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Volume 28 Chapter 256 (Page 26)Edit

D: Hello, Oda-sensei. Please, listen to my dream. Because of One Piece, I've found the desire to become an animator. And so-!! Please allow me to say THE WORDS, knowing my great desire! Please!!! Here we go... "All you One Piece readers!" "START THE SBS!!" Ahhh, I finally said it... thank you very much. (by octopus girl)

O: Fnng!! ...nng!! ...daa!!! ...hahh, hahh... Wow, that was a close one... I almost couldn't get my finger out of my nose. Please, everyone, be careful not to stick your finger too far up your nose! Well, since the SBS seems to have started without me, let's go!

D: Oda Eiichiro-sama, I have great respect for you... (no, really)... so I have one question. Just one little question. May I ask you? Huh?! I can?! Yay!! Very well, I will ask with nary a hairy of regret.(?) WHAT SPECIES ARE YOU?


D: Hullo!! I have thought up a brand new move for Luffy. I'm going to try it on you now, Odacchi, so just sit back and take it. GOMU GOMU GOMUUUUUU!! How was that? pen name: Grampa

O: Whoa, you really got me... hmmmmmmmmm, it was kinda RUBBERY! Yep. I suppose... that was all right, I guess. Moving on.

Volume 28 Chapter 257 (Page 46)Edit

D: Hello! Oda-sensei! In an SBS in Volume 25, you said, "Manga is something where everyone's dreams are depicted." I found that to be a very moving statement. However, there's just one thing that's strange about that. In my dreams, I see Nami naked, but I don't see her naked in the manga. Why is that?

O: Nami naked. Yeah, I'd sure like to see that. She was in that bath scene not too long ago. Why didn't she move her stupid hand out of the way?! Honestly. And why does Vivi have a towel wrapped around her body in a BATH?! Talk about a lack of common sense. I'll work harder on the camera angle next time!

D: What's the radius that Nico Robin can extend parts of her body, 200 HanaHana's? by tomoya

O: Yep. Yeah. That's right.

D: Oda-sensei!!!! Once my dad told me, "One Piece is a really WEIRD manga", and I was about to tell him "ONE PIECE IS A REALLY *GREAT* MANGA!!" (really)

O: A cry from the heart!! Say it from your mouth! Come on everybody, say it together!! "ONE PIECE IS A REALLY WEIRD MANGA!!" Yahooo! Springtime.

D: You and the characters of One Piece say the word "Kokoro-iki" VERY often. Just what is "kokoro-iki"?! (I think I translated it as "spirit" or "will" most of the time) I don't understand. When I looked it up in the dictionary... it wasn't there! Do all of your other readers know what it means?? Please tell me!

O: "Kokoro-iki". Kind of like "strength of feeling". When people strongly desire something, their "kokoro-iki" goes into action. Those people are very fascinating.

Volume 28 Chapter 258 (Page 66)Edit

O: Game time. Thank you, pen name Kitchen Monster-chan! Now, get lost! Answer's on page 144!

Directions: Starting with Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Nami and Sanji, which will take you to the goal? (follow the directions in the spaces)

Chopper: You can't trust Usopp, Luffy will probably stop on the meat, and Zoro would get lost. I guess it has to be Nami or Sanji.

Robin: But maybe one of the little lost boys could make it...

Chopper: HUH?! R-really?

(the goal is in the center. U = up, D = down, L = left, R = right)

R3 D4 L2 L2 D2

R3 R3 D3 L2 D2

R1 D1 G L3 L2

U2 L1 U3 U1 L2

R4 L1 R1 U1 U4

Volume 28 Chapter 259Edit


Volume 28 Chapter 260 (Page 104)Edit

D: Yo! Odacchi! I spend so much time thinking about this, I can't do my homework! In an SBS in one of the volumes, you said you make the same expression as your characters when you draw. So does that mean that, according to rumor, YOU CAN POP YOUR EYEBALLS OUT?

O: Yes. Actually... if you scare me, they'll pop out more than that. My personal record for eyeball-popping is 18 "Geez-You-Scared-Me's". The world record is 84 "Geez-You-Scared-Me's". Good luck, kids.

D: Are the "Seven Armed Seas" modeled on the "privateers" of England and France, pirates allowed free rein by their kings to plunder the then-mighty ships and towns of Spain in exchange for a percentage of their gains.

O: Ah!! A serious question (T_T). Yes! Privateers! In short they are "pirates recognized by their country". They really did exist, long ago. They were "heroes" within their own lands, and "pillagers" in other lands. In a historical sense, the reason why not all pirates are labelled "criminals" is because of the existence of these "heroes". However, whether or not this is a good thing is a separate matter. Pirates are still pirates. Some times, even the largest crimes can be misconstrued as "justice".

Volume 28 Chapter 261 (Page 124)Edit

D: Hello, Oda-san! I just have a little question. You know how "Whitebeard" shows up in pages 158-159 of Volume 25. I'd like to ask something about the nurses he's surrounded by. Why are they all wearing leopard print tights? Is it a coincidence? Or does Edward Newgate, the strongest man in the world, simply like leopard prints? Please tell me, Oda-san. Leopard prints!

O: Leopard prints are like... wild and feral... you know. They're nice. By the way, I hear the number of hospitals where nurses wear pants are increasing... that's so sad. It makes me want to cry... quoth Whitebeard. Whitebeard. I recommend that particular outfit to all nurses everywhere!! Quote Whitebeard. Whitebeard. That selfish old turd!!

D: Hello, Oda-sensei!! I hope to enter a manga to Jump in hope of becoming a mangaka, but there are some things I don't understand. For the manga you submit, do you have to paste on separate things like tone? And where do they sell things like that? by a newbie who really wants to be a mangaka

O: Yes, as usual, I get a lot of these questions. I think maybe next time, I'll make a little explanation of the basic materials used to make a manga. You can't go to a stationary shop to get manga materials. Try going to an art shop. The people there will tell you all about the things you need to know.

Volume 28 Chapter 262 (Page 144)Edit

Page 66's answer: Sanji

Volume 28 Chapter 263 (Page 164)Edit

D: Am I an "ape"? Or a "prime ape"? by Masira Pirate Crew Odd-Jobs Boy

O: A prime ape. All the One Piece readers are prime apes!! ...hey, wait guys, don't run away. You don't like it? Prime ape. But it's a huge compliment. Even if it doesn't really make sense. Just for fun.

D: HI!! Eiichi! In Volume 27, you spouted some crap about the theme of the Jaya arc being "A man's passion", didn't you?! I may only be 18 years old, but I'm still a woman! How do you explain my "love for adventure" and "infinite dreams", huh?! Just looking at every panel of your manga sets my blood dangerously a-boil!!!! Take responsibility for this!!! Please. Take responsibility and put "woman" in there, too! The passion thing. FROM Her new eye co.

O: "A woman's passion"?! No. Look, sometimes I use "man" in an adjectival sense. As in, the best women have manly qualities in them. They were called "true women" in the past. So this is what I say. Men and women have "A MAN'S PASSION"!! So the women are included!!

D: Hello, Oda-sensei. Let's get to the question. When I was filling out a high school entrance form, and I told my mom I was thinking of putting "Luffy" under the question, "Who do you respect?", she said, "That's embarrassing"!! But I really do have a lot of reverence for Luffy!! Oda-sensei, say something to my mom! by Kou** Usagi

O: Hey!! Momma, Momma!! You really did it this time!! It's embarrassing to respect my dear little Luffy?!!! that? See you next volume!!

Volume 28 Chapter 264Edit


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