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Volume 25, Chapter 227, Page 26Edit

D: Boys and girls, gather around! Who will start the Question Corner today? All right... You! Little Eiichiro! Huh? What? Everyone wants to say it? All right, gotcha! Then let's all say it together! Ready? LET'S START THE QUESTION CORNER!!

O: Let's start the Quest--! Hey! Hey...! I flubbed. And it was my big chance...

D: Hello, Oda-sensei! Here's a sudden question. In page 28 of volume 18, is that an EARRING I see on that sea cat's left ear? What's up with that? Please tell me. by Miss White Day

O: Ummm. That is just ear hair. Okay, everyone, try saying it as fast as you can. Ear hair, ear hair, ear hair! Hard, huh?

D: Hello! Odacchi!! Do you think that February 6 would be a good day for Nico Robin's birthday?

O: Ah, yes, I agree. (Note: (NI)co (RO)bin... ni=two, ro=six.)

Volume 25, Chapter 228, Page 46Edit

D: How are you, Mr. Oda? You must really love summer since you like to be naked.

O: Yes, yes. I just LOVE getting completely naked. In the summertime, after I take a bath I just run STRAIGHT OUTSIDE!! And when the girls softball team running on the sidewalk look over at me, they say "Wow! It's really summer now!!" ... ARE YOU CRAZY?! I'D GET ARRESTED!!!

D: A question for Oda-sensei!! Long ago, English nobility called each other by the honorific "Sir". Is that what the "sir" in "Sir Crocodile" is from?

O: Were you SIRprised? (good one)

D: On page 184 of Volume 24, Usopp is making repairs to the ship, and he hits his middle finger with the hammer. So why is his index finger swollen in the next panel?! by Natchan Orange

O: That's the balloon principle. For example, if you have a long balloon and you squeeze it at one end, the other end suddenly gets bigger. Similarly, when Usopp hits his middle finger (Bam!) his index finger swelled up. Get it?

Volume 25, Chapter 229, Page 66Edit

O: We've got a game from Pen Name MESO, aka Yucchi-san from Asahikawa. A sailing game!! Avoid the dangers and arrive at the goal!! Answer's on page 186!!

Oh no! The rudder on the Going Merry is broken, and now they can't turn starboard (right)! There are many dangers out there, but you CAN make it to the goal just by turning left!!

  • The ship cannot go backwards.

Volume 25, Chapter 230, Page 86Edit

D: Uh, hello (x2), pleased to meet you, Oda Sensei! Nami uses the Tornado Tempo feature of her Climate Baton a lot. But what does tempo mean? Please tell me! --Traveler (15 years old)

O: Tempo means weather in Italian. Tempo. I like the way it sounds

D: Mr. 3 has Devil Fruit powers, so how come in volume 19, page 185, panel 3, he's floating on the water?

O:I got a lot of inquiries about this one. There were lots of guesses, too. However, you're all wrong. There's a good reason for this. There just happened to be a big piece of floating wood under Mr. 3's body. Mr. 3 was floating on top of it. Anyway, on average, the buoyancy of a human is about three splays. A sumo wrestler's is about five splays. But that huge piece of wood was especially magnificent and had a record buoyancy of 13 splays. That's according to Floatus Stretchington.

Mr.3 floating

Mr.3 floating on a floating piece of wood

D: Hello, Oda-sensei. I need to ask you about something I just noticed. Is Bellamy the Hyena's name modelled after the North American pirate Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy?

O: Yes. That is correct. Samuel Bellamy. That's him. They say he was a pretty big-time pirate in his day, and had a love for speaking. Instead of a "Hyena", he would be more like a "Lion" that loves giving public addresses.

Volume 25, Chapter 231, Page 106Edit

O: The "5 guys are lost, dammit" game!! This came from P.N. Chiibaa from Kanagawa. Thank you. Now, search! Answer's on page 186!!

Where are those 5?! The Luffy Pirate Crew just went shopping! Upon seeing the huge quantity of clothes Nami bought and thinking, "SHE'S GONNA MAKE US CARRY THEM!!", Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji and Chopper are hiding! Now! Where are they?! Did you find them all, sensei?

Nami: Jeez! Where did they GO? This is heavy!

Volume 25, Chapter 232, Page 126Edit

D: Greetings! Why is it that Zoro has his swords held at his right hip when they're usually on the left? by Quickly

O: Uhhh... because if Zoro doesn't have something heavy on his right side, he'd keep leaning to the left (ha). Oh, that's right. I have a question for you now. In Volume 21, Chapter 194 "Cut Through Steel", why is it that Zoro has his swords on his left hip in every single picture? And why is it that on page 154, his scabbards seem to have disappeared entirely? Now, is it true that the mistakes in this chapter were so massive that even the readers failed to write in and scold me for them? Yes, that is true. Is it true that I didn't fix a single panel because of the half-assed reason, "there are too many panels to fix"? Yes, that is true. And now, a haiku. Hmmm, Oda-sensei. Looks tired again today. The weather is nice. Sensei, thank you very much for your time today. You're welcome.

D: I have a serious question for Oda-sensei. How come, in manga, no matter where you go, everyone always speaks the same language? By Chobi

O: Because manga is something where everyone's dreams are depicted.

Volume 25, Chapter 233, Page 146Edit

O: From Hokkaido, P.N. SanjiLove-san. This is a psychological test. The results will be on page 186.

HELLO Yahooooey!!! Ei-chan!!! I made a psychological test!!! PLEEEEAASE put it in the book! You, reading One Piece!! Time for a little break.

You are at an amusement park with Luffy and the crew. What is everyone doing? Match Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Usopp, Chopper, Vivi and Carue with what you think they would be doing!!!

1. Does nothing but eat 2. Riding only the crazy rides 3. Entranced at the character show 4. Got separated from the rest and is now lost 5. Is with you right now 6. Is challenging a takopa 7. Just having fun normally

Volume 25, Chapter 234, Page 166Edit

D: Where is Vira? In Vol. 11 it's having a "coup d'état", in chapter 228 it's a "sunny town". What is it?

O: Oh. Well spotted. 400 years ago when Noland visited it, Vira was indeed just a sunny town, but these days it's a violent and dangerous country in the midst of a coup d'état (rebellion). But it's not really so much what's happening in Vira, as what's happening all around the world at this time. I think you'll discover what I mean in the main story after a while. Anyhow, it's not as huge as Alabasta, just a little country. Hold off on your sightseeing trips.

D: Oda-sensei, I saw the movie "One Piece Creature Island, Chopper's Kingdom". It was really really great. The movie that was shown with it, "The Soccer King of Dreams" had a character named "Odacchi" which I was very surprised to see. Oda-sensei, DOES YOUR FACE REALLY LOOK LIKE THAT?

O: Yes.

D: Hello, Oda-sensei. Reading the latest One Piece, I've just noticed that Sanji has leg hair. And I was thinking, if he's blond, the leg hair shouldn't stand out so much. I am a huge fan of Sanji, so I must say that I don't like the fact that he has leg hair. Oda-sensei, please do something about this. (I'm begging you)

O: But he's hairy. You know, Chopper's hairy, too. The SBS is over! See you next volume!!

Volume 25, Chapter 235, Page 26Edit

O: DON'T LOOOOOK!! This is the answers page.

Results of the Psychology Test on page 146

Here's the answers to the test!!! You can use this to see what you think of your friends that are like Luffy and the rest. 1. You think this person is rather foolish, but you always kind of like them. 2. You and this person are really on the same wavelength. Try talking to him/her next time. 3. You and this person are not compatible. Beware. 4. This person is an important friend to you. Do you find this is your most reliable type of friend? 5. Despite how much fun you make of this person, alone the mood changes. Be careful, now!!! 6. When the friend you love isn't around, why don't you kill some time with this one? Not too good. 7. This person and you actually are quite made for each other. Your luck with love will increase on every day ending with 3!!!

Answer for the Sailing Game on page 66

Here's a representation of the picture. And the answer.

Answer for the Where are They?! game on page 106

Luffy - lower left Zoro - upper right Usopp - top center Sanji - upper left Chopper - bottom right

Volume 25, Chapter 236, Page 26Edit


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