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Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Bliking Cannon

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Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Bliking Cannon
Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Bliking Cannon Infobox
Japanese Name: ロイヤルドラムクラウン7連散弾ブリキング大砲
Romanized Name: Roiyaru Doramu Kuraun Nana-ren Shotto Burikingu Kyanon
Official English Name: Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Tin Tyrant Cannon (Viz Manga)
Drum Island Mega Monster 7 Barrel Super Shot (4Kids)
Devastatingly Lethal Tin Titan Royal Crown 7 Barrel Cannon (FUNimation)
Literal Meaning: Royal Drum Crown Seven Continuous Shot Bliking Cannon
First Appearance: Chapter 150; Episode 89
Owner(s): Wapol
Type: Multiple-barreled cannon

The Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Bliking Cannon is Wapol's ultimate weapon. It is capable of shooting 7 powerful shots.


Drum Island ArcEdit

Wapol was going to use it to defeat Monkey D. Luffy but he could not get the cannon working due to the freezing conditions and the cannon barrels becoming a nest for Snow Birds.[1]

Episode of Chopper PlusEdit

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

In the ninth movie, Wapol devoured the cannon, along with his older brother, Musshuru, and merged with them, with the intention to use the cannon to fire his brother's poisonous spores in the form of its ultimate attack, the Fatal Bomb, to wipe out the entire population of Drum Island. The bomb was fired, but was sliced open by Roronoa Zoro and the spores burned by Franky before they could affect anyone.[2]

Concludes non-canon section.

Translation and Dub IssuesEdit

The cannon has a different name in each of the English versions. It is called the:

  • Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Tin Tyrant Cannon in the Viz Manga
  • Drum Island Mega Monster 7 Barrel Super Shot in the 4Kids dub
  • Devastatingly Lethal Tin Titan Royal Crown 7 Barrel Cannon in the FUNimation dub.

Similar to the Bliking ship, the name is intended to be a pun as "Blik" is Dutch for 'tin plated', while without the "bli" all that is left is "king". With this in mind, the intended name would appear to be along the lines of "Tin Plated King". Another example of such a wording would come later with Sogeking. In the FUNimation dub, the Bliking part is translated as "Tin Tyrant".


  • In the manga and anime, the cannon has seven barrels, as the name suggested. However, in Movie 9 it only has one.
  • In the video games, the cannonballs explode on contact, creating giant fireworks each larger than Drum Castle.


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 17 Chapter 150 and Episode 89, Snow Birds nesting inside the cannon's frozen barrels, preventing Wapol from firing it.
  2. One Piece Movie 9, Wapol devours both Musshuru and the Cannon.

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