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Ruluka Infobox
Japanese Name: ルルカ島
Romanized Name: Ruruka-tō
English Name: Ruluka Island
Debut: Episode 139
Region: Grand Line

Ruluka Island is an anime-only island in the Grand Line. A phenomenon, known as the Rainbow Mist, is found near it. Years ago, the city was burned down by a pirate, who became its current mayor, Wetton. He forced people to pay exorbitant taxes for nearly everything, even taxing people for eating food and drink they already paid for to satisfy both his greed and to complete the Rainbow Tower, which is meant to reach the Rainbow Mist.

However, Rapanui, as a Marine officer, arrested Wetton and ended his tyranny.

Amongst its citizens are Henzo and Marine officers Rapanui Pasqua and Isoka, all of whom were born here.

Notable AreasEdit

  • Ape's Concert: a sub-dimension found inside the Rainbow Mist that is impossible to escape unless the Rainbow Tower is used to open it from the outside.

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