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Roche Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: ロシュ
Romanized Name: Roshu
English Name: N/A
Debut: Chapter 391; Episode 275
Affiliations: Oharan Clan
Occupations: Archaeologist
For the Level 5 prisoner of Impel Down, see Roche Tomson.

Roche[1] was one of the archaeologists of Ohara.


Roche was an average sized man, with brown hair, similar to Thatch. He also had glasses, and wore a white coat with the sleeves partially rolled up. Under his coat he had a red shirt, with a grey collor and two yellow buttons.


He seemed to like to study history, as he was part of the Ohara archeologist. He also risked his life to save the information inside the tree of knowledge.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As an archeologist of Ohara, it can be assumed that Roche knew how to read ponyglyphs.


For the penalty of studying the forbidden Poneglyph, the World Government declared the Oharan Clan as "demons" for attempting to destroying the world, and have Spandine set the Buster Call on the island. Roche died in the island's destruction when the Tree of Knowledge burned down with him inside trying to save as many books as he can.


  • Roche, also shares his name with the Level 5 prisoner, Roche Tomson.


  1. One Piece Color Walk 4 Eagle - Roche's name revealed in page 88.

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