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But there's no art to being hit...
— Blueno, CP9[1]

Kami-e is one of the six techniques of "Rokushiki".


The Kami-e makes the users' body go limp in order to avoid any attacks, and float like a piece of paper.[2]


  • Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin (生命帰還 紙絵武身 Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin?, literally meaning "Life/Existence Return: Paper Drawing Martial Body"): Used by Rob Lucci. Using Life Return, he makes his half-leopard form smaller, lighter, and possibly faster. He is much more agile and harder to hit in this form, as opposed to his normal half-leopard form.[4] In the FUNimation dub, this is called Rebirth: Sketch Form, and in the Viz Manga, this is called Life Return Paper Art Fighting Form.
    • Seimei Kikan: Kaijo (生命帰還 解除 Seimei Kikan: Kaijo?, literally meaning "Life/Existence Return: Cancellation"): Used by Rob Lucci while in his smaller half-leopard form. It cancels his Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin technique, and returns to his larger, stronger half-leopard form. In the Viz Manga, this is called Life Return Release.[5]
  • Kami-e "Slime" (紙絵「軟泥」(スライム) Kami-e "Suraimu"?, literally meaning "Paper Drawing: 'Slime'"): Used by Fukuro. Instead of the body becoming limp like paper, it stretches and moves in ways slime or sludge would move in order to avoid attacks.[6] In the Viz Manga, this is called Paper Slime. The kanji is read as "nandei", and literally translates to either "soft mud" or "sludge".


  • Despite being Rokushiki masters, Kalifa, Kumadori, and Jabra were not seen using this technique.
  • Using his Hira Hira no Mi to make his body "float", Diamante can dodge attacks in a very similar fashion.
  • Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Boh is very similar in appearance to this technique, which works with him turning off his conscious mind and floating around like a leaf, therefore dodging strikes entirely on instinct. Kami-e differs by not requiring the mind to be "shut down" for it.


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