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  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 276, Page 24Edit

D: Welcome home, dear Oda. Would you like something to eat, or maybe a bath? Or would you rather have... me? What? Oh, you'd rather read your fan mail? Very well, then... Let me introduce SBS! (Love, your dear wife)

Sbs 276 1
"Pandaman" written within the Poneglyph in Alabasta.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

O: What? Wife...? Wait a sec... Oh no!

D: Mr. Oda! In Volume 22, page 142, you drew the Poneglyph, but why is "Pandaman" written on it? Is Pandaman an important character in the history of Alabasta?

O: Congratulations, dear reader! You've found the kana among all the scribbles! Yes, Pandaman is everywhere, writing included.

D: Oda, honey...! Won't you draw the seven protagonists with your mouth? K. H. Shuichi

O: No way! Don't tempt me to do stuff like that!

Chapter 277, Page 44Edit

Sbs 277 1
Artificial Rain Ship
ZodiaqueAdded by Zodiaque

D: I recently heard on the radio that during the Wimbledon Tournament, if it rains they blow the clouds away with jets. It keeps Wimbledon dry, but makes it rain a lot in surrounding areas. Of course I immediately thought of you and your Dance Powder. Imagine, it's really possible to manipulate rain. Did you know this when you wrote the Alabasta arc?

O: Rain and drought has been a matter of life and death for mankind since the beginning of time, and there's always been people who've dreamed of controlling the weather. With the Marines' Rain Ship, the dream apparently came true, but it cost a fortune to test the equipment, as it was hard to prove it wouldn't have rained regardless. Anyway, my inspiration for the Dance Powder is silver iodide. When burned, the smoke rises, and the chance of rain increases notably.

Chapter 279, Page 84Edit

D: Dear nice sweet cute Oda-pie! Won't you please (x1000) make us a new class scheduler? Please, please, please! Shibu & Ishi.

O: A class scheduler? Yes, I made one of those a couple years back, and the readers seemed to appreciate it. Problem is, class schedulers look different now than when I was in school. I need your help. Send me your class schedulers, and tell me what's good and bad about it, so I can make one that's better than all the others!

D: Konnichiwa! One of my friends come from a place where they hold an annual "Belly Button Festival". Don't you think Conis and her friends will be there?

O: What's that? A "Belly Button Festival"? What do they do there, belly dance? Yes, of course everyone from Skypiea will be there. Enel too!

D: Why do all the good-looking girls in One Piece have big breasts? Oda, you're a chauvinistic a-hole! I'm sure Sanji understands that women are more than looks. He happens to be a gentleman.

S (Sanji): Of course, dear! It's what's inside that counts!

O: Sanji, did you see that? Nami put on her new bikini!

S: Ah, Nami! Isn't there something I should carry for you?

Chapter 280, Page 104Edit

D: Dear Mr. Oda, can't you please tell me a bit about the Devil Fruit? In chapter 180, Enel says "If he's a Paramecia, his powers won't reach further than his body." Does this mean that, say, Captain Smoker and Sir Crocodile aren't Paramecias? Also, what are they? Bon apetit!

O: All right, let me explain. There are three base Devil Fruit types, as demonstrated by this list:

Paramecia Zoan Logia

Did that help? Logia is the "best" of the three types, as it gives control over the forces of nature.

Chapter 281, Page 124Edit

I got these funny proverb cards from Yoshiko-san, Tokyo. Don't forget your homework, now!

  • Rather long-legged than short-handed.
  • Rather nosy than not have a nose at all.
  • If one lies long enough, one starts to believe it oneself.
  • One shouldn't throw apples, that's the core of it.
  • Speech is silver, silence is gold.
  • A single drop does not fear the sea.
  • It's too late to start saving once one has hit rock bottom.
  • One isn't drunk until one can't lie on the floor without supporting oneself.
  • The one who saves for the night gets crumbs in the bed!
  • Rather be dumb and happy than learn one's lesson.
  • The one who lowers his head raises his butt - and that's just asking for it!
  • Rather impressively stupid than stupidly smart!

Chapter 282, Page 144Edit

D: I've noticed that all the One Piece characters have a great fashion sense. Does that hold true for you as well, Oda?

O: Yes. As a man, one needs to focus on one's look and way of dressing. As an example, my hairdo grows wild, and gives me a very "natural look". My clothes are found in the second-hand store, and fit every occasion and season. I prefer suspenders to belts, and usually wear sandals - even on polished floors.

D: Explain one thing to me. In Volume 27, Luffy and Sanji make distilled water. How do you do that? You see, I'm planning a trip to the jungle as well.

O:Certainly. Here's how:

Sbs 282 1b
Diagram: Water 2, Distilled Water, Water 1, Fire. Left side: tied with rope or something.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000
Sbs 282 1

One uses three containers - pots or something similiar - a big one, a small one, and one with a pointy or rounded bottom - the latter has to be clean on the outside as well. The water can be dirty moss water or even salt water. See the illustration for how to set them up. The water at the bottom will heat up and turn to steam, the steam will condense at the upper, cooler, container, and drip into the small container. Of course, it takes some time, but it will be pure drinking water - and that can at times be more valuable than gold.

Chapter 284, Page 184Edit

Sbs ch284 1
7 Straw Hats drawn by Oda's mouth
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

O: The experiment has been conducted. I do not recommend others doing this. So please, don't send me any more of these crazy requests. P.N. Shuichi-kun. My front teeth hurt now!! They're about to break!! See you again next volume!!

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