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Rope Action
Rope Action Infobox
Japanese Name: ロープ・アクション
Romanized Name: Rōpu Akushon
Official English Name: Rope Action
Literal Meaning: Rope Action
Debut: Chapter 326; Episode 232[1]
User(s): Paulie
Fighting Style Focus: Ropes and knives

Rope Action is Paulie's fighting style. As the name suggests, Paulie brings out ropes and uses them in complex ways to attack the opponents, whether to bind, strike, or defend. Combined with Paulie's acrobatics, this style is quite versatile and formidable. The amount of ropes Paulie keeps seems to be infinite, and he seems to pull them out from hammer space, because there does not seem to be enough room on his body to carry that ridiculous amount. These ropes are also strong enough to support the weight of giants and Yagara Bulls; he says it is a special Galley-La Company woven rope and he claims it to be unbreakable.[2] These two traits, among others, often give the false impression that the ropes result from the power of a Devil Fruit.


  • Rope Action: Round Turn (ロープ・アクション ラウンド・ターン Rōpu Akushon: Raundo Tān?): Ropes grab several enemies from various directions with Paulie somewhere in the center before pulling all ropes together, causing the victims to slam (usually head-first) against one another. It can be done while jumping from a place above the targets.
  • Rope Action: Bowline Knot (ロープ・アクション ボーラインノット Rōpu Akushon: Bōrainu Notto?): A long-range attack where Paulie launches rope that ties around an opponent's wrist. Usually followed by Oshioki: Ippon Dzuri.
  • Oshioki: Ippon Dzuri (オシオキ 一本釣り Oshioki: Ippon Dzuri?, literally meaning "Punishment: Gone Fishing"): After ensnaring an opponent with rope, Paulie flips them over him and slams them head-first into the floor. This is called Hook, Line and Sinker in the Viz manga, Punishment Hook, Line and Sinker in the FUNimation dub and Punishment Pole-and-line Fishing in the FUNimation subs.
  • Rope Action: Half-Knot Air Drive (ロープ・アクション ハーフノット エア・ドライブ Rōpu Akushon: Hāfu-Notto Ea Doribu?): An attack similar to Bowline Knot, only the rope ties around an opponent's neck instead, choking them before they are slammed into the floor.
  • Pipe Hitch Knives

    Pipe Hitch Knives

    Pipe Hitch Knives (パイプ・ヒッチ・ナイブス Paipu Hicchi Naifu?): Paulie launches a rope with a row of knives tied to it (with the blades jutting out alternatively) in an attempt to cut or slash the target.
  • Rope Action: Figure of Eight Knot (ロープ・アクション フィギュアオブ・エイト・ノット Rōpu Akushon: Figyua oba Eito Notto?): A mid-ranged multi-directional attack. Eight ropes knotted heavily on the ends shoot out like fists in eight directions. It can be used to hit multiple targets at once. This is called Figure-of-Eight Knot in the FUNimation dub.
  • Rope Action: Timber Hitch Tug (ロープ・アクション ティンバー・ヒッチ・タグ Rōpu Akushon: Tinbā Hicchi Tag?): Paulie jumps into the air, somersaults, and unleashes several ropes that grab the hair of a giant enemy and the force of Paulie's fall pulls the enemy down.
  • Top Knot (独楽結び(タップ・ノット) Topu Notto?, literally meaning "Spinning Top Bind"): Submission technique. A rope spirals upwards and around an enemy, and by pulling with enough force (either by Paulie alone or with the help of others), the enemy spins like a top and eventually collapses from dizziness.
  • Shrouds and Rat-Line Knot (シュラウズ・アンド ラットリン・ノット Shuraudo ando Ratto-Rain Notto?): A rope net slams into several enemies. This is called Shrouds and Rattling Knot in the FUNimation dub.


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 34 Chapter 326 and Episode 232, Paulie first uses his Rope Action.
  2. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 44 Chapter 428 and Episode 310, Paulie claims that Galley-La's rope will not break.

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