's nobody inside him. Stop your lying! Hmph. Anyways. Gachapin is apparently a baby dinosaur, and Mukku, his sidekick, is an Abominable Snowman. I can see "baby dinosaur"... but "abominable snowman"? He's freakin' red!! How can there be a brick-red abominable snowman on the white snowy peak of a mountain? HE'S TRYING TOO HARD TO DRAW ATTENTION TO HIMSELF. THAT'S WHY I LOVE MUKKU. Japanese children grow up and learn by watching stuff like Ponkikki (another costumed character). So, what was your question again? Oh yeah, why is the SBS like this. Well it's definitely not MY fault.

Chapter 293, Page 166Edit

SBS Vol.31 5

D: Oda-san greetings!! I would really like to see these earth-domination-plotting aliens like "Nnke-kun", (mmkay?) the partner of "Domo-kun" (Volume 2, p. 13). Please show me what he looks like.

O: Yes, a very very old hidden character. I figured that after mentioning in One Piece "Blue" that he had a friend, someone would be interested, so here they are! Domo-kun and Nnke-kun!! Clapclapclapclapclap...!! I thought him up in high school. In my collection of "masterpieces", "Wanted", they're hiding in the short story "God's Gift for the Future". Now that I've introduced them once more, I'll probably end up doodling them into some pictures (lol).

(Left: Domo-kun. Right: Nnke-kun.)

SBS Vol.31 8

D: Is that thing on the Almighty God Enel-san's head a rubber swimming cap?

O: ...yes. That's it. (lazy explanation) Oh, no wait. There's no rubber on the Sky Islands. So... it's made of cloth. (mega-lazy explanation)

SBS Vol.31 6

D: Hello, Oda-sensei. On the right side of the first panel on Volume 26 page 54, is that Zoro trying to jump into the sea of clouds real casual-like? He must have really wanted to dive in there!!

O: Yeah. What a retard.

Chapter 294, Page 186Edit

SBS Vol.31 7

D: Hello, my name is Akihiko. Now, Oda-sensei, I know you must have gotten tons of letters saying, "There's a mistake on Volume 28 page 155!!" right? Since you're so busy with working on the manga and all, I've thought up an answer for you. During the "Surprise Dial Illusion," Hotori and Kotori's necks were able to spin around and around, right?! It makes so much sense now...

O: Whoa!! Akihiko!! You're such a nice guy!! Yes. SO many people pointed that one out. You see, their dials got kind of mixed up with the left and right and all, so yeah (sorry). While I was amazed and touched that people were watching that carefully, I was also worried about how to explain it, so I was on the verge of ignoring the issue entirely (hey), until your wonderful letter came along. I'm so happy I could cry. Good job, Akihiko-kun!! So there's your explanation, everyone!! (hey)

D: Nice to meet you, Oda-sensei, hello! Now, as I've been watching the One Piece anime, I've begun to notice that Pandaman pops up in the anime in all the same scenes that he hides in within the manga!! Is that because you point him out to them and say, "This is where he shows up"?

O: Nope, not at all. I've never told them even once. He'd probably still show up even if I stopped drawing him in the manga. That's just the animators having some fun. I tell the voice actors to have fun by doing adlibs, and aside from the important and dramatic scenes, I'd like to see people having more fun with the anime itself. When you enjoy creating it, the people watching it feel the enjoyment as well. See you in the SBS next time around!!

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