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Roshio Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: ロシオ
Romanized Name: Roshio
Official English Name: Roshio
Debut: Chapter 222; Episode 146
Affiliations: Roshio Pirates[1]
Occupations: Pirate; Captain[1]
Epithet: "Executioner" Roshio (処刑人ロシオ Shokei-nin Roshio?)[1]
Bounty: Beli Small42,000,000[1]
Japanese VA: Eiji Takemoto
Funi English VA: Patrick Seitz

"Executioner" Roshio is a pirate captain who has a bounty of Beli42,000,000.[1]


Roshio is a tall and muscular man with long white dreadlocks and a wide face. His left arm is also intricately tattooed with skulls and a red pattern.[1]

He wears an indigo a-shirt with black pants and a headband with his jolly roger (a hung man on a red background) on it in a repeating pattern.[1]


He is described as a crazy man by the citizens of Mock Town. He murdered a person on the spot when that person won against him in a game of cards;[2] ironically enough, Roshio himself got brutally attacked by Bellamy when he won against him in another game of cards.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

He was strong enough to be given a bounty of Beli42,000,000.[4] However, he was defeated quite easily by Bellamy.[3]


Jaya ArcEdit

Roshio had been beaten in a card game by someone, which led him to murder the winner. After that, Roshio was seen playing cards with Bellamy the Hyena. While he won fairly, Bellamy challenged him otherwise. Bellamy then shot him a couple of times, while knocking him out of the top floor of the building they were in.[5]

Upon hearing Roshio's crew down in the streets trying to carry him away to get some much-needed medical attention, Bellamy then left down to defeat him with his Spring Hopper technique.[6][7]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

The scene wherein Bellamy accuses Roshio of cheating is different in both the manga and the anime versions:

Roshio Stabbed Manga
Bellamy stabbing Roshio's hand in the manga.
Roshio Stabbed Anime
Bellamy seizing Roshio's wrist in the anime.

Originally in the manga, when Roshio attempts to take his winnings, Bellamy pins down Roshio's hand to the table with a knife. After asking Sarkies if he saw Roshio cheating, Bellamy then shoots Roshio in the leg and hits him with a bottle filled with alcohol. With Roshio covered in alcohol, Sarkies throws a lit match on him and sets him ablaze. The ignition throws Roshio out the window.[8]

In the anime, the scene is toned down due to its violent nature. When Roshio attempts to take his winnings, Bellamy grabs Roshio's arm and crushes it as Roshio denies that he cheated. Later after asking Sarkies if he saw Roshio cheating, Bellamy shoots Roshio several times and kicks him out the window, presumably using his Devil Fruit ability.[9]

Translation and Dub IssuesEdit

In the FUNimation dubbed TV version of the anime, Roshio is simply kicked out the window, with the gunshots being edited out to tone down the violence even further.


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